Are You Seeing The Pattern Yet?

The people at the not-for-profit Citizens United were on a mission. They hated Hillary Clinton. A lot. They filmed what they called a documentary, Hillary: The Movie, and planned to release it in 2008 in an effort to submarine her candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency. They wanted to air their hit… [read more]

A Different Take

The Atlantic’s Jonathan V. Last Thinks Mike Pence Is an American Hero . You read that right. Pence was on the wrong side of nearly every issue, like reproductive rights, gay rights, failing to prevent an Indiana HIV outbreak from becoming far worse and more. His public religiosity didn’t extend to caring about those who… [read more]

Emergency: The Assault on Stare Decisis

You already know about the Supreme Court decision striking down Roe and it’s important to put that decision into context. Be clear that this decision will result in Daisy, raped at age 13 by her father, having to take that incest-caused pregnancy to term. It means that Maryanne, raped in a laundromat by an unknown… [read more]

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