Riddle Me That, Batman

Join the Disambiguation Gang right over there ⇒ (scroll down just a bit) _____________________________________ We human beings are walking contradictions. We say we want to be fit and healthy but we forget the New Year’s resolution and drop the gym membership before January 20 (to get the full membership refund) and we eat stuff that tastes… [read more]

Banking Crisis and Words

Of course, you thought we had wrung all the stupid out of the banking system back in 2009 following the banking meltdown and the bailout you and I paid for. We passed Dodd-Frank to prevent a repeat performance. We pointed fingers. We threatened prison terms. And nobody was held accountable. Glass-Steagall had been designed to… [read more]

The Debt Ceiling Question

Once again the Republicans are threatening to refuse to raise the debt ceiling. This is a form of “If I don’t get what I want, I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue.” If this were one of Trump’s breath holding threats I’d say fine, go turn blue. Please. But it isn’t painless… [read more]

What’s Going to Happen

I’ve been worrying about politically driven domestic violence for a long time. We have shootings every day and, of course, there was a full-on insurrection on January 6, 2021, where people were badly wounded, some died that day and others died on subsequent days. Many continue to carry scars and debilitating injuries from that attack…. [read more]

Hatred, Christian Nationalists & The Supreme Court

An Open Letter to Christian Haters Did you go to Sunday School when you were a kid? Or at least attend a church service now and then? Here’s what you did with that. They told you the stories and the lessons from long ago, like to be kind to strangers. They said to be generous… [read more]

Special Report: The Bugle Is Sounding

Emergency SNAP assistance (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – “food stamps”) is ending today. That means that lots of our kids are about to go hungry. Like maybe one-meal-per-day-hungry. Here’s the triple whammy: The assistance is ending. Food is very expensive. Donations of food to food banks are way down. So are monetary contributions. This… [read more]

Bumper Sticker

While taking a road trip recently we were amazed by all the billboards for personal injury attorneys. We saw the same billboard posted three deep. We saw not only repeated cycles of multiple billboards for a single firm, but even two identical billboards stacked one on top of the other. These advertisements were in the… [read more]

S**t Spewers Flooding The Zone and A Letter to Kevin

Caution: Those sensitive to nasty words Mom told you not to say should skip to the second section of this post. Richard Nixon couldn’t remember sending his goon squad to break into the Democratic National  Committee Headquarters at The Watergate to steal opposition documents. Later he couldn’t remember his mob boss style cover up of… [read more]

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