Metaphor From the Desert

Viewing time – 1:03  .  .  . I forgot to make it clear at the end of this video: “I’m Jack Altschuler.” Browser not supported. Visit                   ———————————— Ed. Note: I don’t want money or your signature on a petition. I want you to spread the… [read more]

Live From The Valley

Reading time – 6:39; Viewing time – 9:12  .  .  . Washington D.C. (mostly) Election Announcement I’m not a registered Democrat, but like Bernie Sanders, I caucus with them. That’s why I’m announcing my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. I thought I’d have more time for this, at least… [read more]

Venezuela and Existential Threats

Reading time – 5:07; Viewing time – 7:30  .  .  . First, my only comment on the topic of the cherry picked, sentence fragmented Mueller report is that I want the full report – all of it including the appendices – both for the complete, un-predigested information so that I can draw my own conclusions… [read more]

In Case You Missed It

Reading time – 2:10; Viewing time – 3:33 .  .  . Ed. Note: There was apparently operator (that would be me) error for the email announcement of the Sunday post this week. That’s why you’re receiving this on Monday. I think the situation is corrected and, with luck and the absence of any more operator… [read more]

In The Center of the Bulls Eye

Reading time – 4:49; Viewing time – 6:15  .  .  . My pal Dan Wallace commented sagely about my last post, Time To Chill?, and included links to a couple of his own posts. I heartily recommend that you read them by clicking through to my post, scroll down to his comments and then link… [read more]

Time to Chill?

Reading time – 3:47; Viewing time – 5:19  .  .  . For at least three years some have been saying to ignore what he says and to focus instead on what he does.  Pay attention, they say, to policy stuff, actions that have impact, and ignore the stupid – even false – things he says…. [read more]

Apathy and the Big Picture

Ed. Note: Other than this sentence, this post does not mention or allude to Michael Cohen, Robert Mueller, Congressional hearings, Kim Jong-un, impeachment, obstruction of justice or any of the usual suspects. Today this is an official JaxPolitix safe zone. _________________________________________ Reading time – 5:03; Viewing time – 6:35  .  .  . Seeing the Big… [read more]

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