The call and response could go this way: What do we want? Certainty! When do we want it? Now! We humans prefer predictability. It makes us feel secure. We aren’t such frightened little bunnies when we know what we can count on today and tomorrow, too. Sadly, we live in a world that simply isn’t… [read more]

Potpourri v16.0

Very late edition – Dateline: America . EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Republican Red Wave Just a Little Splash! Dems Retain Control of Senate! Control of House Still Too Close To Call In a stunning surprise on Saturday night the Senate race in Nevada was called in favor of Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, giving Dems 50… [read more]

Break Glass

I can’t listen to another pundit drivel on about whatever certainties s/he has about the election outcomes or the most important voter issues or which candidates were the most ineffective or whatever they think the unreliable polls tell us. I’ll shoot my TV if I see another ad for a politician conflating unrelated information shards… [read more]

I Don’t Know Whether to Believe Justice Clarence Thomas

Friend, activist, Witness at the Border reporter and founder of Peaceful Communities, Lee Goodman, has a facility for clarity. While I’ve been beating the drum for center-and-left-thinking people to vote for quite a while, Lee’s recent essay is the best I’ve seen to communicate what’s at stake. Here it is as a Guest Essay. All… [read more]

SPECIAL SATURDAY EDITION: Aren’t You Tired of Being Lied To?

Cuban-Americans in Miami-Dade county are particularly sensitive to anything that smacks of Communism. They and their lucky ancestors fled Castro’s cruel dictatorship and now these Americans will vote against anything that even sounds like “Communism.” So, Republicans are blasting them with disinformation, saying that President Biden is a socialist and that he will foist socialism… [read more]

Dracula Today

Bad Moon John Fogarty and Credence Clearwater Revival sang about it decades ago, perhaps prescient about the dangers that surround us today. I see a bad moon rising I see trouble on the way I see earthquakes and lightning I see bad times today Don’t go around tonight ¬†‘Cause it’s bound to take your life… [read more]

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