Post 1,050 Not Looking Too Supreme Yes, the ballot disqualification decision was unanimous and it may well lead to further disapproval of this ethically challenged court. We don’t know if that unanimity was because every justice dug deeply into their vault of jurisprudence and agreed or because the justices feared a violent public reaction to… [read more]


Post 1,049 248 years ago the slightly known young patriot and freedom zealot Thomas Paine* penned the first pamphlet of The American Crisis, a series of 13 pieces published periodically over 6 years. This first was written as Washington and his army were retreating across the Delaware River and was published in the Philadelphia Journal… [read more]

SOTU Dream – Joe Says, “Join Me”

Post 1,048 Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our union is much, much better. We seem to lean toward fracture at times, but still our country keeps moving forward. Ronald Reagan would be proud to say right now that it’s morning in America again. As former Representative David Jolly said the other day, “More people… [read more]

Joe, Ya Gotta Listen To This Guy

Post 1,047 The Message Joe, here’s former Republican, former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) on Nicolle Wallace’s program, March 5, Super Tuesday (lightly edited). He has a message for you. “There’s a healthy suspicion that the Biden camp has been relying on Donald Trump as a [flawed] candidate to do a little bit of the work… [read more]

All You Need To Know

Post 1,045 It Only Hurts When We Laugh   You likely see the humor and perhaps appreciate the creativity in this cartoon, even as this is terribly cringe-worthy. It was sent to me by a dear friend and I’m working hard to forgive him. Here’s the problem. This cartoon conflates two alt-right lunacies – fertilized… [read more]

Is It Time to Surrender?

Post 1,043 CAUTION! Contains both snark and sarcasm. Sensitive readers are advised to be holding both Teddy and blanket prior to reading further. It’s time to give up. Wave the white flag. Throw in the towel. Nothing left to do but for Trump to kneel before Putin and surrender the ceremonial Presidential Sword. MAGAs keep… [read more]

Joe Biden Has To Be Better Than Super Bowl Commercials

Post 1,042 However odd it might be, we love our Super Bowl commercials as a form of entertainment. Millions tune in just for them, not so much for the football game. And with the cost for just 30 seconds of ad time at $7 million, the ad agencies and the companies they create ads for… [read more]

Dysfunction Junction

Post 1,041 On February 18 Steve Sheffey wrote, ” . . . House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) says he won’t allow the House to vote on the emergency funding because it doesn’t contain money for border security. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) accurately summarized Johnson’s position: The Speaker said he wouldn’t pass Ukraine funding without a… [read more]

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