Other Than Your Mother

President Obama laid out offers to curb government spending two years ago by declaring that he is open to discussions around cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, much to the dismay of most Democrats and to left-of-center Americans of all colors.  The programs have been on the table, yet Republicans have been complaining since then that… [read more]

Human Being 101 – No, Really

83% of Americans – including NRA members – want universal background checks before gun ownership changes.  That means mandatory background checks before sales at retail stores, at gun shows, private sales and even when Grandpa tearfully hands his lovingly preserved hunting rifle to his grandchild.  We want to ensure that the recipient of the firearm… [read more]

America in 2083

It is nearly unthinkable today that we legally enslaved people right here in America until just 150 years ago.  It is similarly unthinkable that only wealthy, white landowners were allowed to vote for a very long time and that women gained that right just 93 years ago.  It took over 50 years of focused struggle… [read more]

I Hope The President Fails

That’s what he said in mid-November, 2008.  A colleague was expressing his fondest hope for the newly elected president.  What is most significant about this is that he didn’t say that he disliked the president’s policies or that he fervently wished that they would not become law.  He did not hope for a resolute senate… [read more]

Non-Option Number 1: Education

My friend and futurist David Houle writes an interesting blog about tomorrow.  You know – that pesky day that keeps coming around? He wrote recently about one of the things that is coming tomorrow: the transformation of education.  It has to transform, because the present model is based on a societal structure that has not… [read more]


Staying informed requires that we do more than exchange views with the smart people – you know, the people who agree with you.  Indeed, much more important is that we listen to the people who do not agree with us and hear what they have to say – actually seek to understand.  Often that is… [read more]

O’ That Darned Long Term Reality

Nice election, but what if the real prize isn’t won?  What if we have to do something more or we’re all screwed? Look, it’s a fairly simple thing.  George Will explained it years ago in clear terms, saying that we want about $300 billion per year more in services than we’re willing to pay for. … [read more]

It Isn’t About The Message

Here are some comments made by political pundits following the election. “The Republicans will have to change their messaging if they are going to appeal to Latinos.” “Mitt Romney had to pivot to the center in order to attract independents.” “Republican candidates have to stop saying things like, ’A woman’s body has a way of… [read more]

Making Sense

So much is ethically wrong and even economically nonsensical.  I fight every day to keep my thinking out of the weeds, hoping to see the bigger picture and very occasionally I succeed.  There are so many battles in this seemingly disappearing experiment in democracy and so many people are suffering with little relief in sight,… [read more]

It’s The System, Stupid

There was a small article in the September 25, 2011 edition of the New York Times reporting on demonstrations that are continuing around Wall Street.  The piece was in a corner of page 18 and was short and bland.  The protest was happening in Manhattan and arguably was a major event in the home city… [read more]

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