An Apology

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I’ve been bashing Congressional Republicans for a long time because of their obvious spinelessness. They plainly see what Trump says and does, they know he’s hateful, abhorrent and likely criminal, but they say and do nothing to counter or prevent his felonious and hateful behavior, his clear lack of any concern for our national security and the welfare of us all.

What they know is that if they speak up they will be Tweeted to death by this infant tyrant. He will call them schoolyard bully names. He will lie with breathtaking creativity and make them look helplessly incompetent. And he will work to get them primaried by an opponent Trump backs.

All of which is to say that any Republican who crosses Trump is likely to lose their job.

And they knuckle under because they care more about their careers than they do about the Constitution. They’re focused on keeping their jobs instead of honoring their oath of office. Their immediate benefit is more important than doing what is right for our country. So, instead of putting starch in their spines and doing what they know to be the right thing, they take the self-serving coward’s way.

That is why I have been burning Congressional Republicans.

What I’ve failed to see for so long is the spinelessness of Congressional Democrats.

Robert Mueller put ten cases of Trump’s obstruction of justice in their lap and all they could do was to wag tongues about them. Trump’s shakedown of every visiting foreign dignitary, getting them to use Trump’s hotels, has received the same useless inattention. There’s more, of course, and we’re not just talking about emoluments or grossly undignified behavior; some of this stuff is blatantly criminal. Where is the courage of the Democrats to do more than wail, “Ain’t it just awful?”

Now, at last, there is an impeachment inquiry afoot. Not drafting articles of impeachment; just looking into things. And it took Trump’s self-incrimination to get them to do that.

So, apologies for my having failed to clearly name the cowardice of Democrats.

Meanwhile, the question I’m asking now is why Trump would volunteer the notes from his extortion phone call with the president of Ukraine. He was so willing to offer that and barely resisted releasing the whistle-blower’s complaint. Knowing  his guilt, why would he do that?

Trump isn’t known for subtle strategies, so I don’t think it’s useful to conjure elaborate plans being executed. So, try this.

He’s been daring Democrats to impeach him for months and they didn’t lift a finger to oblige him. At last, in desperation to be impeached, he has offered them an irresistible item. That is to say, he’s made them an offer they cannot refuse. Very mob boss of him. And the Dems are off and running with it. Here’s what Trump gets out of this.

First, he got $13 million in campaign contributions in the first 3 days following the announcement of the impeachment inquiry. Very lucrative for Trump. He likes that.

And he gets months of self-righteous whining that he’s a victim of the horrible, dishonest, un-American Democrats. He will spend months invoking the words of himself to rally his people around him in their shared victimhood, calling on all True Americans to join them to make America great again, not the soft, whiny land of coastal elites. And in this crusade of victimhood, Trump imagines that he will gather far more support and be re-elected. That’s what’s in it for Trump to be impeached.

Bear in mind that leaving office is not an option for Trump, because he will immediately be indicted for tax fraud, money laundering and the rest by both the federal government and several state governments. Maybe the City of New York, too. So, he’s prepared to do anything to stay in office, including wagging the dog, figuring the Senate won’t have the cojones to stop him from attacking Iran. And he’s willing to be impeached, too, once again figuring the Senate won’t convict him. That’s akin to his bragging that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters.

Let’s see if the so-far-spineless Democrats can muster the courage to impeach Trump on so many obvious and egregious counts that the vast majority of Americans are thoroughly convinced of his criminal behavior and the Senate simply can’t knuckle under to this mobster again.


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