Here’s Some Of What Decades of Far Right Scheming Have Brought You Voter suppression through: extreme gerrymandering; voting rights suppression; throwing out voter registrations for obscure reasons – especially in poor and minority areas; eliminating voting places; restricting ballot drop box access; School vouchers for private and parochial schools that starve public schools of money… [read more]

Woke, Parents Rights, Covid & Court Watch

“Woke” Update 2 Given the decades of Republican and so-called conservatives’ efforts to establish absolute power and wealth into the hands of (guess who?) the wealthy, including themselves, it seems this mania to attack whatever is “woke” was inevitable. It’s undefined by those same Republicans and so-called conservatives so that they can use the term… [read more]

Remember This Day

Remember this day, March 30, 2023, so that you can tell your grandchildren that this was the moment when justice began to return to America. _______________________________ From Adam Kinzinger, March 30: If you take one thing away from this email, let it be this: The indictment of Donald J. Trump doesn’t keep him from running… [read more]

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