Emergency – Break Glass

Donald Trump has declared martial law in DC. No, this isn’t a reality TV moment. This isn’t hyperbole. This isn’t a prank. This is actually happening. And he’s threatened to declare martial law in any state where he wants to deploy our military personnel to “dominate the streets” against our citizens, regardless of governors’ objections…. [read more]

What Have We Done?

Reading time – 5:29; Viewing time – 9:32  .  .  . [Ed. note: Be sure to read the “Finally” section at the bottom, which was added after the video was recorded.] It’s the Economy, Stupid The White House announced (love that phrase – as though a building could talk) that it won’t update economic projections… [read more]

Consequences In One Long and Two Short Parts

Reading time – 5:36  .  .  . Part 1. Healthcare Wake-Up The Kaiser Family Foundation just reported that, “.  .  .  nearly 27 million people will lose health insurance as a result of being laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Some will go on the ACA exchanges; the majority will wind up on Medicaid; and… [read more]


Reading time – 4:11; Viewing time – 6:20  .  .  . There are small mobs clogging our streets, attacking our state capitol buildings and protesting inside those buildings with menacing assault rifles in their hands. They are carrying Confederate flags and Nazi flags and they’re egged on by the President of the United States. They… [read more]

Here’s Why We Don’t Do Widespread Testing

Reading time – 3:50; Viewing time – 5:28  .  .  . We continue to bumble along, seemingly unable to develop a reliable test to use in large quantities throughout the country to fight this awful disease. It isn’t because we don’t have access to the needed resources. Here and here are reports on testing options… [read more]


Reading time – 4:12; Viewing time – 6:53  .  .  . My mother was a teen during the Great Depression and came of age during WW II. She was from that generation. Tom Brokaw dubbed it The Greatest Generation and the label stuck, this for obvious reasons. This was a generation without a sense of… [read more]

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