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Jack Altschuler is a politics geek, an engaged, impassioned citizen, and an observer of the often amusing, periodically hopeful and sometimes crazy human condition.  Having spent decades in industry and having delivered hundreds of keynote speeches and leadership workshops, he has seen many of the wacky things people do.  His favorite question is, “Why would someone do that?”  That is to say, he does his best to resist knee-jerk reactions to the lunacy of human behavior – especially in our national politics – and instead looks to see what is behind the obvious.

JaxPolitix is designed to be a public forum for discussing the important issues of the day.  Each Disambiguation article contains an invitation into conversation and your contributions are specifically requested.  Be clear that none of us has a lock on truth or a perfect view of reality, so be sure to add your comments.  Be a part of helping us all to be better by becoming a voice on JaxPolitix.

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Jack presents Money, Politics & Democracy – You Aren’t Getting What You Want, an informative program that describes what happened to allow for the enormous influx of money into our politics, the effect that has on whether our challenges are met and what we can do to restore fiscal sanity to our legislatures. Invite him to present to your group.

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[prettyfilelink newwindow=”true” src=”//cdn.bluelinermarketing.com/managed/uploads/sites/8/2013/03/MPD-You-Arent-Getting-What-You-Want-Program-Description.pdf” type=”pdf”]MP&D – You Aren’t Getting What You Want – Program Description[/prettyfilelink]

2. Click the link below for a list of seven actions you can take to make your voice heard.

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This is about making a difference!