The Iran Deal

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We endured the knee-jerks, with their instantaneous, hyperbolic, fact-devoid rejections of the Iran nuclear deal before they had so much as laid their eyes on it and the brainless criticisms have continued unabated. Indeed, for many in DC, self-serving politics designed only to destroy is the norm.

Here’s the real deal about the deal: It’s all we have and all we’re going to get. Pressing for a perfect deal is moronically ignorant. All the attacks on President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and on our supposedly inept negotiating team and the goose-stepping insistence upon getting a better deal from the Iranians is at best a fantasy about a deal that can never happen. None of the lip flappers has offered any alternative to this deal, leaving the implication of war with Iran as the default action.

War? Really? Our only international tool is killing huge numbers of people in never ending war and spending ourselves into bankruptcy like the Soviet Union did? Perhaps there are some people with clearer thinking about this.

Read Steve Sheffey’s article in The Hill, Opposing Iran Deal Endangers US and Israeli Security and think for yourself about this deal. Read Nicholas Kristof’s piece in The New York Times, Why The Naysayers Are Wrong About The Iran Deal. Then write or call your senators and representative and tell them to give the deal their yea vote when it comes up in Congress, because opposing it will likely lead to a nuclear Iran within one year. And that would be a bad deal.

The deal being considered right now is in America’s best national security interests. Let’s not blow this chance for a negotiated peace with yet more cowboy swagger, because we tried that in Iraq and it hasn’t work out too well.


Ed. note: There is much in America that needs fixing and we are on a path to continually fail to make things better. It is my goal to make a difference – perhaps to be a catalyst for things to get better. That is the reason for these posts. To accomplish the goal requires reaching many thousands of people and a robust dialogue.

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2 Responses to The Iran Deal
  1. Jim Altschuler Reply

    Any candidate that jumped on the “damning dialogue bandwagon” without reading the deal before opening his mouth has, in my opinion, removed himself from contention as a candidate.

    I have listened carefully to the entire 55 minute discussion by the variety of experts present for it. It makes me concur with Jack that this deal is almost certainly the best deal possible, not just for the U. S. and Israel (who doesn’t think it is), but for the world. We CAN NOT have unchecked nuclear proliferation no matter whose hands it is in — friend or foe or anything in between. Nuclear power can be very helpful and wonderful stuff if used prudently, cautiously, and in a limited manner (e.g., medical uses).

    BUT enhancing any nuclear fissionable element into a weapons grade material cannot be allowed to continue anywhere. What the governments and peoples of the world choose to do after I’m gone, and after my children, grandchildren and great-grandchild are gone, is not my concern. Until that time the insanity has to stop! For all of our families in every country.

    If the Rs can’t see that, then I suggest that none of them should be elected or appointed to any post in the government. The survival of the world is too important.

  2. dominick Reply

    Watching some of the political tabloid news programs this morning, on 2, 5, 7, and 32, actually turned my stomach before making breakfast. The distortion of information and outright lying by republican candidates, and their invited business investors on these programs to bolster their propaganda, may only be eclipsed by the upcoming debates. One must wonder if the people on these programs can’t comprehend the English language above the 8th grade level in order to interpret factual information, or are just sociopathic liars.

    At least Bernie was allowed to speak on one of them about his unprecedented national meeting last Wednesday. Unfortunately, I doubt if more than a few people watching understood that any of the ideas promoted by Bernie require a cooperative Congress to present him with unadulterated legislation to realize them. Presidential authority is very limited by our structure of government. To pass honest laws would require an effort greater than any other President in history has made to educate the American people in how our government functions in reality, riddled with corporate financial corruption.

    It would require Bernie to present weekly town hall meetings, and to call out the obstructionists in Congress by name to explain why they regularly fail to represent their constituents. For example, why they continue to ignore public polling with 90% favoring gun reform legislation. I can’t predict what Bernie may do. However, if I had the media exposure of a President, most politicians in the country, and their corporate backers, would be sweating as if they were doing an aerobic workout in a sauna every time they would hear me speak.

    BTW, I just discovered a late 80’s documentary about Trump this week on, which shows how clever and devious this guy is – in other words, a perfect candidate for the republican party!