Are You Ready?

CialisBoomers are the ones who were told, “Don’t trust anyone over 30,” (thank you, Jerry Rubin), the ones who were going to change the world and who most certainly were never going to get old.  But now we are past the point where we can refuse to trust anyone over 30, we did change the world but many of us still refuse to get old.  That has created a billion dollar industry of erection sustaining drugs for old stud wanna-bees.

The next time you see a Cialis commercial on television take a good look at the happy couples.  Of course they are happy, as the commercials imply that they are so hormonal that they are having sex whenever the wind blows.

Notice, too, that everyone is good looking.  We viewers subliminally hope that Cialis will deliver that benefit, too.  And there is something else.  The women are all at least 15 years younger than the men.  Little surprise there, since the drug hucksters are selling a return-to-youth fantasy to old guys.

Let’s see, he’s a “senior” who refuses to acknowledge time, wants to be the young stud he never was, so he pairs himself with a young, nubile, willing kitten (yeah, that’ll work) who smiles at him with just a hint of lust in her eyes – and he’s ready!  All of this comes at just seven bucks per thrill pill.

Yup, we watch the commercials and we fall for the fantasy.  Somehow, the pleasant and desirable images and the smooth sound of the voice-over, go down easily and we accept the whole package.  Actually, though, it is nothing but a manipulation of you and me for the profit of the pharmaceutical corporations selling us dreams in a pill.

It works the same way in the political arena.  Radicals and rich guys are trying to separate you from your cash and your power with slick commercials, images and slogans, and even a chest-thumping testosterone rush, all for their own benefit, not yours.  Maybe instead of mindlessly absorbing the fictions we’re fed we should get in touch reality before the American plutocratic coup is complete.

It is the right moment right now.  Are you ready?

WARNING: If you go blind, lose your hearing or die, stop taking Cialis immediately – it will be too late for you.  Correspondingly, if you lose your democracy, it will be too late for all of us.

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