The people who organized the Trump rally a couple of weeks ago are calling for another “reopen schools, support law enforcement, and Trump 2020” demonstration, this time on Saturday, October 10 from 3:00 – 5:00PM in the parking lot across from the Coronavirus sign at Shermer Road and Walters Avenue. The first one was organized by a high school junior, perhaps aided by “others.” It was physically non-violent, but was verbally abhorrent. Nevertheless, about as many people demonstrated across the street in a counter-protest. It’s critical that we stand firm again.

Some high school students from Deerfield and Northbrook are calling for a critical counter-protest to stand firm against the bullies. Here’s their call to action:

Bring your sign, your American flag and your peaceful passion and stand firm against the hate. See you there.


Ed. note: We need to spread the word so that we make a critical difference, so,

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  1. Anna B Reply

    It is really significant that high schoolers are coming together to counter-protest the Trump fascists. They got to the heart of Trump’s agenda and stood up in their face. Thanks for promoting this protest on your blog, Jack. Refuse Fascism had its rally at the same time in the Federal Plaza but thought this was important enough to send some people to unite with these youth.

  2. Jay Becker Reply

    Thanks! I shared your blog post with the student organizer who’s been in touch with Refuse Fascism. I know this encouragement will mean a lot to them!