The Meaning of Duck

Branding and marketing genius Bruce Terkel (pronounced “tur-KELL”) has a most interesting and insightful blog focused on – guess what? – branding and marketing.  This one arrived amidst the turmoil, travail and truculence surrounding the harebrained, hateful and hurtful things said about gays and blacks by Phil Robertson, one of the pseudo-mountain men of the… [read more]

Republicans and Jobs

On December 3, 2013 Speaker of the House John Boehner declared in a 57 second speech that, “Republicans continue to stay focused on the economy.  And the fact is that the American people want us to do everything we can to strengthen the economy so there will be more jobs and higher wages available.  This… [read more]

I Get It – At Last

Why would senators and congressmen intentionally force the United States to the brink of financial disaster? Why would legislators drive us to default on our national debt and tell us that default will be a good thing? Why would billionaires fund grass roots organizations that have their members wave Confederate flags and spout hateful lies?… [read more]

Droning On

I recall seeing the first drones.  Unmanned aircraft.  I’m a pilot and thought the technology was nifty.  I also admired the surveillance capabilities of those things.  Protect the troops without endangering AWACs and helo crews.  Find the bad guys.  Like that. Then we started using these things to kill people at weddings. Now my friend… [read more]

George Orwell Was an Optimist

The NSA is spying on everyone and there is no privacy.  The government lies about who it spies on, the things they look at and who has access to all that information.  Although the NSA is minimally limited by law in what its spooks can do without a warrant from a FISA court, even then… [read more]

Jax Fablz: Where Bees Go

There were hives.  Lots of hives.  They were all over the Federation of Bee Hives. The drones worked hard, collecting pollen and bringing it back to the hives and the queens would look upon their work and say that it was good.  But both the queens and the drones of the southern hives had too… [read more]

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