What’s Next

Reading time – 4:45; Viewing time – 6:48  .  .  . I’ve been wondering about the important actions we should expect from the 116th Congress. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the incoming chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has promised a real investigation into Russian meddling in our 2016 election. That will be in stark contrast to… [read more]

Why So Many Are Angry

Reading time – 3:59; Viewing time – 5:42  .  .  . The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was promoted as a surefire way to increase the wages of working Americans and promote the hiring of additional workers. “More than 70% of this [tax cut] will be returned to workers,” said White House spokesperson Sarah… [read more]

Disruptions, Relativism, Witches and The Constitution

Reading time – 5:10; Viewing time – 7:24  .  .  . It’s time for some brutal satire. In the early days of Saturday Night Live! Chevy Chase was doing the Weekend Update and reported a tragedy, roughly remembered as, “A Japan Airlines 747 crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 385 passengers and crew aboard. But… [read more]

Potpourri v 6.0

Reading time – 4:32; Viewing time – 6:38  .  .  . Good news! This is a safe place, because there’s no coverage of Russian conspiracy, plea deals, Trump fact checking, stupid tweets, emoluments, an unworthy AG, sucking up to Saudi Arabia and Putin, obstruction of justice, temper tantrums at the G20-Argentina, a $50 million penthouse… [read more]


Reading time – 4:41; Viewing time – 6:43  .  .  . First they were the “silent majority.” Then they were “values voters,” which seemed to imply that those who didn’t see things exactly their way had no values. Now they’re “the base” or “Evangelicals.” Regardless of the label, they were and are focused on being… [read more]

Potpourri v5.0

Reading time – 2:55; Viewing time – 3:47  .  .  . I attended a demonstration last week in Naples, FL. This was one of the over 1,000 demonstrations spread among all 50 states protesting the Matt Whitaker appointment as acting Attorney General, seen as the first concrete step to Trump neutering the Mueller investigation. We… [read more]

Break the Glass!

Reading time – 1:01  .  .  . Donald Trump just crossed a red line. President Trump has now made the first clear and substantive move to end Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and putting into his place Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. Whitaker was formerly a pundit who publicly… [read more]

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