Stuff I Just Don’t Get

Reading time – 3:29  .  .  . I don’t get “pro-life.” Republicans overwhelmingly call themselves pro-life, perhaps to make anyone disagreeing with them get labeled “pro-death.” Good sloganeering, but  .  .  . They are overwhelmingly anti-abortion. Okay, if a fetus is considered a person, that’s understandable. But the anti-abortion thing – we’ve always had abortions…. [read more]


“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to block the battleground states from casting ‘unlawful and constitutionally tainted votes’ in the Electoral College. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, experts say.“ The Texas Tribune, December 8, 2020 “The states supporting the suit, all of which have Republican attorneys general,… [read more]

Oh, Kevin

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd annually gives her Thanksgiving column space over to her brother Kevin, whom she calls a conservative. I’ve read several of his offerings and have come away with the sense that Kevin is not a conservative; he’s a Trumpy, which is distinctly not conservative. And in this year’s essay he… [read more]


The original announcement for this post went out without a link. It should work this time. Please watched this video It’s just right for today And Peggy Noonan’s essay Blessings In a Hard Year is required reading. You’ll see why. Many thanks to AH for the pointer.

National Security

Reading time – 4:49  .  .  . If you’ve watched the news you’ve heard the worries expressed by knowledgeable people that Trump’s refusal to allow Biden’s people access to information during the transition was putting our nation at risk. The most persuasive warning I’ve seen is from Susan Rice, who has been on both the… [read more]

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