Empathy v2.0

Addendum to Can We Stop Wringing Hands? Last Thursday President Biden borrowed portions of the speech I wrote for him and imposed a requirement for being vaccinated or tested at least weekly in most venues where the federal government has strong influence or control. He doesn’t have the power to require teachers, staff and school children… [read more]

Primitive Fixes to Complex Problems

I knew a man who was born in the 1930s and who was raised on the south side of Chicago in the South Shore neighborhood. It was a thriving area and parts were quite wealthy, with grand boulevards and fabulous houses. By the 1960s it was blighted, often an urban war zone. Drugs were everywhere,… [read more]

From The Resolute Desk . . .

.  .  .  in the Oval Office, The President of the United States . Folks, I’m here tonight to focus on patriotism, because we have some terrible things going on. it’s time for some straight talk. Our people are becoming infected with Covid-19 at a horrific and worsening rate. Over 1,500 of our fellow citizens… [read more]

Do You Smell What I Smell?

In another effort to quash the will of the majority of its citizens, the state of Texas passed a draconian anti-abortion law that effectively outsources law enforcement to vigilantes. The Supreme Court refused to issue an injunction to stop the law from taking effect before a full review of its breathtakingly unconstitutional provisions could be… [read more]

The “This Didn’t Have To Happen” File – v2

The teacher did what teachers do: she stood in front of the class in 70%-vaccinated Marin County, CA and taught. She read something to her class of elementary school kids, as usual. The only problem was that she was unvaccinated. Well, there was one other problem. She had been Covid symptomatic for two days before… [read more]

Misplaced Political Power

Ghastly Governors To the right is a graphic that helps to explain the Florida section of my post last week. The key is to understand that Gov. DeSantis is just the loudest horrible governor; there are many more horribles, some nearly as loud and destructive, although Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been a bit quieter… [read more]

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