It’s Almost 1972 – Again

If we assume for the moment that people who promote fantastical and dangerous lies aren’t willfully ignorant or intelligence challenged, we’re left with some unattractive explanations. Why, for example, would Kelli Ward, Arizona GOP Chair, perpetuate the “Biden is an illegitimate president” crazy? “I want to see arrests. I want to see perp walks. I… [read more]

It’s a Free Country

The Jewish Democratic Council of America posted a list of what Congress must do if we are to preserve our democracy. These steps aren’t attached to any party or any religion. They are exclusively about keeping and protecting democracy – the real deal, not the cruel charade that Republicans are making of it by trying… [read more]

Daydream 2, The Rolling Stones & COVIDumb

You can find Daydream 1 here. JA —————————————– In Federal Court, Washington DC It is the jury selection process, where I am being questioned as a potential juror by skilled lawyers for the defendant, Donald J. Trump. Lawyer: Are you an attorney? Me: No Lawyer: Do you now have any legal case pending before any… [read more]

Root Causes

Regular readers will likely recognize that over the years I have tried to understand why citizens on the far right portion of our politics consistently vote against their own interests. I’ve dabbled in guessing why they’re willing to believe fantastical fantasies and why they are so violent in spirit and in actions. Perhaps most important,… [read more]

A Word on January 6

To you on this remembrance of that awful day of brutality visited on the Capitol Building, cops, legislators, staffers, cafeteria workers, maintenance and sanitation personnel, National Guardsmen and our very democracy: Watch and listen to President Biden’s words this day – here’s a link. Watch it all. To the insurrectionists, including the rioters, the planners,… [read more]


BREAKING NEWS! In a shocking exposé released moments ago, Red State TV, Red State Talk Radio and Red State Cable News simultaneously released the results of a three month investigation. They reported, “We found that the vast majority of Red State Americans who have heroically refused to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, as well… [read more]

Year End Awards

Hypocrite of the Week Iron Dome is a defensive rocket system that finds and destroys attacking missiles. During the Gaza war in May 2021 Israel used it against the roughly 4,400 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel and knocked down about 90% of therm. This entirely defensive system is all that stands between Israeli civilians… [read more]

Starting To End

As you dust yourself off from your holiday festivities, watching bowl games just before yet more bowl games, enjoying the well-earned satisfaction for having dodged the COVID bullet and the peace that comes from making no new year’s resolutions, we begin to end the year with three critically important topics. 1. Ode To The Justice… [read more]

Now Yer Talkin’

Republicans have done a truly excellent job of demonization. They call anything proposed by Democrats “socialism,” making clear that Democrats want to change America into a socialist state. That’s heavy stuff in this country, where most Americans think socialism is the same as communism, which, they are certain, is the political embodiment of evil. It’s… [read more]

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