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We all knew Hillary was right, that Donald Trump was temperamentally unfit to be President of the United States. We knew he had no clear policy positions and no moral foundation. For Trump supporters, that was the attraction, the point. It was the middle finger flicked at the establishment and it has turned out to be the angry extremist gift that keeps on giving. For the rest of America his unfitness for office has become the ongoing nightmare we feared.

When he posted his infantile tweet that his button was bigger than Kim Jong-Un’s my fear of his being in control of our thousands of nuclear warheads came into full focus. I pictured Trump in the Oval Office ordering his generals to destroy North Korea and wondered what would happen. Would they salute, say, “Yes,sir” and give the orders to annihilate? That is what they are supposed to do.

Or would the generals each in turn refuse to start World War III? Would they stand up to this petulant narcissist, telling him that they will not enable him to destroy the Earth? I imagined him firing generals one after another until at last he found one who would knuckle under to his pique; then the destruction would begin.

This is an insane and convoluted situation because of two contradicting points. In my heart of hearts I pray for military people with spine to stand up to our tantrum-prone president. The incompatible point is that civilian control of our military is a foundational principle of our country. The military isn’t supposed to refuse orders from the Commander-in-Chief. Standing up to the president in that way is not just mutiny: it’s a coup.

We’ve had plenty of exposés of the White House chaos and backstabbing and of the quiet resistance to this president, but now we have the anonymous essay in the New York Times by a high level administration person declaring in no uncertain terms that people we didn’t elect are working at odds to the president. It is effectively a coup not unlike my nightmare wonderings about military resistance to nuclear confrontation. And weirdly, bizarrely, I’m cheering for the insurgents. My cheers are driven by my fear of the harm Trump is doing to our country.

Understandably, Trump is off the rails in anger over learning that his own people are undermining him. He and his sycophants are focused on calling the author of the op-ed ugly names. What they are not doing is addressing the substance of his/her accusations. Worse, neither is there anyone in Congress lifting a finger to do anything about it. Mostly we’ve been getting reactions to the op-ed from legislators saying things like, “This is nothing new to us,” as though it’s just another day through the looking glass. “Oh, well.”

The Trump craziness and the resistance to it is exactly what is going to continue to happen if Congress refuses to act. We will simply wait around for the next outrage and next insult to our democracy and Trump’s undermining of the Constitution – then the next and the next until there’s nothing left to insult. We can wake up each day with a new version of the ongoing nightmare. Or we can act.

What will those now idle lawmakers say to their grandchildren when they ask what they did to preserve our democracy?


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2 Responses to Nightmare
  1. Paul Winsor Reply

    Scarmucci, in a recent CNN interview said, even if it all true…who cares…the results outweigh the unorthodox character of the President.

    What results are the Democrats offering that is better than the Trump results?

    As far as I can tell, none. When are the demicrats going to seem obviously better than Trump. It’s their fault this schmoozle happened in the first place.

    Believe in something, strongly, honestly and purposefully. Not just anti-Trump, believe in something greater. Tell the truth.


    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      Paul, I’ve been saying for quite a while that it is insufficient to be against Trump; candidates have to be for something – just what you’ve said.

      In this election cycle Democrat candidates seem to be shying away from anti-Trump and focusing more forcefully on kitchen table issues, like healthcare, preexisting conditions and wages. Most politically non-geeky voters aren’t motivated by saving democracy because they don’t feel the threat (see my post about this at and many actively tune out the news because it’s repetitive to the point of annoying, as well as an emotional downer.

      So, it’s all about spine. Stand up for what you believe in, candidates, and it better touch people where they live.