Michelle Goldberg had an interesting piece in the New York Times last Sunday entitled “To Understand The Midterms, Meet Joe and Marie.” They are the Republican and Democratic candidates for Washington state’s 3rd congressional district seat and, as you likely suspect, they are quite different from one another. Goldberg explains that Joe Kent has . … [read more]


You’re Not God, Mob Boy So, you want this to be a Christian nationalist country, a Christian theocracy. Got it. You’re all about Jesus and have carefully picked Bible quotations, as well as excerpts from the Federalist Papers that you think justify your actions. Got it. You’re certain that some elite others are a cabal… [read more]

The Week

Required Reading of the Week John Pavlovitz writes a regular column and his post this week is entitled, One Day to Save America. He’s asking the key question, “How much is America worth to you?” Your answer is critically important and, no, it hasn’t anything to do with a dollar sign. Read the entire essay… [read more]

We Can Make This Worse – Or Better

In 1974 Gerald Ford, the guy whose only professional ambition had been to one day be Speaker of the House, found himself to be President of the United States. That followed the crystal clarity of the breathtaking criminality of Richard Nixon that drove Nixon from office just ahead of a Senate impeachment posse. With Nixon’s… [read more]

Divine? Not So Much

Hey – it’s September 11. 9/11. That date rings a bell, right? In this constant blizzard of the absurd, where everything is BREAKING NEWS! our attention is easily diverted. Nevertheless, it’s important that we hold on to the truth of it – the horror, the political ineptitude, the generosity of strangers, the selfless courage of… [read more]

Over Just The Past Few Days

Education Ron DeSantis blasted President Biden’s student debt relief program – just another entrant in the “Nothing So Stupid That the Republicans Won’t Say It” contest. We established publicly funded public schools 170 years ago to educate our people. From How Stuff Works: “Massachusetts passed the first compulsory school laws in 1852. New York followed… [read more]

Rent, Rights, Stupid & The Best

Rent Recognizing the reality of the very present question of whether we can still govern ourselves, I offer to you two questions from a Thomas Friedman essay, flavored by a quote from Muhammad Ali: “Do [we] want a country that is inclusive and capable of offering respect and dignity to all of its citizens or… [read more]

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