Gerrymandering and Self-Neutering

Gerrymandering Here are results from the 2020 U.S. House of Representatives elections* in some “swing states.” Have a look. Texas Republicans won 53.43% of the popular vote, but have 63.9% of the House seats. Wisconsin Republicans won 51.43% of the popular vote, but have 62.5% of the House seats. North Carolina Republicans won 49.4% of… [read more]

A Movie Message For . . .

Senate Republicans who hold hostage this nation and the world, solely for their own political benefit The people who show up at school board meetings to be verbally abusive and hateful Those who tear down mobile Covid test stations Those who abuse healthcare workers Those who shout down doctors and scientists Those who refuse vaccines,… [read more]

A 10-Point Action Plan For Democrats

Becoming a senator or representative was not intended by the Founders to be a career. It was meant to be a temporary post, one of taking a turn at representing one’s neighbors and making decisions for the nation. After a stint doing that a person would return to whatever they were doing before, like farming,… [read more]


Just before the American Revolution the English poet and literary critic Samuel Johnson asked, “How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negroes?” In a singular way, his insightful question puts a perspective to our founding hypocrisy. What was the contortion of mind and soul that allowed our… [read more]

The End

If you’ve never attended a soccer game played by six-year-olds then you’ve missed the practicing of cartwheels, playing of rock-paper-scissors and spacing out while twiddling hair, all while on the field. It’s something of an athletic and sociological miracle that goals are scored. When our granddaughter’s game was over we headed back to the car… [read more]

Dirty Diapers and Upside Down

Monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid-19 is astonishingly effective. It must be administered within 10 days of the onset of symptoms and requires a 1.5 hour infusion process. It loads the body with the very same kind of critters that would naturally fight the disease, were that body capable of doing so for itself. The treatment… [read more]

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