As Smart as Squirrels – v2

Reading time – 3:32  .  .  . The impeachment trial of Donald Trump continues, even as more revelations arrive almost daily that paint a very dark picture of his actions. Whether witnesses will be called and evidentiary documents will be presented at his impeachment trial remains unknown. Whether he will be convicted and booted from… [read more]

Put Them in RDP

Reading time – 4:02  .  .  . We’ve had years of hearing Donald Trump say whatever came into his fraudulent head and many of us are way past shock and indignation. We see that’s just the criminal, disconnected-from-reality way he rolls and it’s become what we expect. But he’s infected pundits and members of Congress… [read more]

Adjunct Quiz*

Reading time – 3:49  .  .  . WARNING: SNARK AHEAD Question 1: What do you get when you combine the bottomless need for attention of Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz with the boundary-less conceit and snark of Jay Sekulow, the arrogance and disingenuousness of Pam Bondi, the fanatical, hypocritical self-righteousness of Ken Starr and all… [read more]

Eliot Ness, We Need You Now

Reading time – 2:55  .  .  . Regular readers of these posts will recognize that I have long wondered why otherwise fully functional adults possessing a clear sense of right and wrong could tolerate, much less support and promote the obvious law breaking, wrongdoing and un-Constitutional actions of Donald Trump. Of course, some may simply… [read more]

Dear Bernie and Elizabeth

Reading time – 3:34  .  .  . Dear Bernie and Elizabeth, Here’s the key question: Do you want Democrats to lose the 2020 Presidential election to Donald Trump, as well as lose the opportunity for Democrats to control the Senate? You’re on a path to do both even if you don’t get the nomination. There… [read more]


Reading time – 2:13  .  .  . You’re out and about and tell a friend,”I’m going back to my house.” Your house is defined by a street address, information that identifies a place on a map. If instead you had said,”I’m going home,” the geographic destination would be the same, but the meaning would be… [read more]

Trump’s Folly v2.0

Reading time – 2:37  .  .  . In the chaos of Trump’s attempt to instigate war with Iran, we’re left with contradictions and confusion. Trump and his people continue to offer crazy non-justifications for the assassinations and they further spin mayhem. For example, a Marine Corps. General wrote a letter to the Iraqi government declaring… [read more]

Trump’s Folly

Reading time – 3:23  .  .  . With impeachment on his doorstep driving further mental instability, Trump needs a new and powerful distraction. That’s paired with his need to appear to be the always-wins tough guy. That’s a very dangerous combination. I have warned about Trump doing a “wag the dog” (here, here, here and… [read more]

An Open Letter to Republican Senators

Reading time – 2:06  .  .  . You know what’s going on – the crimes, the abuses of power, the obstructions of Congress, the abandonment of national security and the rest. His guilt is not in question, not just because of witness testimony, but because he’s bragged about his violations. What’s in question is what… [read more]

Hitting Back

Reading time – 3:12  .  .  . From the Wall Street Journal: The U.S. carried out airstrikes against an Iranian-backed Shiite militia group in Iraq and Syria. The Pentagon said the strikes targeted three of the Kataib Hezbollah militia’s locations in Iraq and two in Syria, and were in response to an attack on Friday in… [read more]

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