Trump Wars

Viewing time – 1:36  .  .  .  ————————————  Browser not supported. Visit Ed. Note: We need to spread the word so that we make a critical difference, so, YOUR ACTION STEPS: Pass this along to three people, encouraging them to subscribe (IT’S A FREEBIE!). Engage in the Comments section below to help… [read more]

Snow Job – v1

Reading time – 3:10; Viewing time – 4:21 .  .  . The House Judiciary Committee Republicans used the impeachment proceedings to promote Donald Trump, to denigrate Joe Biden and to smear all Democrats as immoral and hypocritical. And now the Senate is preparing to do an even deeper dive into the Land of Wacko. Perhaps… [read more]

Mr. Chairman

In the House of Representatives, Judiciary Committee Hearings Mark Up of Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump, President of the United States Chairman Nadler: The gentleman from Illinois is recognized. Congressman Altschuler: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I rise to speak to the need for clarity. Specifically, my purpose is to narrow our deliberations to… [read more]

A View From The Other Side

Reading time – 5:01; Viewing time – 6:41 .  .  . Maureen Dowd is a liberal opinion writer for the New York Times. Her brother Kevin is a Trump supporter. She gives him her column space every Thanksgiving and I urge you to read his current piece. I have tried to explain Trump voters several… [read more]

Hand Wringing

Reading time – 2:10; Viewing time – 3:33  .  .  . The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) is conducted every 3 years and tests academic proficiency internationally of 15-year-olds. American kids haven’t progressed. “About a fifth of American 15-year-olds scored so low on the PISA test that it appeared they had not mastered reading… [read more]

Go Back To The Pawn Shop

Reading time – 3:49; Viewing time – 5:02  .  .  . Critical Alert – Pass this along to at least 3 others. You’ll see why at the end. The FOIA triggered disclosure of Mike Pompeo’s involvement with the sliming of Ambassador Marie Yovanovich was only the first end-around of the subpoena stonewalling of the Donald… [read more]

It Isn’t Impeachable, But

Reading time – 2:45  .  .  . Teen births are way down. As in: down 60% from 2007. According to a report in STAT, “.  .  .  analyses have found that recent drops in teen births can be traced back to funding for family planning programs under Title X and mandates under the Affordable Care… [read more]

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