The Best We Can Do

Monterey Park, CA After hearing an interview with Brandon Tsay, the man who disarmed the Monterrey Park shooter, Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action, said, “We are asking everyday civilians to stand up to gunmen because our lawmakers are too cowardly to stand up to gun makers.” * You know in your bones that… [read more]

The Through-Line

Last Sunday’s post dealt with the goal of extremist Republicans: destruction. They want to destroy democracy and replace it with autocracy – fascism. They want to destroy the Constitution and replace it with some tool of absolute power only for themselves. They want to destroy facts and truth and replace them with propaganda and self-serving… [read more]

For The Hand Wringers

Note: No post on Sunday. We’ll reconnect in a week. We have hand wringers on the right .  .  . .  .  .  complaining that all Democrats are socialists, that Biden is a useless wimp, that a Congress controlled by Democrats hasn’t and can’t accomplish anything for real Americans and that Biden is a pitiful… [read more]

Science Fair Project, An Update, Hanukkah and the Weather

A Saturday post – because you might be busy tomorrow. Science Fair Project: The Search For Alien Life Hypothesis: There is detectable alien life in the universe. Procedure: Observe behavior. Observation #1 I stumbled upon a short post from October 7, 2010 (edited here for brevity). Read it to observe behavior. Lemmings and Leaders It’s… [read more]

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