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It took years for our media to stop pointing out the “mistakes” Trump was making in his presentations and to at last state the obvious: He lies and he’s a liar. By the end of Trump’s administration the Washington Post had documented over 30,000 Trump lies. That’s over 20 per day for 4 years. These were not inadvertent errors or little oops moments; they were flat out lies. It took the Post and the rest of the mainstream press years to find the nerve to state that obvious fact. Now we’ve come to another reckoning with reality, this, too, of the forehead slap variety.

It seems that our mainstream media has figured out that Donald Trump and his rabid followers and cowardly tag-a-longs comprise an existential threat to our republic, to democracy, to the Constitution and to our way of life. Journalists have figured out that these unfaithful ones are actually proclaiming their evil intent out loud and promising to deliver destruction.

This promise of a destructive rampage seemed obvious and dangerous to me at least as far back as April 9, 2012, well before the Trump bastardization of our country. Later Trump undercut our intelligence agencies, threatened nuclear war, promised retribution against various opponents and agencies of our own government and far more. Imagine that: it wasn’t enough to demonize Mexicans as rapists and drug smugglers and criminals, as he did during his infamous escalator candidacy announcement in 2015, complete with paid actors pretending to be supporters. Trump has attacked and continues to attack us all directly and repeatedly.

Now he’s promised to take down the Constitution, aggregate all power to himself, kill our generals, imprison political opponents, station our military in our cities to control we citizens, this in violation of the Third Amendment, and more. He’s promising all this in his campaign speeches. If there’s one lesson we should have learned quite well a long time ago it’s that Trump doesn’t do hyperbole. When he promises something outlandish, he means to deliver it, regardless of illegality or harm to others. Now it’s clear that his overriding message is that he plans to tear everything down and build a dictatorship solely for himself; as in: Nothing for you.

No democracy. No shining city on a hill. No last best hope. No lamp beside the golden door. Nothing but serfdom under a mad king, exactly what the colonists rebelled against.

Which brings us to morning in the journalism world.

At last journalists are writing and speaking about the obvious reality of the existential threat promised by Trump.

In the Washington Post Robert Kagan explains that A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending. Kagan’s post is a serious buzz kill, because what he lays out has been in plain sight for a long time – we should all have been able to see this coming – and it’s a deadly serious threat to us and our country.

The entire January/February issue of The Atlantic is devoted to the theme: If Trump Wins. It’s a very ugly picture.

The Economist tells us that Donald Trump poses the biggest danger to the world in 2024.

And you can check the New York Times for Donald Trump’s 2024 Campaign, in His Own Menacing Words.

These are just a sampling of current pieces. If you don’t have online access to these publications, go pick up copies at a newsstand. You remember those, right? The big box bookstores have a whole section of periodicals. Go there.

Spoiler alert: The news you’ll find is clear and terrifying.

Like his constant lying, it appears that the secret is out about the doom of Trump looming menacingly on the horizon. Journalists are finally naming names. At last.

You need to be naming these threats, too, especially to low information friends and family members who don’t see what’s coming and which will clobber them if they let it.

Today is a good day to be the light


  • Our governance and electoral corruption and dysfunction and our ongoing mass murders are all of a piece, all the same problem with the same solution:
  • Fire the bastards!
  • The days are dwindling for us to take action. Get up! Do something to make things better.

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5 Responses to At Last
  1. Kirk Landers Reply

    And the hell of it is, he’s not even intelligent. He’s not even competent. He’s the whiny a**hole who had to repeat Basic Training because he couldn’t do the pushups or the mile run. And when you understand that, you understand what it says about our countrymen and especially what it says about the spineless sycophants in the Republican congress.

  2. Anastasia Gonzalez Reply

    I admit that I avoid watching the news at times because it is overwhelming.

    Today’s article is a needed eye opener.

    What is it that I can do, as you suggest: Get up and do something.

    Yes, I will vote. No, I am not able to go to a rally or march. What else can you suggest that I can put my efforts into doing something to help. Suggestions, please? I have to feel that I have done my part or at least something to keep this insane monster out of the White House!!!! Thank you

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      That’s in all caps so that it looks like the title of this reply.

      For one stop shopping login to The Union at The organization is a connector to shops doing the kind of good you want to do.

      Sign up and then check the Action Center (center tab at the top). That’s the hub where you find and link to the organizations where you want to contribute your skills.

  3. Jim Altschuler Reply

    How is it possible that there are still so many people, including some members of the media, who either don’t see the upcoming danger to our country, our government and our personal freedoms OR who are so bamboozled by the bullshit that they believe it’s “the right way”? How can they be so deluded, so wrong-thinking?

    This is not to suggest that I’m omniscient and know all the right answers. I don’t. But I do recognize the wrong answers when they are consistently thrown at me. Perhaps you do, too. And perhaps you also recognize that each and every one of us has the power to do something about the future of Our Country … we still have the power to VOTE for what each of us feel is right and against what you feel is wrong. VOTE in your state’s primary election and VOTE for who and what YOU think is right in next year’s November election. It’s REALLY IMPORTANT!

  4. Frank Levy Reply

    …and while Trump is describing his hellhole vision of America 2025 there are millions of Americans cheering him on. Trump is the hero and embodiment of the America the alt-right, the racists, the fascists, the homophobes, the Islamophobes, the anti-Semites, the ethno-fascist evangelical Christians. The Republican Party has been wanting and seriously working to create just such a hellhole since at least the end of the Eisenhower years. If you need proof that what I am saying is correct just look at the polls. American liberal democracy is facing an existential threat today because a significant portion of the American population wants exactly the America that Trump is offering them. And guess what: The first people that will be herded off to the the work/death camps will be – drum roll here – you and I – the Jews. I do not say this lightly. This is Nazi Germany 2.0.