¿Que es, Presidente Peña Nieto?

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Point #1 – It’s still true and it is as true in Mexico as it is in the United States that all politics is local and everything is political.

Point #2 – Of the Mexican people and people of Mexican ancestry it can reasonably be said that Donald Trump’s approval rating is on a par with their view of dysentery.

Point #3 – Presidente Peña Nieto serves at the pleasure of the Mexican voting public. And he’s not very popular – he has a 23% approval rating.

Question: Presidente Peña Nieto, what are you doing hanging out with Donald Trump? What’s in it for you politically to conference with someone who has spent 14 months vilifying the Mexican people?

Surely, conducting the meeting privately gives you cover to report the content and results any way you wish. You can describe the proceedings anywhere from a milquetoast, “We had a productive discussion,” to, “I pinned his xenophobic ears back, told him the people of Mexico aren’t building any border wall and to go back to the dark, slimy place he came from.” Likely, that last would play well in Mexico. Actually, it would play well in much of the United States, too.

But a joint news conference? And you let Trump take questions?

Really, Señor Presidente, why did you invite that meeting and allow that circus to ensue? What was in it for you? ¿Que es, Presidente Peña Nieto?


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