Enough is Enough

Reading time – 1:56  .  .  . (Jack is standing behind the island counter in his kitchen. A sunny back yard is seen through the windows behind him. He pumps his right arm up and down for emphasis as he speaks.) We’ve heard this socialist, communist-sounding stuff for far too long. Bernie keeps pushing free… [read more]

How The Country Was Lost – in Retrospect

Reading time – 4:03  .  .  . It started well before the 2016 election. It started with birtherism. The formal start of Donald Trump’s campaign began with a vile slur against Mexican people coming to this country. That was the first clear indication of the torrent of hate mongering to come. It continued with his… [read more]

The Fine Points of Losing an Election

Reading time – 2:10  .  .  . Following the Nevada debate  .  .  . Trump’s vile-sters will do all the opposition research – all of it – and they’ll have the ugly crap to sling during the general election campaign, so last night’s 2-hoiur display of said crap would come out anyway. But last night… [read more]

Potpourri v9.0

Reading time – 3:19  .  .  . I haven’t done the research, so I don’t know if William Barr is the most morally corrupt, Constitution flaunting Attorney General we’ve ever had, but surely he’s a strong contender for the title.  How proud his mother must be. Lest we forget, Roger Stone was convicted on seven… [read more]

Two Pieces and a Smidgen More

Reading time – 1:55  .  .  . I was struck by the juxtaposition of a couple of pieces I reviewed this past week. Nick Kristoff wrote a disturbing piece in the Sunday Times about a customer with a problem which U.S. Bank had created for him and its shoddy treatment of an employee who helped… [read more]


*  *  *  BREAKING NEWS  *  *  *   The Senate of the United States has officially declared the Rule of Law to be dead. The declaration of death was ensured by an almost perfect party line vote.* The Secretary of the Senate has recorded the death certificate into the formal Senate historical record so… [read more]

Profiles in Cowardice

Reading time – 3:47  .  .  . Alan Dershowitz has never seen an opportunity for attention that he didn’t covet. He hasn’t exhausted his reservoir of outrageousness, nor fully plumbed the hollowness of his integrity; however, he may have come close last week. As a member of Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team, Dershowitz proclaimed the… [read more]

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