I’m No Anti-Vaxxer

Reading time – 6:14  .  .  . Conspiracy theories about vaccines abound. As well, reasonable, science based objections have made solid challenges to vaccines, too. Regardless, history tells us that blind acceptance of vaccines probably isn’t a good idea. Take, for instance, the recent comments of FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn. He insisted that any Covid-19… [read more]

Questions For the August Town Halls

Reading time – 2:56  .  .  . The House of Representatives remains in session this month. In contrast, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called a recess for the month of August for the Senate. That means that August town halls are solely with senators. Feel free to ask any of these questions of your Republican… [read more]


Reading time – 3:31  .  .  . We all know that there are many people who refuse to wear a mask or social distance or wash their hands frequently. Each of them has his/her reasons, including  seeing these safety and health measures as government overreach, they don’t appreciate the danger, they’re angry about the intrusion… [read more]

It’s About the Dog

Reading time – 5:41; Viewing time – 8:22  .  .  . The political circumstances and the prospects for the future quality for life for the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are becoming increasingly shaky and he is becoming more and more unhinged. Even desperate. He knows that if he is removed from office he… [read more]

Biden’s To-Do List – The Short Form

Reading time – 2:52  .  .  . This list of President Joe Biden’s To-Dos starting in the afternoon of January 20, 2021 is offered in no particular order of importance except for the COVID-19 section, which is urgent. Be clear that these items are solely about recovering from Trump destruction. The obvious point here is… [read more]

“How Are You Doing?”

Reading time – 3:24  .  .  . I’m asked that question often, sometimes as a now-standard greeting –  perhaps some of your conversations begin like that, too. My progressively more common answer to friends is that I’m feeling the losses. I haven’t hugged my kids or grand kids in months. We haven’t sat at a… [read more]

Required Reading

Reading time – 5:12  .  .  .  – Updated July 20, 2020 Dave Nelsen is a colleague who penned the essay that follows and, at my request, is allowing me to post it for you. His message isn’t just timely; it’s going to remain urgent for a long time because this pandemic isn’t going away… [read more]

Nagging COVID Questions

Reading time – 3:21  .  .  . On The Hunt It makes good sense not to put all our eggs into one basket in pursuit of a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19. That’s why we have Operation Warp Speed, wherein we are stimulating the development of vaccines along several different avenues to find one… [read more]

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