POST 1083 Historical Note On Presidential Cognition The ninnies and hypocrite Republicans are all a-whack over the Biden cognitive question. They are certain that his wheels just don’t turn well anymore and they broadcast their certainties from the top of Total Ignorance Tower. Biden has to go, they tell us, because he’s too far gone,… [read more]

The Death Knell

POST 1081 The Supreme Court rang the death knell on our democracy on Monday, July 1, 2024. They announced the end of presidential accountability, something neither found nor implied anywhere in the Constitution, and declared the official start of American despotism. It was upon us instantly. They could have easily decided the deplorable presidential immunity… [read more]

It’s Over

POST 1079 The presidential debate was over before the first word was uttered. Joe Biden walked in looking like a doddering old man. When he spoke his voice was strained, his enunciation was blurred and he sounded enfeebled. This country doesn’t honor age. We are about youth and vitality. \So, Joe Biden just confirmed the… [read more]

Potpourri v22.0

POST 1080 Readings & Quotes “One important decision was handed down today, so we know the justices are at work. In what seems to be the ultimate no-brainer (but this is where we are), the court upheld a federal ban on gun possession by suspected domestic abusers. Clarence Thomas was the lone dissenter. [In the… [read more]


POST 1079 Gen.Mark Milley was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the last years of the Trump administration. He saw and heard far more un-American things from that president than most of us who suffered through those bleak times. At last he could tolerate it no longer and wrote a letter of… [read more]


P0ST 1077 No, not for game. Not for dinner. Not for sport. I’m hunting for powerful, consistently muscular, banner-waving, truth telling, lie smashing, propaganda pummeling communication from any Democratic organization, any Democratic candidate or politician or any Democratic operative who is sick of Republican attacks, outrageous accusations and lies.* The game I’m hunting for is… [read more]

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