Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy died in 2009, leaving a vacant Senate seat, which triggered a special election in Massachusetts for someone to serve out his term. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley became the Democratic nominee to face Republican Scott Brown. He had respectable credentials but – and I say this without snark – he won… [read more]

Any Representative Democracy . . .

.  .  .  should be representative of the people. Ours isn’t. Well north of 80% of us want far greater regulation of guns than we got with the recent milquetoast bill. And even that weenie bill required accumulating hundreds of thousands of murdered people to sufficiently motivate legislators captured by the gun industry to find… [read more]

Fun In Far-Right Lunacy

How ’bout a Little Murder? Right wing crazies continue to be out in force in North Carolina, a state that joyously stole voting rights from tens of thousands of its citizens. That’s a state that does precision, targeted gerrymandering to deliver the majority of Congressional seats to White Republicans, even though they garner only a… [read more]

The Big One

Religion has been the driving force or the excuse for more death, misery and suffering than any other cause in all of recorded history. I refuse to do the research necessary to numerically substantiate that claim. If it’s important to you, do your own research. If my claim isn’t exactly right, it’s close enough to… [read more]

I Admit It – Plus Abusing My TV

I have bashed Trump supporters. (Parenthetical: Isn’t that backward? Aren’t our elected officials supposed to support us?) I’ve called them names. I’ve accused. I’ve assumed and projected. And I stand by all of that for the violent crazies. But for millions of them who voted for Trump I’ve been wrong because I’ve largely missed the… [read more]

Killing Bubba, a Thought Experiment & Key Moments

Malcolm Nance is warning us yet again and his message couldn’t be clearer. He spelled it out in an online session with the Washington Post – watch it here. He worked in intelligence for many years and is a terrorism expert. Now he’s laying out plainly what you likely know and what you probably try… [read more]

Are You Seeing The Pattern Yet?

The people at the not-for-profit Citizens United were on a mission. They hated Hillary Clinton. A lot. They filmed what they called a documentary, Hillary: The Movie, and planned to release it in 2008 in an effort to submarine her candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency. They wanted to air their hit… [read more]

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