I Know You Know This

You can’t be pro-life if you’re for capital punishment.*

You can’t be pro-life if you want to cut food assistance for poor kids.

You can’t be pro-life if you oppose medical help for poor people.

You can’t be pro-life if you want to eliminate Social Security or Medicare and let our seniors suffer in poverty – the way they used to before those programs.

You can’t be pro-life if you’re careless about the lives of at-risk pregnant women.

You can’t be pro-life if you are against the ACA that brought healthcare to over 18 million people.

You can’t be pro-life if you oppose masks and Covid vaccinations.

You can’t be pro-life if you walk past the homeless as if they aren’t there.

You can’t be pro-life if you oppose sex education and pregnancy prevention programs.

You can’t be pro-life if you oppose the very things that are pro-life.

If your pro-life caring doesn’t include these things, the truth is that your caring for the lives of people stops at the moment of their birth. Call yourself pro-fetus, if you like.

Nobody likes abortions. They are saturated with angst, with torment and with self-doubt. Nevertheless, we have never been without abortions. Before Roe they were commonly masked from society, as wealthy women were quietly helped by their doctors and poor women got mistreated in back alley hell holes. Roe put a 50-year halt to hell hole mistreatment. Reversing Roe won’t end abortions. It will just change the venue and produce suffering and dying women.

One option for us is to put aside our duplicity. That would be refreshing.


* For every nine people who have been executed in the U.S., one person on death row has been proven innocent and released. Most of the rest were represented by inadequate legal counsel.


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