The American ISIS – Part One

When al Qaeda bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 they thought they were doing God’s work. When they upped their game on September 11, 2001 they thought they were doing God’s work. When ISIS beheaded American journalist Danny Pearl they thought they were doing God’s work. When ISIS murdered the staff of Charlie Hebdo they thought they were doing God’s work.

And when rioters stormed and desecrated the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 they thought they were the true patriots and that they were doing God’s work. They even paused their befouling to profanely rage out a prayer in the Senate chamber.

The New York Times has published a narrative and a 40-minute video chronicling what happened on that awful day of self-righteous rage. I urge you to read and watch, because it’s highly likely that you don’t know the extent of the carnage to people, to physical structures and to our democracy that were visited upon us that day. I promise you that you’ll be left with new questions about how this happened,

The starting point occurred long ago when it was determined that power, fame and money could be gained by lying, cheating, stealing and peddling outrageous and cruel fantasies to angry Americans. This obscene manipulation has been refined to an art form, with people so overwhelmed by false claims that no charge is too fantastic for millions to believe.

These fantasies have led to violence, like mass shootings. One led a North Carolina fool to drive to Virginia and fire his gun into what he thought was the basement of a pizza parlor. He believed the outrageous conspiracy claim that there was a child sex ring run by Hillary Clinton operating there. Luckily, the building has no basement or he likely would have killed someone.

These fantasies and lies have led to millions believing that the 2020 election was stolen by Democrats committing fraud on a national scale. Thousands felt they were more than justified in attacking government.

That’s the starting point, but there’s far more to identify, like,

– why repeated warnings of a violent confrontation coming to DC weren’t heeded by the Capitol Police, DC law enforcement and the federal government

– who gave reconnaissance tours of the Capitol Building to insurrectionists on January 5

– why it took hours for reinforcements to arrive – then hours more for additional help to show up

– who dragged feet in quelling the insurrection

– why there weren’t hundreds of tear gas canisters deployed into the crowd and fire hoses at the ready to disperse the mob

– why law enforcement was so woefully under-resourced and why they showed so much restraint in their actions as they were being beaten and maimed and the building was being desecrated

– why Republicans in Congress opposed and killed an independent commission to investigate this most reprehensible attack on our country. Who and what are they protecting from daylight?

There is conjecture that the goal of the rioters was to prevent the Electoral College votes from being counted. The insurrectionists screamed that they were taking back “their” country. They chanted their intent to hang Vice President Mike Pence and that they were coming for Nancy Pelosi and even Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (Note: Roberts doesn’t work in that building). They failed at all those goals and more, yet they proudly declared their insurrection to have been a victory. Do you suppose that means they’re done with wreaking havoc and violence on America?

There were perhaps as many as 10,000 anti-democracy, authoritarianism loving* rioters assaulting the Capitol and every one of them broke at least one law. The FBI is pursuing violators, but so far they’ve grabbed and charged only about 535 of them. The vast majority will get away with their criminality. They’ve gone home with the personal satisfaction of knowing that they have destroyed property, injured hundreds, killed 5 and temporarily disrupted the machinery of government.

From The Onion, of course – click me

Perhaps far worse, hundreds of senators and congressmen/women are still there, lying about what happened and protecting lawbreakers by obstructing the investigation of that mass criminality and even of justice itself.

The January 6 riot was a battle in a much larger war against reality, order and democracy. Even if all 10,000 are charged, convicted and imprisoned, the war will continue. As I write this, charges have been filed against Trump’s company and his CFO, Alan Weisselberg. Indictments of Trump himself are sure to follow from the State of New York, the State of Georgia and perhaps from the U.S. Justice Department. As we rediscover our long lost national accountability, how do you suppose Trump’s self-righteous, rage-filled followers, the American ISIS, will respond to that?

It is one of the great ironies of life that people who most angrily proclaim their independence are little more than tools of those who control them. – Mardy Grothe

Watch for The American ISIS – Part Two this Sunday, July 11, 2021.


* Click through to the article and see for yourself. And download the right-wing authoritarian (RWA) scale referenced in the essay. Prepare to be amazed, but not surprised.

To put the critical urgency of this phenomenon into context, read this letter, entitled with enormous reserve, a “Statement of Concern.” It’s signed by 100 scholars of democracy. What they explain is far more than a “concern.”


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