Absolute Power

Reading time – 4:36  .  .  . It’s plain to see that the President of the United States is, at best, severely dragging feet to deal with our national health emergency. He was warned repeatedly (over a dozen times) in his President’s Daily Briefs as far back as January that this pandemic would happen. The… [read more]

Potpourri v11.0 – The “How Can We Be This Stupid?” Edition

Reading time – 3:41  .  .  . Yeah, I know this sounds like conspiracy craziness, but .  .  . Dr. Rick Bright, former director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, has been kicked out of his post. Reports STAT, “Bright’s career has largely centered around vaccine and drug development. His work at the… [read more]

You Need To Understand This

Reading time – 5:19  .  .  . Sure, you’re sick of coronavirus 24/7, but it’s killing so many of our family and friends that we need to know the truth. For that, read Sheila Markin’s post and you’ll understand both what’s happened and what needs to happen. The president can’t tell the difference between reality… [read more]

Royal Leadership

Reading time – 2:53  .  .  . It’s so difficult seeing the President of the United States bumbling us to death. First he ignored the experts because, as in all things, he believes that he knows better than any of them. That caused two months of delay in taking action to minimize the spread and… [read more]

How We Became This Way

Reading time – 4:52; Viewing time – 9:15  .  .  . This pandemic showed up and we citizens had two different takes on it. Some of us saw a clear and present danger, so we followed the directions of the medical professionals, the governors and the mayors to hunker down. Others heard the claim of… [read more]

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