How Did We Get Here? and “The Wag”

Reading time – 3:58; Viewing time – 5:40  .  .  . How did we get to the point: – where ripping babies from their mothers’ arms is tolerated? – where we refuse those kidnapped kids soap and a toothbrush and there isn’t universal outrage? – where disrespecting our allies and cozying up to adversaries is… [read more]

Outlaw Electrons

Apologies for the disambiguation announcement yesterday that included a random “7” and no link to the day’s post. The offending electrons have been apprehended, indicted, convicted and are awaiting sentencing. They should pose no further threat to anyone. Meanwhile, you can find that post here. Good reading/watching to you. Jack PS – I know that… [read more]


Reading time 3:18; Viewing time – 4:05  .  .  . It’s been quite a month – all just this week! – as the outrageous deluge from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue goes on. It’s been this way with Trump since way before the 2015 escalator “Look at ME!” stunt, when he announced with his customary ignorant certainty… [read more]

Fake President – and Memorial Day

Reading time – 4:18; Viewing time – 6:54  .  .  . The Fake President Part He says “fake news” daily, but it isn’t about fake news, as the president and his drones would have you believe. It never was. Same for his attacks on our other institutions. They want you to believe whatever they say… [read more]

The Indispensable Nation

Reading time – 3:56  .  .  . It’s time to take a break from talk of impeachment, contempt of Congess citations, subpoenas, obstruction of justice, picking a fight with Iran and the unending daily tsunami of outrageous behavior – not because those things aren’t important, but because there are other critically important things to consider… [read more]

Pounding and Flip-Flopping

Reading time – 4:51; Viewing time – 7:30  .  .  . It’s a fundamental courtroom practice: If the facts are on your side, pound on the facts. If they aren’t on your side, pound on the law. If the law isn’t on your side, pound on the table. The House Judiciary Committee met last week… [read more]

Wag The Dog – v2.0

Reading time – 2:55; Viewing time – 4:23  .  .  . Ed note for viewers: Be sure to read the Late Addition Comment at the end of this post. It is material that is not included in the video. I’ve warned of an upcoming “Wag the Dog” move by Trump (here and here) and it… [read more]

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