The Only Thing

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The election is not yet decided, but will be, perhaps later today. At this point there is only one thing you need to know.

Donald Trump has consistently delivered verbal superlatives to the American people. Whatever the topic, he would deliver “like you’ve never seen.” He knew more and knew better than the experts, regardless of the topic. He even managed to get two board certified doctors to extol his health as the best they had ever seen. And astonishingly, he has lied to the American people over 10 times per day, every day for over four years. All superlatives all the time.

True to form, last night Donald Trump delivered yet another superlative. He gave the most anti-American, anti-democracy speech in American history. He attacked our democratic systems, our hard working election workers and the vote itself, bedrock of our democracy. He provided no evidence whatsoever in making fantastic claims that there is massive voting fraud. And, without quite saying it, made it clear that the fraud he imagined was solely to undermine his own election chances. His was a polluted stream of lies, which, while not surprising coming from him, was shockingly damaging. It was a pitiful display of “poor me” victimhood and his sociopathic certainty that the election is only fair if he wins.

All that from the President of the United States. The most powerful man in the world. Leader of the free world. The trophy for anti-American speech can now be retired.

Picture back when you were a kid playing Monopoly. There’s often that one kid who consistently lost the game and sometimes lost his temper, too, so that when he was at last broke, he broke the game. He did a two-handed wipe out of the board, sending tokens, Monopoly money, Chance cards and the dice flying. If he lost, then everybody else had to lose, too. That was just a game, however anti-social the loser’s behavior was. But there is great peril when that kid gets his hands on power.

Now, as Trump faces the imminent likelihood of defeat, he’s given his loathsome speech, giving fuel to the engines of hate which could easily spill into violence the moment Trump loses. His talk last night gave cover to radical terrorists to rampage in our streets, believing they’re the true patriots. Verbal damage has now been done to America. Pray it doesn’t become physical harm.

Go ahead, if you have the stomach for it. Watch his infantile rage by clicking on this link. His rant begins at 38:25 of the video and ends  .  .  .  never.


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6 Responses to The Only Thing
  1. David L. Lindgren Reply

    There is “process” and there is “content”. The “what.content” happening re Trump’s claims will gradually dissolve into historical perspective. Any one attempting to have a relationship with a self-involved egotist realizes that you can’t get stuck on their “content”. There is a fluid process going on that needs to be respected. I am now convinced that this seemingly ugly time will sort itself through some uneven process. But Biden has the right approach, “let’s just be patient”. That is a message to our country right now. Curb the reacting and over-reacting. A “new day” is ahead of us. I am not idealizing it because it will be messy and stink but we just need to trust the underlying goodness that is at our disposal.

  2. Jim Altschuler Reply

    That was so right on, and Trump was so awful, that by the 3and of this blog I was almost in tears. Tears for the damage done to the world, to our nation (what’s left of it), to our economy, and to out people, (both those above ground, diseased and mourning, and those left behind above ground) who now have the Herculean task of cleaning up after the most destructive, temper-tantrum throwing 73 year old in American history. We have to re-assemble our lives, relationships, infrastructure … Hell, everything!

    And for those 69,000,000¹ who still believe in the round one who’s been living in OUR WHITE HOUSE for nearly 4 years, please, Please, help us create harmony and peace back in our land. Thank you.

  3. Anna Boehm Reply

    Jack. You are correct. This is the moment of the attempted coup. He will not concede. Everyone who wants to stop this travesty needs to come to Union Park Saturday 1 pm, in Chicago at Ashland and Lake.

  4. Anastasia Gonzalez Reply

    Sorry I do not have the stomach to watch. Using the monopoly game example is excellent. My own head could do a complete turn around at the unbelievable reaction to this temper tantrum we are witnessing. At this point if there is a GOD, Biden will take this Presidency… Trump must be gone and all traces of him along with him. Although I know in my heart it will take the next 4 years to get the taste of this President out of our system. I heard someone mention that should Trump lose he would run again in 2024? Is that even possible???

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      Yes, it’s possible for Trump to run in 2024, unless he is in prison.

      • David L. Lindgren Reply

        There is NOOO way that Trump will or could run in 2024. That is just some spinoff of our anxiety. Within the near future, the Republican party will make an effort to reorganize without Trump and they will be quite happy to so.