Voluntary Subjugation

Reading time – 2:59; Viewing time – 4:16  .  .  . Whatever may be the perverted mental issues that compel him to puffery and self-service instead of service to country and which eased his way to lie over 2,000 times during his first year in office, the real issue is not Donald Trump’s dishonesty. The… [read more]

Take Heart!

Reading time – 46 seconds  .  .  . – It’s hard to be hopeful when headlines are dope-ful Of President Trump’s latest stupid. “Take heart!” I implore, even as the Chief Bore Treats our nation in ways that are putrid. – It’s more than just some who can see that he’s dumb As he leaves… [read more]

Jax Jeopardy Game, Season 1, Episode 1

Reading time – 1:33  .  .  . The category is U.S. Foreign Policy For $250, your clue: Tora Bora in 2001 “Where and when did U.S. Special Forces and CIA operatives have Osama bin Laden trapped, when President George W. Bush refused to commit the necessary forces to capture bin Laden and, thus, allowed him… [read more]

Kids and Your Lamborghini

Reading time – 1:48; Viewing time – 2:32  .  .  . It was just an accident of timing that Rabbi Tamar Manasseh spoke the day after the March For Our Lives. Just a coincidence, of course, yet poignant and significant, because not all the shootings of children happen in well-to-do, suburban schools. Tamar’s work is… [read more]

If You Ever Were a Kid

Reading time – 2:32; Viewing time – 3:51  .  .  . There is something peculiar about we human beings, in that we often don’t really “get it” unless we relate events to ourselves. For example, when we see the devastation of a hurricane in Houston, we don’t fully understand and have to see the suffering… [read more]

The Hypothetical States of America

Reading time – 1:47  .  .  . Many thanks to contributing author M.S.A. for this particularly appropriate post in anticipation of the March For Our Lives event on, Saturday, March 24. Click a pic, find a march near you, sign up and GO MARCH FOR OUR KIDS! ——————————————————————- In The Hypothetical States of America there… [read more]

Stop Watching the Sideshows

Reading time – 3:21; Viewing time – 4:23  .  .  . The discussions drone on, with the current outrage over Trump’s cowardly firing of Rex Tillerson. I say cowardly, because apparently Trump tweeted the firing to the world hours before Tillerson found out about it from a third party. In other words, once again Mr…. [read more]

Behavior Geek

Reading time – 3:19; Viewing time – 4:36  .  .  . When I see or hear behavior that stands out, one of my first responses is to wonder what’s behind that. For example, when Donald Trump demands a military parade and faintly lauds the Nazis in Charlottesville and insults Gold Star Families and imposes import… [read more]

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