The No Surprises Taliban

It didn’t start with imaginary WMDs (weapons of mass destruction). Our national war of insanity began years earlier. The Supreme Court decision following the 2000 election was led by Republican Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who stopped the vote count in Florida. He disenfranchised tens of thousands of voters and gave the election and the presidency… [read more]

It Begs the Question

From Thom Hartmann’s rant on August 6 The first real test of the [National Voter Rights Act of 1993] came in 2018, when Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State, John Husted, went on a voter-purge binge (that hit Black, student and elderly neighborhoods particularly hard) and was sued by the A. Phillip Randolph Institute for violating… [read more]

Governors Gone Wild

It is with enormous pride that we announce the winners of the very first Governors Gone Wild Awards! . Surely, there is a special place for governors of our states who have distinguished themselves as more mentally regressive and self-serving than the call of duty requires and this is it. We mustn’t wait another minute… [read more]

Good-Bye, America

STATUS ALERT! This is a proud JaxPolitix moment, as we have officially received our first vile, disgusting and politically inane troll message. To the troll:  We wish you a full recovery from the multiple head traumas you obviously have sustained. It started decades ago, but that was just laying the ground work for what has… [read more]

What We Need From the House Select Committee

Ed. note: Read through to the end and click the link for a stunning piece you must read. The House Select Committee has a tough job. They are tasked with getting to the bottom of the traitorous terrorist insurrection that has come to be known simply as January 6. Notable is that this committee is… [read more]

Golden Calf

Trump’s endless string of lies at the July 2021 CPAC convention was not just boring; it was old news boring. New day, same old lies. On the other hand, his supplicants applauded and made the proper guttural noises for him in response to his calls for adulation. They did the same for the rest of… [read more]

What’s Going On?

First, Something Personal Parkinson’s Disease is a miserable critter. It strikes famous people like Michael J. Fox, Linda Ronstadt and Neil Diamond and it hits we little folk as well. Nobody knows what causes it, so nobody knows how to prevent it. It’s progressive (it gets worse over time), so all that can be done… [read more]

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