A Shoe

Hole in the SoulReading time – 19 seconds; Contemplation time – lots longer  .  .  .

Bob Fields is a local artist who recently just couldn’t stand it any longer.

He saw the same pictures and video that you saw of so much suffering in Gaza. What was worse was that so much of the suffering and dying was that of children and it made his heart ache. So he did what he does – art.

He created a planter with a house plant growing through a hole in a child’s shoe. When asked what it meant he replied as every artist does, saying it is whatever it says to you. And one observer looked at it, this little pot with a plant growing through the shoe of a child and saw a hole in the soul.

It is nearly impossible not to feel that for all those children in Gaza and their mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. A hole in the soul. A hole in each of our souls.


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One Response to A Shoe
  1. Jim Altschuler Reply


    But, sad as it is, women, children and old people are always collateral damage in a conflict no matter whose fault it is.