What Samantha Power Taught Me

Reading time – 3:53; Viewing time – 5:47  .  .  . Act I Lights come up to reveal an office desk and computer, papers scattered randomly on the desk and odd things hung on the wall. A man is hunched over a keyboard and is frowning. He turns to the camera, as to a circle… [read more]

Worthy of You

Reading time – 1:22; Viewing time – 2:30  .  .  . When one of us is victimized, we are all victimized. Is it alright that some of us are being diminished? We better figure out really fast that everyone is somewhere on the list of those who will be diminished sooner or later unless something… [read more]

Hiding In Plain Sight

Reading time 3:02; Viewing time – 4:38  .  .  . In Ronald Radosh’s essay in the Daily Beast last August, recounting his conversation with Steve Bannon shortly after Bannon become CEO of Trump’s presidential campaign, he wrote: Then we had a long talk about his approach to politics. He never called himself a “populist” or… [read more]

What If There’s a Reason?

Reading time – 1:54; Viewing time – 3:12  .  .  . Candidate Trump carried on an unrelenting war on the “dishonest press.” He declared that they are all liars, that they can’t be trusted. Now, as president, he has made the stunning pronouncement that the press is the enemy of the American people. Note that’s… [read more]

A.G. Jeff Sessions’ First Duty: Indict Jeff Sessions

Reading time – 0:49 .  .  . NOTE: This is not snark. Read Evelyn Turner’s recounting of Alabama history with Jefferson Beauregard Sessions in a position of power, which he used to subjugate black Alabamans. Now read Coretta Scott King’s letter to Sen. Strom Thurmond, chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary in 1986,… [read more]

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