Potporri – v 13.0

Reading time – 5:44  .  .  . Culture Wars I vacillate. I go to boiling anger over what Republicans are doing, like voter suppression, stoking of hatred, flagrantly lying and supplicating themselves in spineless obeisance to the immoralities and anti-democracy molestation done by Donald Trump. In contrast, in my more enlightened moments I look for… [read more]

President Donald Trump’s Final Address to the Nation

Reading time – 3:12; Viewing time – 4:51  .  .  . The White House, Washington D.C., January 19, 2021 My fellow Americans, we gather tonight on the eve of a new administration for our country. Once again we are affirming our democracy with the peaceful transfer of power exactly as envisioned and required by our… [read more]

The Worst Is Yet To Come – Very Soon

Reading time – 4:17; Viewing time – 6:19  .  .  . Late Addition The “Million MAGA March” has concluded with great bluster, chest thumping, hate spewing and the absolute rejection of all facts that don’t comport with demonstrators’ predetermined beliefs and conclusions. It was something of a “Yea for us, we’re so so tough and… [read more]

Straight Talk For Wednesday Morning

Reading time – 5:10  .  .  . The win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was more than a citizen endorsement of the future promised by Biden; it was a repudiation of Trump’s attempt to make a toxic waste dump of our democracy, as well as a visceral rejection of his cruelty. For four years… [read more]

Moving On

Reading time – 4:43  .  .  . The election should be over – after all, it only takes 270 and it’s clear to all who’s won and who has lost. But this is going to be dragged through the courts for a while by baseless Trump lawsuits and fantasy charges of fraud. Trump’s anti-American histrionics… [read more]

The Only Thing

Reading time – 2:14; Viewing time – 2:56  .  .  . The election is not yet decided, but will be, perhaps later today. At this point there is only one thing you need to know.  Donald Trump has consistently delivered verbal superlatives to the American people. Whatever the topic, he would deliver “like you’ve… [read more]


Reading time – 3:40  .  .  . Blanketed with frustration and anger over this ongoing spectacle of an election, disappointment haunts me, but it isn’t about Trump. I want to hug my ancient 48-star flag, not to disrespect Alaska or Hawaii, but to touch what I used to believe. Underneath it all, my heart is… [read more]

Transcript of the Third Debate

Transcript of former Vice-President Joseph R. Biden’s closing argument at the imaginary 3rd and final Presidential Debate, 2020 Well, folks, we’ve gotta give credit where it’s due. It’s only right. We’ve just heard the closing argument of President Trump, giving you his best story to get you to vote for him. It was so odd… [read more]

Minority Rule

Reading time – 3:52  .  .  . NOTE – read to the end for the key message. 60%  of Americans want stricter gun safety laws and regulations. 61% of Americans support a woman’s right to choose. 66% of Americans want a government health insurance plan for all. 70% of Americans believe most undocumented immigrants working… [read more]

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & Democracy

Reading time 5:16; Viewing time – 8:35  .  .  . BREAKING NEWS  .  .  . In the second and last presidential candidate debate last Thursday President Trump set a new International Prevarication Record – the coveted IPR – by lying more than once per minute with peak gusts to 3 per minute for multiple extended… [read more]

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