But Wait – There’s More!

To be read aloud – fast

You’ve suffered through four years of economic stagnation and have the bills to show for it.

You’ve watched as congress has locked itself in Tea Party tantrums and has paid no attention to you.

You know that your Medicare and Social Security are at risk and feel the terror of helplessness to come and there’s been nothing you could do about it – until NOW!

Mitt Romney is here to take us back to the tried and true Republican ideal of America.

Mitt is a CEO who knows how business works.  He’s the one who knows how to create jobs – in China – and get American manufacturing going – away.

Mitt is a Republican who will take us back to the days of his Republican predecessors, all the way back to Ronald Reagan.  So, you can count on Mitt to create the biggest budget deficits in history, because that’s what all Republican presidents do.  Mitt is the CEO who knows how to go into bottomless debt, suck the life out of anything and do it all off-budget, just like George W. Bush’s wars.

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