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The Season of Giving

The jury’s unanimous verdict against Rudy Giuliani and in support of Georgia election workers Shaye Moss and her mom, Ruby Freeman, was unmistakably clear. In this season of giving, the jury gave Rudy Giuliani the most appropriate gift of all.

Giuliani, the strutting, racist, hair color drizzling lieutenant to the Don of the Trump Organized Crime Family, was given over 148 million personal messages that he’s been a very bad boy. He will appeal and scoff and dance and puff up and lie all the way to his very bad ending, when nobody will ever again care about a thing he says. He is getting the punishment that both supports moral rectitude and is so very soul satisfying to all the rest of us. Shed no tears for his upcoming poverty.

Season of Real Deal Originalism

It’s the season, too, for the well-earned loss given to the Orange Tyrant, as the State of Colorado told him as plainly as Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is written that he cannot be elected from that state because of that little insurrection episode he orchestrated. Funny thing about the 14th Amendment and prohibiting traitors from holding public office. It just works that way, as both the Founders and leaders four score and 9 years later intended. Makes me wonder what can be done to Trump’s functionaries and the 170 in Congress who tried to stop the Electoral College count on January 6.

I just love seeing a bully get punched in the nose, don’t you? Stay tuned through next year, because you are going to see many more bullies get what’s coming to them. It’s originalism at work, regardless of who doesn’t like it now.

May your days be merry and bright.

The Season of Fools

Here’s a headline from the current Foreign Affairs Today online:

What Mr. Elgindy clearly fails to understand is that Israel’s assault, while playing out in Gaza, is not against Gaza or Gazans. It is against Hamas, which is in Gaza.

The differentiation is important and is much like what happened in the allied bombing of the weapons manufacturing facilities in Peenemünde, Germany, during WW II. The assaults were against the plants that supplied the Nazi war machine, including the V-2 rockets that terrorized London. They were not against the residents of Peenemünde. Nevertheless, many citizens of that city died in the bombardments designed to hobble Germany’s ability to make war.

Elgindy’s error is like that of so many others, many of which incite the passions of the  fools, the useful idiots protesting in city streets and on college campuses for Palestinians and against Israel and against Jews. Whether his propaganda is intentional or lazy and accidental, it is inexcusable. He’s fueling hatred, when all he had to do to avoid that was to change “on Gaza” to “in Gaza.” Plus, it would have helped his accuracy if he had mentioned that Hamas is Israel’s true target and that it ought to be the target of Palestinians, too.

Since we’re talking about that neck of the woods, there’s,

The Never Ending Season

There have been refugees from just about every war. Some WW II refugees stayed refugees for 6 years. Some refugees from the war in Afghanistan have been refugees for 20 years. The Vietnam war created millions of refugees and some remained that way for 25 years. But the winner and continuing champions are the Palestinians. They’ve been refugees – indeed, they’ve insisted on keeping Gaza a refugee camp – for 75 years. Bill Maher had an insightful commentary about this and I urge you to watch it

Over the past 75 years Palestinians could have created a beautiful and successful eastern Mediterranean garden or a thriving tech industry. They could have done anything Israel has done, but instead they have made themselves hapless victims without hope. They are the world’s unceasing refugees. There are generations of them.

Other refugees have made the best of their circumstances, creating renewed lives for themselves and their children. In short, things changed, so they changed to make things better for themselves. But not the Palestinians.

None of their Arab neighbors and none of their Muslim brothers want anything to do with them. No Arab nation has or will ever take them in or support them unless temporarily coerced to do so. So, they wallow in their victimhood, hating Israelis and demanding what they cannot ever get. Periodically they’re devastated by wars that are of their own making. It is a perpetual refugee season that doesn’t have to be that way – unless, of course, what they want is to use their victimhood to garner world sympathy. But that doesn’t make their lives better.

Crazy Uncle Bob and The Season of Gratitude

Uncle Bob, I remember so well your mom, Grandma Gertie (bless her heart!). She was so nice and always a guiding light. If she were alive today, I’m certain that she’d say to you,

“Bobby, you’ve had that great new job for a year and a half and you’re making so much more money now. It’s been such a blessing for you and Betty and the kids.

“Well, Bobby, it’s time to recognize that your great new job didn’t just fall out of the sky. It was there for you because of what that nice Mr. Biden did for our country.

“You know that I’ve always told you that when someone does something nice for you, you have to say “Thank you.” Well, Bobby, you need to write a “Thank you” note to Mr. Biden. And you could write one to Ms. Harris, because she’s gone to bat for you, too. I’ve always told you, Bobby, that you really have to focus on gratitude. You remember that, right?

“And something else, Bobby. Things have become so much better, not just for you, but for so many of us, so quit your noisy complaining. It’s crazy making.

“Now, you run along and do the right thing, Bobby. I’ll be watching.”

A Republican Christmas Season

‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the House

Not a congressman showed up, not even to grouse.

The Speaker ensured nothing useful got done,

“‘Cus crashing our nation will be so much fun.”

They’ve all gone away, leaving critical stuff

Piled high in the corners, so progress is tough.

It’s plain they don’t care ’bout the people they’ve screwed,

Or the allies abandoned and left without food.

The budget? “Who cares!” said they with a smirk.

“We want to make sure that our gov’ment can’t work.”

Their stockings are full of their donors’ big cash,

Which makes legislation for them fun to pass.

To be on their payroll makes winning elections

As easy as rigging their states’ voting sections.

And makes sure that nothing will ever go sour

in scheming and grubbing for ever-more power.

So, thrill to the sound of the reindeer and sleigh,

And ignore the huge price that we’ll all have to pay.

On Dancer and Prancer and Comet and Vixen,

Minority Rule is the way to do fixin’

To undermine all that the Founders created.

They’ve all run off heedless of how we’re now fated.

They should be at work doing jobs they’re assigned.

Instead off they’ve flown, showing just their behinds.

Republican butts leaving Congress a mess

Is all that we get from their final address.

Republican flick-off of citizens, all

Comes plainly from them with their very last call:

“From the well of the House to the top of the dome,

“Merry Christmas,” they sneer, “but we’re staying home.”

Today is a good day to be the light


  • Our governance and electoral corruption and dysfunction and our ongoing mass murders are all of a piece, all the same problem with the same solution:
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  1. Frank Levy Reply

    Bravo. Well done my friend. I particularly applaud your thoughts on the Palestinians’ culture of victimhood. As some great Israeli thinker said, “The Arabs have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.