Which America?

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I have been accused several times of being repetitious (enjoy the irony) and it’s time to set the record straight: It’s true.

So, in the service of being of service rather than of boredom, my pledge is to henceforth refrain from simply reacting to Trump’s most recent outrage, abandon my snarky responses and focus entirely on policies and actions and their consequences. That cures one repetition. The other is incurable.

Our democracy stands in a place of clear and present danger. It is the key issue of our time. I won’t be abandoning this theme.


Regarding the state of American democracy, read:

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and “America the Trumped

Read this book

Ian Baskin, former Associate White House Counsel, now Executive Director of Protect Democracy, was on All In with Chris Hayes on May 18, 2018. Here’s what he said:

“If you want to know if American democracy is in danger, look for a couple of things:

  1. Are they trying to politicize the independent institutions like law enforcement?
  2. Are they trying to put out disinformation to confuse the public?
  3. Are they trying to eliminate checks that could hold the executive accountable?
  4. Are they trying to corrupt elections.”

“This [Trump administration undermining of the FBI] is not just a danger to the [Mueller] investigation; it is a danger to the very foundation of the republic.”

You know what to do. Hint: November 6.


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3 Responses to Which America?
  1. dominickpalella Reply

    Jack, Mr. Baskin and his board members and advisors, like other political organizations, use the word “democracy” in describing our political system. They can’t seem to recognize that it clearly functions as an autocratic republic. They are stuck in a politically indoctrinated paradigm that severely restricts their critical thinking ability. Unlike religious indoctrination, most of us can break free of it once we leave the parents that decided that we should follow their particular delusional religious beliefs.

    Politically indoctrinated delusions is another matter; we don’t go to a place once a week to receive the propaganda in a church or temple. We are taught in our schools early on to revere our government, with daily doses of political propaganda to be submissive to political leaders. We vote in elections based on the promises we hear from politicians, and then protest when they don’t follow through with their various excuses. Many are actually proud to protest, and even join groups of protestors as a badge of civic honor. When reminded that politicians have no obligation to respond to their protests, they are not deterred. They continue to march on, and wait for the next election to pick their political masters.

    There is no danger to the foundation of our autocratic republic as Mr. Baskin believes; it will continue to remain strong as long as we believe it’s a democracy. All we need to do is to keep voting for people we think will represent our “progressive” or “conservative” ideas. Choose a Democrat or Republican, or the occasional Independent if you like.

    For those who want to be obedient to politicians, keep doing what you’re doing. Vote in elections and protest as much as you like. For those who want politicians to be obedient to you, visit TrueDemocracyNow.org

  2. John Calia Reply

    I’m down with 1,2, and 3. Tell me more about number 4

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      I can’t speak for Baskin, but here’s a link to his organization’s explanation on their website:


      It appears that he is referring to Trump’s campaign claim that the election would be rigged and his subsequent claim that the mid-terms will be rigged, as well as his claim of 5 million illegals voting in the 2016 election. All of that undermines citizen confidence in our elections, alters public action and I suspect that can corrupt our elections.

      He may have been suggesting that Trump conspired with the Russians to corrupt the elections. I don’t know whether he intended that. These are just what come to mind in answer to your question