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I saw Jennifer Roberts, the mayor of Charlotte, NC interviewed by Brian Williams a couple of nights ago and yesterday I found her leading a press conference. She thanked the local police (who conveniently did not have body cameras turned on when they killed Keith Scott) and the state police, as well as the NC National Guard. She talked about their professionalism (avoiding acknowledging their unprofessional non-use of those pesky body cameras) and she announced that the businesses in the downtown area will indeed be open for business. She talked about the need for the curfew and how well the police had enforced it and basically did an “aren’t we wonderful!” announcement.

Not once did she express regret over the loss of life or the grief of loved ones, concern for the injured, nor any appreciation whatsoever for the reason that people are on the streets. Not one word of caring for anyone not in a position of power.

That woman is reptilian.

And she matches well the governor and members of the North Carolina state legislature who have worked so diligently to steal voting rights from the poor and  minority citizens of North Carolina, which is still, as far as I know, part of the United States of America, where voting rights are guaranteed for all citizens, except convicted felons in some states, including North Carolina.

What has happened to North Carolina?


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2 Responses to North Carolina
  1. Jim Altschuler Reply

    From other JA: I think your reference to the mayor of Charlotte as “reptilian” is an injustice to reptiles everywhere.

    And, gosh, why in the world would she express concern over Mr. Scott or condolences to his friends and family — they are, after all, part of the group that the N .C. unconscionable laws are discriminating against in a myriad of ways. Concern? Apology? C’mon, man. This is the “modern South”.

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      The differentiation I’ll make is that this is more the Republican south than the modern south. On the other hand, that may be a distinction without a difference.