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Read this (perhaps again). Then read this:

Political obfuscation (a “snow job”) is an elemental force which cannot be overcome by fact or reason. It can only be defeated when enough people rise up in indignation, refusing to be lied to again.

Are you there? Are you sick of the lies, the distortions, the refusal of our leaders to take on the real challenges of America, to solve the enormous problems that affect all of us? Are you longing for hope that someone will be a leader who doesn’t take us down yet another blind alley and march us into even more stagnation? Metaphorically speaking, are you furious that you’re still waiting for the men and the truck to show up and fix the damn potholes? Are you up to here with political stupid stuff?

If you’re not, you’re probably not paying enough attention, because you’re being played for a sucker every day.

From the New Testament:

James 2:17 – “Thus also prayer by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

Translation: Waiting and praying leads to nothing. You have to actually do something.

Has your indignation at being lied to reached the point when you’re ready to “have works” and do something? Then make your voice heard.

Go to the Common Cause website, enter your address and click GO. You’ll see who the candidates are in your state and district and whether they support reform.  If they haven’t responded to the Common Cause questionnaire, blast ’em an email or tweet – there’s a utility for that right on the website – and tell them to get going. You deserve to know where they stand, so demand it.

Then add your voice right here in the Comments section below.

And as a reward, click on the pic above to watch Samantha Bee’s brilliance.


BREAKING NEWS! (Wait a second – if it’s news, it must be breaking. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be news. It would just be old information, right?)

It was just revealed that the Orlando shooter had sex with two Latino men, one of whom revealed afterward that he is HIV-positive. Shortly after that the bad guy entered a gay bar frequented by Latinos (and himself at other times) and shot 103 people. So, maybe the massacre wasn’t inspired by ISIL. Maybe the guy was terminally angry over his own stupidity and took it out on others.

Maybe we need a gun law that prohibits gun purchases by emotionally unstable stupid people.


Ed. note: There is much in America that needs fixing and we are on a path to continually fail to make things better. It is my goal to make a difference – perhaps to be a catalyst for things to get better. That is the reason for these posts. To accomplish the goal requires reaching many thousands of people and a robust dialogue.

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2 Responses to Up To Here
  1. dominick Reply

    Jack, the Common Cause link in your blog proposes a 13-item questionnaire that shows that they continue to think we should plead with politicians to make promises. They have no idea that asking such questions promotes nothing but political rhetoric to pander to voters. While Common Cause and other political organizations have many lawyers, it amazes me that they would pose such a foolish idea, instead of asking these politicians if they would vote on an actual bill that would support their ideas. They are, after all, people who will be making laws for us to obey.

    Apparently, even bright and educated lawyers are so brainwashed that they think that political promises, policy statements and the like are meaningful, despite all the years of evidence that they mean nothing once a politician takes office. Come to your senses Common Cause and start asking about legislation a candidate has written, or would support, not what they promise, with nothing to back it up!


  2. Joni Lindgren Reply

    I’ve had it with politicians and the Supreme Court, plus state court houses who do NOTHING to help people.

    Just look at how Big Oil is transforming our landscape and health issues with their drilling and fracking. In Colorado recently, the Colorado Gas and Oil Company wanted to frack right outside the town of Longmont, Colorado. The city voted no on that. That didn’t stop Big Oil, so they sued the town of Longmont. Longmont was still fighting against the CG&OC until the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Big Oil TRUMPS people’s health! We’re not being heard, people!!!!

    Nestle is moving into a lot of states by privatizing water….California, Oregon, Washington State, Pennsylvania, Michigan and one more on the east coast. WITHOUT PERMITS, they are taking water from mountain streams and bottling it and selling it for 10x what they paid for it.

    I wrote to Nestlé’s CEO and told him that he wasn’t “entitled” to what wasn’t his legally. In his reply to me, he said that people have a right to clean water and that water was healthier than sugary drinks. I replied to that telling him that he wasn’t being truthful and that I keep a lot of ‘stuff” in my documents. I have an article where he was quoted as saying: “Access to water isn’t a human right”.

    80% of people in this country agree that something needs to be done with guns. But, because just about all our Congressmen are being paid off by the NRA, we can’t get a bill to stop vigilante terrorism! it’s unconscionable for our politicians to allow money to make their decisions while guns are killing scores of people every month. We shouldn’t have to think about going somewhere and maybe something will happen, like to theaters, restaurants, mall, universities, public schools and even on porches! What about the rights of those who don’t carry a gun? If I hear one more person say “my 2nd amendment rights”, I’ll lose it. As long as you have your 2nd amendment rights, the rest of society has NONE!

    We are in an age of recklessness…. hateful words used in everyday language, our attitude of being okay with a “me” society, the disastrous environmental policies, and corporations taking what isn’t theirs by extracting every drop of oil and water from our earth…..which is going to be our tomb!

    The time is now to get going and do something against all this recklessness and for the good of our workers, health and planet!