Rubber and Glue

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“We’ve seen this firsthand in the WikiLeaks documents in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors,” said Donald Trump three weeks before the 2016 election. What with Trump’s billions of dollars of debt to Russian banks, his puppy dogging to Vladimir Putin, his stiff-arming of our allies and his tax plan that will enormously enrich him and the rest of our 0.1%, it looks quite a bit like Trump is doing exactly what he accused Hillary of having done.

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Trump repeatedly accused Hillary of lying – said she was crooked – said she lies all the time. However you feel about Hillary, she’s a rank amateur liar compared to Trump. Have a look at the two compared on the Politico Truth-O-Meter published during the campaign, especially noting the counts of False and Pants-On-Fire lies.

The Washington Post has been keeping track of Trump’s lies and he averages about 5.5 lies per day. That’s over 1,800 lies so far in his prevaricating presidency.

The constant lying, the petty fights he picks, the dog whistle calls to tribalism, Trump’s ineptitude on the world stage, the reversing of Obama era policies just to spite Obama*, his cruelty toward our countrymen in Puerto Rico and the Haitians we sheltered from a devastating hurricane whom he now wants to deport back to that poorest country in the Caribbean, as well as their American citizen children, the dismantling of our State Department and the EPA, the enriching of the fabulously rich and the abandoning of our poor and middle class citizens – these and even more don’t matter to Trump’s supporters because their support isn’t analytically based. It’s based on piss-off, frustration and lost trust because the Establishment has been ignoring them for decades. There’s not much chance they’ll change their minds, regardless of additional Trumpian outrageous and unpatriotic behavior that’s sure to come.

Fifteen Republican candidates challenged Trump in the primaries and Hillary Clinton challenged him in the general election. Hillary and the fifteen talked policy, fact and logic. Trump appealed to ugly base emotion. You know what happened and now you know why it’s important that the two-thirds of us who aren’t driven by Trumpian anger need to see what’s happening.

Trump will continue to accuse those he sees as opponents of doing exactly what he himself continues to do. As he dismantles all of what we hold dear he’s playing a game of “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.” That’s quite an effective game as a playground taunt. It’s quite dangerous when it’s played by the Commander-in-chief, especially when a third of us enjoy seeing him play it.

I’d love to hear your views on this, so please post them in the Comments section below – UNLESS you want to comment about how dishonest Hillary is. She isn’t the Commander-in-Chief, nor is she the topic of this post, so deflection by the common and not very clever “Oh yeah, well you’re worse” defense is of no value here; nor should it be valued anywhere. Ah, but that’s for another post.


*Is it really a good idea to end the ban on bringing home trophy pieces of endangered animals that Americans have killed?


Ed. note: There is much in America that needs fixing and we’re on a path to continually fail to make things better. It’s my goal to make a difference – perhaps to be a catalyst for things to get better. That’s the reason for these posts. To accomplish the goal requires reaching many thousands of people and a robust dialogue.

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One Response to Rubber and Glue
  1. Paris Pepoon Reply

    I am disgusted by Trump and his cronies lying on a daily basis. Media of all kinds need to call out his lies and continue doing so with proof. We know that his followers most likely will not believe them, but we must persist.