Potpourri v21.0

Post 1,038 As we sigh romantically and fondly for those we love on this Valentine’s Day, we embrace their hearts. May that be true for you. Who’s Next? We continue to lose roughly 200 American sweethearts to Covid every day. Of course, that number lacks the shock value of refrigerator trucks used as emergency morgues… [read more]

Elections, Amendments & Tunnels

Post 1,037 A little longer today because there is so much going on .  .  . Winning Elections A piece in The Economist in December accidentally provided yet another reminder of what wins elections. We used to believe that honesty and moral character were our guides, but we’ve been disabused of that fanciful notion for… [read more]

The Moronica Awards*

Post 1,036 WARNING! Contains Snark Sensitive readers are advised to get over it. The Moronica Awards are given to those who behave with the distinction of being obviously mentally unfit and who offer themselves without hesitation to display their true limitations publicly. The Awards are heavily weighted toward those who have made the greatest public… [read more]

Our Young, Our Poor and Our Indicted

Post 1,035 Our Young No Republican candidate for the presidency has captured the majority of voters under the age of 30 for decades. Hmmm . . . now why would that be? Could it be that they explicitly court and favor old rich guys and old rich guy wannabees? They say that all we have… [read more]


Post 1,034 Violence – Part 1 From David French’s piece Political Christianity Has Claws: ” .  .  .  when you combine theology and ideology but subtract virtue, you’ve created a formula for viciousness and strife. Raise the stakes to an existential or eternal level, remove the restraints of kindness and self-control, and watch the worst… [read more]

The Minority Report

Post 1,033 There is no reason for the so-called populist uprising, no rationale to explain Trump and MAGA, except one: the freedom to dominate. Jamelle Bouie detailed this right of domination in a post that was centered on George Wallace, the politically brilliant, hatred-infused politician who garnered 13.5% of the popular vote in the 1968… [read more]

Keeping Score

Post 1,031 ___________________________________ Keeping Score of Republican Voters In a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll we learned that 45% of Republican-aligned adults responded that Trump “Best represents [my] values.” That’s more than double such identification with the next nearest Republican candidate. They’re talking values here. Not policies, not patriotism, not democracy, not America. Values. AND THEY… [read more]

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