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No, not for game. Not for dinner. Not for sport.

I’m hunting for powerful, consistently muscular, banner-waving, truth telling, lie smashing, propaganda pummeling communication from any Democratic organization, any Democratic candidate or politician or any Democratic operative who is sick of Republican attacks, outrageous accusations and lies.* The game I’m hunting for is Democrats who broadcast powerful, motivating communication, words that light the passion we need to win. Most don’t seem able to find such stuff even with two hands and a flashlight.

I get email solicitations from the Biden campaign and every one of them (as in: all) is only about what they – campaign staffers – need. Not a word about what you and I want, what we believe, fear or hold to be true. One email last week carried six bullet point statements, each about what they need. You and I are nowhere to be found in their appeals except for the DONATE button. As of this writing I’ve received over 1,200 of these miserable solicitations since Biden announced. That’s a lot of crappy communication.

It would be unfair of me to just criticize and complain, so I have offered my observations and I’ve extended a hand, volunteering to help. Cue the crickets.

This pattern has not been limited to the Biden campaign. It’s exactly the same with the DNC – same inept, self-centered and insulting writing, same offers from me to help, same crickets. Did these guys all attend the School For The Communication Impaired? The University of Crappy Correspondence? The College of Who Cares About You?

To be fair, Adam Schiff’s campaign has sent me 137 solicitations. At least they are written with a respect for the intelligence of recipients and a hint of what’s important to we citizens, but his are the exceptions.

Attendant to this lousy Democratic Party communication is the Democrats’ absence of communication. I’m thinking about their near-silence as Republicans claim that there is a “weaponized” Justice Department, that Judge Juan Merchan is “compromised,” that there is a Biden crime family and all the Republican bogus claims of unfairness (poor little victims!) and their vaporous claims of some un-American something-or-other done to them by Democrats. I’m thinking about Trump and his fascist sycophants corrupting the truth in defense of the indefensible (phrase from Steve Schmidt). Where’s the smack down of these guys?

Where is the counter-attack stating the truth, that all of the indictments of Trump were made before Trump announced his candidacy, making Republicans’ claims about Justice Department election interference idiotic? Where the hell is the push-back?

More to the point, where is the counter-attack that challenges Americans with the reality that Republicans are lying to us, that they hate your freedom, that they think you’re stupid and that “others” are vermin poisoning our blood? Where is the expose´ showing that Republicans are cowards and hypocrites who want to be dictators over you? Where is the question, “How do you like being lied to and played for a fool?” I’ve posted such messages here, but of course I don’t have the reach of the DNC.

Why are they keeping mum as Republicans are stealing our freedom, our rights and our Democracy? Where is the outrage at the Republicans’ Big Brother Ministry of Truth** program of lies and attacks on education, safety, health and more? Pretty much all I hear from Democrats is limp-wristed, boring messages generated by atrophied communication muscles. I’m hunting for an indication that Democrats actually want to win.

Jeez, Democrats: GET A SPINE!

Because your lack of vigorous attacks and counter-attacks is allowing Republicans to poison the American people with their anti-America propaganda. If the only ones speaking are Republicans with their lies and hypocrisy, theirs are the only messages the American people will hear. People will believe them because they don’t hear an alternative.

So, I’m hunting for the communicators and the communication that will vanquish the minority thieves of our democracy, the ones who have already stolen your rights and who promise to steal more.

I’m hunting for messages that will win.

The choices are:

  1. We can be a doormat and lose everything, or
  2. We drop the namby-pamby, go at them bare knuckled and save our rights, our freedom and our country.

Pick one.

For the rest of us, it’s time to stop relying on others to do the messaging. It’s time for us to go on the attack.

Need a resource? Read Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts by Rachel BItecofer and Aaron Murphy. ***

Motivational Quote of the Week

“I don’t want anybody [dying] on me. We need every vote. I don’t care about you. I just want your vote. I don’t care.”

That outrage should motivate all Democrats, Independents and the leftover Republicans who still have courage. It’s yet another episode of Trump’s “verbal incontinence” (term: Eugene Robinson, June 10, 2024), when he blabbers and accidentally tells the truth.

Where is the fury from Democrats?

* Exception: Follow and support Ryan Bussee’s campaign to be Governor of Montana. He’s fierce and powerful, a fine model for other Democrats.

** See 1984 by George Orwell.

*** Books: See Note #5 below.

Today is a good day to be the light

  • _____________________________
  • Our governance and electoral corruption and dysfunction and our ongoing mass murders are all of a piece, all the same problem with the same solution:
  • Fire the bastards!
  • The days are dwindling for us to take action. Get up! Do something to make things better.

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4 Responses to Hunting
  1. Kirk Landers Reply

    Good points about the vacuous fund raising messages. I’ve concluded that this activity is a delegated part of every campaign–often to a hired agency that specializes in such things, or a staff specialist. Either way, they all do the same thing and I assume they do it because it works–it brings in the most money. It doesn’t waste time arguing issues or sharing position papers because, apparently, that doesn’t bring in money.

    My concern is that it’s endless and mindless. Every once in a while I get a solicitation from a group like Move On to make a contribution to support a specific ad campaign or even a specific ad placement. These are a interesting. Messages that the candidate has to meet a fund raising goal by sundown are an insult to my intelligence.

    I’m not as enthusiastic about a war of rhetoric as you are, though I do enjoy the rejoinders of the late-night tv hosts. What I’d like to see are positive messages–at the presidential and national party level, something like a positive, progressive version of the old GOP Contract with America.

    Another thought-provoking column, Jack. Thank you.

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      I understand your lack of enthusiasm for a war of rhetoric, but it’s my belief that people vote mostly with their emotion. The lack of anything emotive from Democrats is boring and uninspiring. Besides, Rs talk in bumper stickers while Ds talk in position papers that nobody reads. I think that instead of Democrats’ high mindedness they need to punch Rs in the nose with truth. For example:

      1. The Rs like to say that Ds are for tax and spend. The simple fact is that the Republicans have spent way more than Ds since Nixon. And they’ve raised taxes on working Americans while dramatically lowering taxes for the wealthy and corporations. Republicans cheat the American people.

      2. Democrats gave Americans health insurance. The Republicans have tried to take it away over 20 times. Republicans cheat the American people.

      3. Trump and his sycophants continue to whine about a “weaponized Justice Department.” Then Trump says that when he is commissar he will weaponize the Justice Department. They’re liars and frauds who cheat our Constition.

      Simple sound bites repeated many times land with We The People and can take the power from the lies of the Republicans.

      I think we need to muscle up some attack rhetoric and deploy it everywhere.

  2. Frank Levy Reply

    A Facebook meme I saw yesterday, “I wrote 1984 as a warning, not an instruction manual – George Orwell.”

    The Dems are busy telling us MAGA will destroy democracy. Far too many people don’t really believe that or don’t care. Dems – remind, over and over again what you have done for us since 2020, and more importantly what you plan to do to make our lives better during the next four years. Then insist that the media talk about that, not the nonsense that is Trump, or the polls, or the four Black’s or Latinos who say they will vote for Trump. Media disinformation is feeding their bottom line and leading America to vote for Trump or some feckless third party candidate.

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      I saw a Republican blabber on CNN this morning gleefully talking about how Trump is surging in the polls. The polls tell us that the race is tied at 45% each. Not much of a surge to be seen anywhere.

      As 70% of the electorate continues to wish for different candidates, the Rs continue to lie like a runaway fraud train.