“The single greatest threat to our security right now is domestic terrorism and the tensions and polarizations between us.” – Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), former CIA Agent, now serving on the House Homeland Security Committee. Given her security background and current access to national security information, it seems likely she knows what she is talking… [read more]

No Really, Facts Don’t Matter

Over the last 10 years more than a billion votes have been cast in America. During that time there have been 31 cases of confirmed voting fraud. That’s 0.0000031% voting fraud, or 31 hundred-millionths of a percent. That’s the same as 99.9999969% authentic, legal voting. If these pitifully few cases of voting fraud were lumped… [read more]

Liberal and Most Illiberal

Liberal New York Times conservative columnist Bret Stephens has an interesting post on our politics. He says we’re not divided by liberal versus conservative; we’re divided by liberal versus illiberal. Here’s what he says liberal democracy is supposed to be: By “liberal,” I don’t mean big-state welfarism. I mean the tenets and spirit of liberal… [read more]

Sing It With Me

A video of this post is inlne below. ——————————— Our national mania for freedom (“You can’t tell me what to do!“) and  our desire for retribution for both real and imagined wrongs, combined with our obsession over firearms (click for the truth about “Second Amendment remedies“) is a potent combination that is doing exactly what… [read more]

Our Watch

The good news is that there are lots of people who are smarter than me and I need them, because I have a big bucket full of I Don’t Know. For example, I don’t understand righties who not only want to have their way (that part is understandable, of course), but they want to “own… [read more]

FDB – Not a Typo

Were I twenty years younger and living where there is a Republican senator or congressperson I would run for office in 2022. I’m licking my lips at the idea of running against any fool Republican who voted against the American Rescue Plan, which includes every Republican in Congress. By November 2022 it will be the… [read more]


The Playground Lessons When I was a kid the grown ups let me know when I behaved improperly and the messages were always very clear and compelling. That didn’t mean that I never did whatever-it-was again, but it did mean that I knew the rules and did whatever-it-was less and less often. I saw other… [read more]

Carrots, Sticks and George Washington

George Washington’s Farewell Address was delivered to Congress in 1796. He offered profound wisdom to our young nation and his words have value that is undiminished by time. Indeed, it reads as though Washington had a telescope to see into the 21st century and address our challenges of today. His address is wordy in its… [read more]

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