Guest Essay: A Profile in Malignant Narcissism

Reading time – 2:55  .  .  . Dan Giallombardo is a regular reader of these posts. Sometimes he offers comments and occasionally he sends me private responses that I always find helpful and clarifying  He has something to say now that’s quite valuable and he agreed to let me post it. Don’t imagine that this… [read more]

Thinking About Long Term Ramifications

Reading time – 4:33; Viewing time – 7:08  .  .  . Ed. note: Read to the end – there are two treats waiting for you there. —————————– First, a heads up. I talked with a woman who is involved with supply at our local hospital. I offered supplies I have on hand, including a handful… [read more]

Flash Message for Joe Biden and All Democrats

Reading time – 3:32  .  .  . Even the most casual observer knows that Donald Trump will spin everything about coronavirus so that he looks good. He will lie, he will try to force revisionist history on us and he will declare in unambiguous terms that only he can lead us out of the pandemic…. [read more]


Reading time – 2:46  .  .  . President Trump has not just bungled facts, spewed false happy talk and continued to lie his way through his presidency and this pandemic. He has also made clear that he is not responsible for anything that’s happening if he thinks it might make him look bad. He told… [read more]


Reading time – 3:55  .  .  . Caution: There’s just a little bit of snark at the very end. Please practice safe snark. We’re still in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, although if they were able to speak for themselves the over 5,800 people who have died of the illness might describe this… [read more]

Brats and Beer

Reading time – 1:47  .  .  . On March 8 I gave a heads up about what we can expect from Republicans in the upcoming general election campaign. I wrote, The Democratic nominee can expect filth, lies, false associations, fear mongering, muck making, more lies, voter suppression, plus nonstop lies. And it has already begun…. [read more]

Potpourri v10.0

Reading time – 4:31; Viewing time – 7:49  .  .  . First, some stories you may have missed because of the torrential downpour of coverage of the primary elections and COVID-19. And don’t miss the BREAKING GOOD NEWS at the end. First Story: Drugs It is notable that our government is at least putting on… [read more]

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