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Transcript of a Dream Sequence of a Private Video Conference Between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu


Biden: Bibi, our countries have been rock solid allies – friends – through good times and bad since 1948. It’s not just mutually beneficial. It’s the right thing to do, right?

Bibi: That’s right, Joe, and nobody appreciates that more than I do, especially since October 7.

Biden: That’s what I want to talk about with you, my friend. Look, without pointing fingers about lack of preparedness, Israel got blindsided. We know the horrible numbers. And Israel, like every other country, has the right and the obligation to protect itself and its citizens. You had no choice but to go after the Hamas perps.

But now, 150 days later, some numbers have changed. Specifically, even though Hamas’ claims of the number of Palestinian casualties cannot be verified – and we know that they lie – there is no question that the Palestinians have suffered terribly. They no longer have a functioning hospital in Gaza and people are starving. Even as that’s terrible for Palestinians, that’s not a good look for you, Bibi.

Bibi: C’mon, Joe, You know that’s what happens when Hamas embeds itself in the civilian population. There is no way to go after the attackers and eliminate their ability to attack us again without also harming civilians.

Biden: You’re right. The question now is what’s the number of Palestinian casualties that the world finds tolerable. The voices are clear that whatever the number is, you passed it a long time ago and the world is enraged over the deaths of children. Let me say this to you another way – and you’re not going to like it.

Hamas made a horrific attack on Israel and the world has seen that its fighters are guilty of barbarous crimes against humanity. We know, because they videoed their barbarity and posted their videos online. Jews and Israel itself had the sympathy of the world. Everyone outside terrorist parts of the world completely understood and supported IDF attacks against the aggressors. The Hamas fighters were the bad guys and you were the good guys.

But now that this has gone on for so long and the Palestinian deaths continue to mount, you’ve lost the support of the world. Israel is now seen as the bad guy.

Think about that: Hamas did horrific things to your people and your country and now, due to your excessive bombardments, Hamas has the sympathy of the world and Israel doesn’t. Bibi, they played you. They set a trap and you fell right into it. You got rope-a-doped.

Bibi: Easy for you to say that from the West Wing, Joe. Try living with rockets hitting your cities every day. Try knowing that your women and girls were raped and mutilated. Try knowing your people were burned alive. Try living with your babies having been murdered for fun, for the entertainment of the terrorists.

Biden: Nobody knows all that better than you and your people, Bibi. It hurts my heart to hear those truths. There is no question about how bad that is. But, Bibi, you’ve allowed Hamas to make you a chump. You’ve been acting like you can kill an idea, but you can’t. Something has to change and I’ll tell you what that looks like.

Bibi: Oh, boy – here it comes.

Biden: Bibi, first, we can’t continue to send you bombs and other offensive war matériel. The one thing we can do is to continue to support Iron Dome so you can shoot down Hamas rockets. If you need humanitarian assistance, like medical supplies or food, just give me a shopping list. But no bombs, artillery shells or rockets.

Bibi: Well, that’s just great. How do you recommend we prevent Hamas from continuing to attack us the way they’ve promised to do, “over and over”?

Biden: I don’t know, Bibi. I wish I did. That’s something you’ll have to figure out with your intelligence and military people. But you need to get this: We won’t help you to kill innocent people.

Next, you have to be more strategic and less reactionary. In fact, you need to become a statesman instead of the leader of a goon squad, which is how it looks to the world right now. There are three things you have to do:

  1. You have to declare and implement a complete and unconditional ceasefire. Announce that in the interest of protecting innocent people who Hamas is using as human shields, you are stopping all offensive military actions. And there is no limit to how long that will remain in place. You’ll give the world a starting point for once again seeing Israel as the good guys.
  2. You will negotiate with Hamas for the return of all hostages. You will go into those negotiations with clarity about which Palestinians you have in your prisons and which among them you will be willing to release in exchange for the hostages. In short, you’ll be prepared to do business. If Hamas refuses to negotiate or refuses to negotiate in good faith, you will parade their faithlessness before the world. This will be a few more steps up the ladder from the public relations hole you’re currently in.
  3. You will stop preventing humanitarian aid from reaching Gazans. Yes, I know that Hamas will grab as much as they can for themselves. Yes, I know that you have to stop weapons and ammunition from reaching Hamas. You’ll have to be selective in what you do and how you do it. But you can’t just freeze out those millions of starving people.

Bibi: You know we’ve tried to negotiate this already and Hamas drags feet and finds idiotic reasons not to come to agreement.

Biden: Well, Bibi, that’s where I disagree. You have not unilaterally stopped your bombing or enabled aid to get to the people. So far any change in your military adventure has been dependent on getting something back.

I’m talking about just stopping your attacks. No conditions. Like I said: Be the statesman. The man of peace. Your hard-ass routine has endangered your people, killed noncombatant Palestinians and created thousands of new recruits for Hamas. You have to get past thinking and acting like a mob boss because you cannot gun down all the bad guys without unacceptable consequences. You know: collateral damage.

Bibi: I really don’t like this, Joe, and I don’t like being talked to this way.

Biden: Of course you don’t, Bibi, but here’s the thing. My unconditional support for Israel is in the process of being shot down in Congress because of all the Palestinian death and that’s undermining my chances of staying in office. Now, I know you like Trump because he talks tough and makes it look like he’s on your side, but he is the snake you know him to be. He will sell you out the moment Putin tells him to abandon you, and Putin will do that. So, here’s how this is going to work.

I have directed my people to supply no war matériel to Israel except for Iron Dome supplies. I will be announcing that tomorrow at a presser and will be looking forward to quiet European and American city downtown areas and quiet college campuses without “From the river to the sea” chants. I’ll be looking forward to a reduction in anti-Semitic actions everywhere, especially in the U.S. In short, I need the killing of Palestinians to stop for the sake of Palestinians and Israelis and for the sake of my country. I won’t let your tough guy routine drag down the United States.

Look, Bibi, we’ll present all of this in the best way possible for you to save face. But, Bibi, you need to hear this: I’d rather you lost face than for my country to lose face. We are out of the unconditional support business.

I hope you take this seriously and do so quickly. I know that this will require great courage on your part and I trust that you have what that will take.

And I hope you and I will still be friends. But this is the way it will be, regardless.

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