Boxing and The Danger We Face

Don’t Ask the MAGA Crazies to Come To Their Senses.

Chaos and Destruction ARE Their Senses.


“These are the times that try men’s [and women’s] souls.” – Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776. Click, read, think, act.

The Republican Party has published its 1,000 page plan called “Project 2025.” It is a plan to completely dismantle the American government in just six months. They intend to destroy our democratic republic and establish a dictatorship with a Republican despot as absolute ruler. They promise to end your rights and freedom. They promise to destroy everything you hold dear about our country.

All they need to be able to betray us in these ways is to win the presidency, to have a compliant Supreme Court and to have a cowardly congress. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

And now, what better way to light the fuse to blow up our country than to shut down the government? Over 20 Republican flamers voted down their own budget plan. They did that to show what tough guys they are, to have their infantile temper tantrum, to puff up their egos, to show the Speaker who’s boss AND TO TEAR DOWN OUR DEMOCRACY, instead of honoring their oath of office to protect and defend it. They are solely about themselves, chaos and destruction.


Do the geniuses at the DNC think this monster will go away if they just close their eyes and think pretty thoughts? Maybe that’s what John Kerry thought when the Swift Boaters attacked him in 2004 with their cowardly lies. He didn’t want to dignify their filth with a reply, he told us, which is a lovely patrician idea. But his lack of pushing back only emboldened them and they poisoned enough of the American voting public that by the time Kerry at last spoke up, it was too late.

We know what has happened to the courage and patriotism of the Republicans. Those were devoured by their cowardice and hypocrisy. But where did the courage and patriotic passion of Democrats go? The bell for the 15th round has rung. There is only one boxer in the ring and his name is Fascism.


We don’t have the luxury of patrician patience to wait for the chaos and the evil of these traitors to disappear.

Polite debate never works with bullies. The only way to stop a bully is to punch him/her in the nose.

The cult followers make themselves functional morons because they refuse to learn and they goose step along, happy to tear down our democracy and use violence – even inciting murder – to please their cult leader. We need to see immediate and sustained blows to the traitors to knock them out of power and to make sure they never get their hands on it again.

John Kerry refused to take such action for too long and he lost the presidency. We stand to lose our entire country if we remain quiet and passive.

“These are the times that try men’s and women’s souls.”

We are on trial right now.

It’s time for a bare knuckle fight for our democracy, a fight for what you know is right. The ring stands before us. Who will enter it to fight the good fight, the patriotic fight, the fight for America?




From Steve Schmidt’s The Warning on September 26:

The American people face a great test, a great reckoning. The practice of citizenship can be avoided no longer. We stand at an hour where every inch of progress that has accumulated over 250 years of time, that has lifted the human being from a condition of servitude and economic misery to prosperity and freedom, stands to be erased .  .  .

.  .  .  The American people look at Washington D.C. and they see one of the most corrupt congresses in history. They see the most corrupt Supreme Court in history, They see a fascist movement on the march. [emphasis mine]

The practice of citizenship can be avoided no longer because you yourself see the corruption and the fascist march and you know in your bones that something must be done to stop this or terrible things will happen. Here’s an example of why this is important to you.

One of the things authoritarians do is to ignore the wants and needs of the people. They do that because they can. They focus simply and exclusively on what serves themselves. The Founders rebelled against just such an authoritarian.

You know quite well that 80 – 90% of Americans want stronger gun safety laws and regulations. We want Medicare for all, lower cost access to higher education and action to stop and then reverse global warming. We want our hungry children to be fed and we want racial and immigration justice. We want the insane haters to shut up and for the stupid to stop. Plus, as a placeholder for all government functions, we want a budget to be passed without the lunacy and without threats of harm to our people and the undermining of our national defense.

We want these things and consistently we do not have our way. That’s because of a terrorist minority and the cowardice of so many who refuse to stand up to the bullies.

If the fascists get their way, you will never get what you want. The minority will rule for their own benefit, not yours, and your voice will be stilled forever. Look at any authoritarian regime in history and you’ll see that it is always this way. It will be that way here, too  .  .  .  unless we fight and win and keep our democracy.

So, it’s simple:


Oh, and DNC:

– or –

You pick.

One more time:

Polite debate never works with bullies. The only way to stop a bully is to punch him/her in the nose.

If you’re unsure about that, check with both Neville Chamberlain and Mallory McMorrow for a shocking comparison.

Most Important
Here’s how you can get into the ring and land some punches – CLICK ME.

Today is a good day to be the light


  • Our governance and electoral corruption and dysfunction and our ongoing mass murders are all of a piece, all the same problem with the same solution:
  • Fire the bastards!
  • The days are dwindling for us to take action. Get up! Do something to make things better.

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3 Responses to Boxing and The Danger We Face
  1. Kirk Landers Reply

    Step one is to get Biden to retire at the end of his term and make the announcement now. There’s no shortage of potential leaders in the party, starting with two governors (MI and CA) who have demonstrated an ability to punch fascists in the mouth.

    I keep hoping we can hang a few of these Nazis, but I don’t suppose that’s constitutional justice, even if it would be poetic justice…

  2. Diana Dobrovolny Hefter Reply

    While I ABSOLUTELY agree with the severity of the situation, I do believe there are roles and responsibilities to the “fist fight” we need. Those in Congress right now, IMHO, did an excellent job calling out every Republican statement on the opening day of the Biden Impeachment inquiry. Each Dem ended with an emphatic reminder that the budget was a more urgent use of time, and THE countdown clock was visible. Half of this country is making decisions on emotions, believes Trump. They will not be swayed by truth unless they can see it, feel it. Watching the Republicans fight against each other- forced by the Dems is a powerful way to show, not tell. Also – Biden/dem Congress won on the Debt ceiling. Their hold out on budget just won for the administration priorities. The Senate bipartisan approval of the budget came with a clear reaffirming of their commitment to Ukraine- to be negotiated immediately. These votes support the Biden/McCarthy agreement in May. The 24 Ultra MAGA extremists in the House are becoming more visible and are stalling but not winning. Every citizen that was just almost affected by NOT getting a paycheck or the budget shutdown, FELT the negative effects. Who might be affected? Emphasis on next 3 months : (examples)

    1. People traveling abroad may have trouble returning home because TSA workers, air traffic control, and others that support customs and travel will be shuttered to minimal staff or not working

    2. People who have planned and paid for weddings may not be able to obtain marriage licenses as government agencies shut down without federal support

    3. Death and birth certificates will be delayed. Delayed death certificates delay needed insurance payouts to widows and surviving children in need

    4. All WIC checks and support for needy stops. Along with unemployment pay and others

    5. Federal parks close. Cannot visit the Statue of Liberty or any other national park. All Park Rangers off work with delayed pay. All concession stands, cleaning people, grounds Keepers are contracted. They get no back pay.

    6. Military paychecks stop – even with back pay later – low pay Military families suffer

    7. In a previous shut down, China was able to make deals to infiltrate Africa because our foreign aide was paused

    8. US citizens cannot get answers to questions for Medicare medical or Social Security. New people cannot enroll to these and other programs.

    9 Federal workers who don’t work get back pay later – but, like military, can affect individuals and families financially in many ways.

    10. Government contractors were furloughed and don’t get back pay. Many went out of business during previous shutdowns. Think garbage, cleaning federal buildings. More importantly all of local businesses benefiting from infrastructure bill currently building bridges, repairing railways, etc. How much will this HURT ordinary Americans? Who just might vote Dem because of 24 Extremists in the House

    When this becomes real, people start to see 24 extremists are attacking our Democracy. Democracy is messy.. I think Congress is working right now.

    Jack, your blog/ newsletter helps people see and understand. You help advocate and increase awareness. Right now EVERY CITIZEN needs to STAND UP to the bullying. Stand up for Democracy, in what ever way possible, with all of their strength. We each have a role and a responsibility

  3. Jim Altschuler Reply

    Too many of our people have bought the bill of goods that candidates have sold them, voted those candidates into office, and watched as they grouped their Fascist efforts.

    We The People are paying the price and that price is only going to get higher.

    I hope to live long enough to see this country return to being one that is Of The People, By The People, and For The People. This will not only be for our benefit and that of our posterity but for the nations that depend on America.