Stop The Steal

What about We The People? When is it our turn? Here’s what’s going on. —————————- Elections You already have some idea of the massive voter suppression being visited upon millions of our fellow citizens in Republican controlled states. Voters have been and are having their voter registrations removed without their knowledge for the heinous crimes… [read more]

Falling For It

This Is First Because .  .  . .  .  .  it’s the very most important. By far. it’s life-or-death. You know what’s going on in Ukraine. The spirit and courage of the Ukrainians to fight for their freedom is inspiring the world. So is the generosity and friendship of the neighboring Poles, Hungarians and others… [read more]


There’s much going on that has dangerous consequences for us and for the world. Here’s hoping this provides just a smidgen of clarity about what must be done. Plus, there’s a  special message for Vladimir Putin. Psst – pass it on. JA ———————————- There’s Another One On The Way George P. Bush, grandson of one… [read more]

Same Song, Next Verse

What Will We Do Then? The largest invasion of a sovereign nation since WW II is occurring, It’s the current iteration of European wars ignited by a narcissist who thinks he’s going to rule the world. People have died and more will continue to die in urban warfare. Meanwhile, Putin has gone cynical and fully… [read more]


Does It Feel Hot In Here To You? A short time ago I posted a piece about global warming. In case you are a denier, you need to know a few more things, so, in no particular order, Any discussion about global warming needs to be grounded in facts. Not fantasies. Not wishes. Not conspiracy… [read more]

True North, Immigration and Cwazy

During my keynotes and workshops on leadership I frequently offer attendees an exercise in self-clarity called True North. The goal is for each person to craft a simple statement of who they are at their core, a declaration of what’s most deeply important to them. The responses are often moving and self-revelatory, and it is… [read more]

Live and Die Loud, The Economy and Ottawa

We have a Second Amendment and it was enshrined into something holy and untouchable as if directly from God by Justice Antonin Scalia, the NRA, bobblehead Republicans and every red state absolutist. Just two things about that. The First Thing That amendment reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free… [read more]

We Know – Really

We have records going back nearly 200 years, so it’s with great confidence that the experts say that the seven hottest years on record are – drum roll please – the last seven years. They brought us ever-more-catastrophic storms, killing heat and more, as well as the deafeningly loud warnings of permafrost melt, releasing methane… [read more]

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