The Fine Points of Losing an Election

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Trump’s vile-sters will do all the opposition research – all of it – and they’ll have the ugly crap to sling during the general election campaign, so last night’s 2-hoiur display of said crap would come out anyway. But last night the Democratic candidates declared the crap in blaring, mouth frothing attacks. The videos of those attacks will be pasted into Republican attack ads against the eventual Democrtatic nominee as validation of the candidate’s unworthiness to be President and inferiority to Trump. Why are these Democrats doing Trump’s work for him? Why are they providing him ammunition with which to shoot them later?

And why was all the focus and energy at the debate on tearing down one another instead of attacking Trump?

The 2020 election is the Democrats’ to win or lose, because a minimum of 59% of Americans loathe Trump.  All the Democrats have to do is to hammer him with the truth of his wrongdoing, his back stabbing of working Americans and the poor, his attacks on justice and all the rest. Instead, these candidates are using all their energy to smear one another. This is classic Democrat “Let’s find a way to lose the election” stuff.

I had hopes for Bloomberg, but he came across as an unprepared stiff who will inspire nobody. Warren did her best to imitate a rabid rottweiler. Biden is a doddering old man. Sanders is Angry, Grumpy Grampy who is the roaringly enthusiastic candidate who will get 22% of the vote. Too bad Trump will get 49%. Buttigieg is frighteningly smart and much too rehearsed, as well as awkward as an attack animal, setting himself up for a pie in the face. Besides, America isn’t ready for a gay man to live in the White House. Yes, that’s astonishingly unfair. And it’s a truth that is a general election loser. Klobuchar seems to have some cred, but she’s a robot with talking points she repeats over and over. Let’s see, how many bills has she passed? Oh, right – it’s over 100 and she has the receipts and she’s been in the arena and she’s never lost an election, even back to 4th grade.

And these are the people vying to go head-to-head with Trump.

Of course, there’s also Tulsi Gabbard. Someone please explain why she’s still in the race.

And there’s Tom Steyer. No clue how he might have done on that stage, but Bernie would have told him he couldn’t have so much money.

This is not Politicsland at Disney World. This is the real deal and everything we hold dear – and yes, I mean everything – is at risk of disappearing permanently. We have to get this right or all will be wrong. This is no time for the stupid stuff we saw last night.

So, one more time: To win this election it must be entirely a referendum on Donald Trump and his awfulness. The only thing that will defeat him is to attack him over and over. So, Democrats, focus on that or go home.


    • Sean Illing, Vox: “You could watch this entire debate and have no idea a lawless illiberal autocrat is currently in the White House. That can’t be great for the Democratic Party.”


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3 Responses to The Fine Points of Losing an Election
  1. Allan Shuman Reply

    After reading Sheila Markin’s piece yesterday, I was ready to support Bloomberg. After seeing him on the debate stage, I said “Never mind.” Some things can be explained…others just increase the burden to overcome… and the bough breaks. He’s clearly ill-prepared to duke it out with Trump.

    I get it. Bloomberg needed to be exposed. But what’s with the circular firing squad?

    Some Dems need to take one for the team. IMJ, Warren emerged the least damaged, the most prepared to skewer Trump. And I make Cory Booker to be her running mate.

    Of course, should she win, we’ll need another Democratic senator in Massachusetts. What’s that I hear? There’s a young red-headed guy named Kennedy who looks strikingly like his grandfather, and is running for Congress? Might he be available for an upgrade should a vacancy occur?

  2. Jim Altschuler Reply

    I put in my Pollyanna brain last weekend and went into last night’s “debate” with the hope that at least 1 of the so-called Democrat candidates would step in & say something like, “We’re all on the same side, though we approach it different ways, and we’re all against Trump. So let’s stop bashing each other and discuss like civilized people how we can destroy & defeat DJT.” So much for Pollyanna wishfulness.

    To begin with that was not a debate by any definition I know of. You can call it a debate but that doesn’t make it one. That was an old fashioned (please excuse the expression) bitch-slapping session. Klobuchar was at best ineffectual. Buttigieg was a very bright but un-electable “Peck’s bad boy”. Biden is still running on Mr. Obama’s coarttails & doing a bad job of it; Joe was right 4 years ago when he decided not to run for president. Mad Uncle Bernie tried to tone down his appearance by combing his hair but he needed to tone down his vehemence & vitriolic tongue, too. Rottweiler is the right depiction for Ms. Warren. Stoneface Bloomberg managed to alienate everyone including me.

    I don’t know who I’m going to vote for; perhaps I once again will be voting against someone (Trump) rather than for someone (surviving Democrat no matter what).

  3. David L. Lindgren Reply

    Totally disagree re Bloomberg. It is what he didn’t do that I admire. He was the only one who did not go off the deep end and easily get into a shit-storm with the bitch Warren and idiot Sanders. He conducted himself as well as anyone could do given likely the most devastating personal attacks anyone could endure. He is a steady presence, not stiff. Take a moment to be empathic.

    What if everyone’s personal accusation that had already been hurled at you and some of it inaccurate, how would you respond? The game night was set up to destroy him. Did you want him to act like these other idiots who think by beating someone else up, then we will follow them? No, Bloomberg has dignity. The indication of the debate tells me that we are living in a warped world.

    If you and others really studied Bloomberg’s background and how he has shared kindness and support all over the world, you appreciate him more. Did you know that he wrote out a check to the Paris Climate Accord for $4 Million to cover what was left of our commitment when Trump pulled out? He stated from the beginning that he would financially support the Democratic candidate for President. After last night, I think that every one of his opponents are nut-cases.

    No, Bloomberg has warrior/king leadership ability. Watch an Oxford interview he did in 2017. Brilliant understanding of the dynamics of the world scene. He is the real deal. He is not “buying” the Presidency. He is donating himself for it. Unlike the other candidates, he is much further beyond his ego. Yes, he has one but he can also get out of his own way. He could be a great leader for our country during a very difficult period. Warren and Sanders, in particular, are disasters.

    Yes, I am pissed that so many people don’t understand about human dignity. It’s how many points you build up. The debate is a shameless exposure of what is wrong with America