Idiotica – Part 2

You Never Thought This Could Happen Idiotica You already know that lots of Republicans champion autocrats (read: dictators) Putin, Erdoğan and Orbán. These Americans wildly cheer these strongmen who have killed democracy in their countries. It’s shocking to recall that just a few short years ago Republicans were the hardliners against such despots and their… [read more]


Labor Day is supposed to be more than a three-day weekend or the last barbeque of the summer. It’s a day to honor those who labor. Joe Biden gets that. Perhaps no national leader has understood this better than Teddy Roosevelt. Steve Schmidt highlighted this in his post on Monday by including an address by… [read more]

What Have/Could We Become? – Part 2

Find Part 1 here. Letting loose the behavior geek that resides inside my skin, I’m always trying to figure out what seems impossible to figure out, like understanding why common sense people would say and do self-harming things. Let’s start. with an explanation. The predominant and overriding passion of our time is what Eugene Robinson… [read more]

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