Where Political Influence Comes From – and a Destructive Snit

Reading time – 4:19; Viewing time – 6:49  .  .  . It’s going to take decades to clean up the mess that our terrible infant president is creating. Some things will take much longer and will leave permanent scars. Other Trump damage, like loss of endangered species, will be impossible to fix. We’re told that… [read more]

Here’s Why, Mr. Towns, and More

Reading time – 3:58; Viewing time – 5:19  .  .  . In the 1965 movie classic The Flight of the Phoenix (with a remake in 2004) there is a clash of personalities between the pragmatic airplane captain and a most particular aeronautical engineer. In understated frustration, the engineer at last says to the captain, “Mr…. [read more]

What’s the Proper Word For That?

Reading time – 3:02; Viewing time – 4:40  .  .  . Some folks find the sport of curling exciting to watch. On the other hand, the subtlety and beauty of the game are pretty well lost on me. That gives credence to what Sly Stone told us in his song Everyday People, declaring,   Or… [read more]

Gun Safety Regulations

Reading time – 5:21; Viewing time – 7:02  .  .  . The crazies think arming teachers is a good idea. They want shoot-outs in the hallways when a bad guy shows up. Think: Parkland, Columbine and Sandy Hook, with the halls full of kids. What could possibly go wrong? The NRA-controlled Congressional response to mass… [read more]

The Best Way Forward

Reading time – 3:59; Viewing time – 6:28  .  .  . Ronald Reagan is remembered for declaring the 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican.” He first said that during the campaign for governor of California in 1965. It was and remains a pretty good directive. The Democrats’ job now is to… [read more]


Reading time – 3:42; Viewing time – 4:39  .  .  . The second round of over-populated candidate debates will occur this week. Instead of hearing them snipe at one another, jockey for position or clutch desperately for air time, here’s what I want from the candidates. Vision is the “THAT way” clarity that guides us… [read more]

Guest Essay – The Real Reason

Reading time – 4:35  .  .  . Reader Dan Wallace has an insightful take on our American condition that is happily devoid of the hystrionics, name calling and partisan posturing of many. He offered it as a comment to my Hoping for Clarity From Sunday Times Readers post, but it was likely missed by many…. [read more]

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