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Republicans have done a truly excellent job of demonization. They call anything proposed by Democrats “socialism,” making clear that Democrats want to change America into a socialist state. That’s heavy stuff in this country, where most Americans think socialism is the same as communism, which, they are certain, is the political embodiment of evil. It’s… [read more]


Steve Bannon told us long before the 2016 election that he wants to “tear it all down,” meaning the administrative state. That includes our Constitution, democracy, learning and wisdom and the institutions that uphold our moral foundation. He wants it all blown up. He is a nihilist, a hater of authority and a manufacturer of… [read more]


That’s not a question; it’s an answer. In a greatly insightful essay What Causes Vaccine Hesitancy? authors Anita Sreedhar and Anand Gopal set out to answer their own question.* Do millions refuse vaccines because they are self-centered, interested only in themselves? Are they just proudly stubborn? Are they willfully ignorant? And does the answer to… [read more]


Note: This is the promised follow up to last Sunday’s post. JA ——————————– Anyone who is watching can see the naked assaults and the unscrupulous dismantling of American democracy. Everywhere, the angry little people are attacking our institutions, taking away our rights and freedoms, keeping power for themselves and replacing all that we hold dear… [read more]

Domestic Terrorism and Your Ancestors

Likely, the first part of the title of this post makes you think of the kid who killed 4 classmates in Michigan’s Oxford High School last week. Maybe you also remember the Las Vegas shooter, the Tree of Life Synagogue and Mother Emanuel AME Church shooters and the murderer in Charlottesville and the insurrectionist murderers… [read more]


That was a new word to me, too. From Antipodian – adjective: 1. of, relating to, or originating from places on the opposite side of the globe, especially Australia and New Zealand That sounds suspiciously similar to “the Orient” – meaning the East. Like Antipodean, it’s an area defined by its location relative to… [read more]

A Modest COVID Proposal

I have a modest proposal, an idea that’s so crazy that it just might be a good idea. As you can see from the charts below, daily COVID cases have surged about 30% this month. Compile your own set of explainers for that; it won’t be difficult. The more interesting news is the confirmation of… [read more]

Be Decent, Waukesha, Climate & Just-For-Fun

Be Decent Over 5,000 nut balls have disrupted airline flights with their violent behavior, endangering flight attendants, pilots, first officers and all the other passengers on those many flights. If you check with any teacher, dean of students or principal you’ll learn that our school kids are in a similar state of craziness. Parents are… [read more]


Freedom – n. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint; the power of self-determination attributed to the will – Apple Dictionary, v 2.3. ————————- Freedom of Speech I’m an American living in America and the First Amendment says,                                                    Amendment I Congress shall make no law… [read more]

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