Where Are the Voices?

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John Kerry ran for president in 2004. During the campaign a group of men challenged Kerry’s narrative of his Swift boat actions on the Mekong River, even though not one of them was in a position to assess what happened. They lied about him viciously and very publicly. They claimed he was unpatriotic and had been a coward and didn’t deserve the medals he had been awarded. Their claims were false and inflammatory and Kerry decided not to dignify them with a response. The result of his silence was catastrophic for his campaign. The lesson learned far too late is:

Attack the attackers.

Never let the bully’s lies or misdeeds go unchallenged because otherwise people will start to believe the lies and the misdeeds will proliferate.

Now we’re living in the continuous fraud that is Trump. I don’t mean his constant lies, although our “values voters” should have abandoned him at least 2 years ago just for his obvious and fundamental dishonesty. Rather, this is about those who allow the enormous damage Trump is inflicting on the very things that make this the America we believe in.

Four easy examples:

There isn’t a shred of doubt anywhere that Russia hacked into and affected our election in 2016, but Trump has barely lifted a finger to deal with the assault on our election. Neither has he taken a single step to prevent Russia from tampering with our 2018 election. Instead of aggressively pursuing both the Russian hacking and Trump’s dereliction of duty, the House Intelligence Committee has aided and abetted a coverup of the facts. Worse, members of Congress are actively working to impede the FBI investigation into the issue.

We built and have prospered under the umbrella of the partnerships made with our allies around the world. Trump is now systematically attacking those countries, their leaders and our alliances. There has been barely a peep of objection from Congressional Republicans – and they’re in charge and can do something about it.

Trump has gutted every department of the Executive Branch, undermining our ability to deal with our challenges. He’s allowed wanton violations of ethics and misuse of public funds. Devastatingly, he has stripped our State Department of the professionals we need in this very dangerous world. Have you heard any objections from Congress?

With the Nuclear Summit concluded we have unilaterally given Kim Jong-un international legitimacy and agreed to terminate “war games,” this in a complete blindside to South Korea and our own military. In return, The Great Deal Maker got us a vague statement of de-nuclearization – some day, maybe – and no verification was even proposed. Can you imagine the howls of protest and charges of treason from Republicans had Obama done that? Instead, crickets.

All of this is making both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping very happy. There is far more, of course, but the question for this post is simple:

Where are the voices of opposition?

There are a few voices of outrage from traditional conservatives, like Hugh Hewitt, Steve Schmidt, George Will and Michael Steele. Bob Corker has spoken passionately in opposition. There are quiet objections from a few other Republicans, most of whom are leaving government. There are a couple of strong Democrats speaking out and a few others offer milquetoast complaints. All the rest of our elected officials are AWOL, this at a time that requires that they answer the call to stop those who would tear down our country.

Most of our elected officials have taken care of themselves first, checking the political winds before uttering a word of protest or taking any action, allowing the assaults on our institutions to continue. We are being made weaker and more vulnerable every day.

We need the Republicans in Congress to find a spine and stand up to this destroyer of our nation. We need the Democrats to stop coming to a gun fight with a squirt gun.

We need all of these elected officials and pundits alike to realize the truth of what Coach Herb Brooks told our hockey players before the 1980 Olympic Games began:

”When you pull on that jersey, the name on the front (USA) is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back.”

The name on the front – USA – is being assaulted, so it’s time to recall the lesson learned when the Swift Boaters brayed their lies to derail John Kerry’s candidacy:

Attack the attackers.


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2 Responses to Where Are the Voices?
  1. dominickpalella Reply

    “We need the Republicans in Congress to find a spine and stand up to this destroyer of our nation. We need the Democrats to stop coming to a gun fight with a squirt gun.”

    Jack, what do you mean by “we need”? How exactly can we have our needs met, when we vote for people that make promises we like to hear, but have no obligation, and obviously no intention to represent us?

    Maybe it’s time to start vetting who we vote for, and identify those who have an interest in representing their communities, instead of their wealthiest donors. TrueDemocracyNow.org

  2. Jay Becker Reply

    Thanks for the reference to Kerry’s miserable response to the Swift boat attackers in 2004, very pertinent. The Democratic Party leadership has paved the way for the Trump/Pence nightmare with that kind of capitulation + collaboration (eg Clinton’s triangulation that adopted much of the right-wing Republican agenda in a slightly different guise to their selling out of the Dreamers, to cite just one example today).

    And they are still refusing to speak out even while we are being urged 24/7 to rely on a “blue wave” to stop this fascist regime?! Shame on us if we don’t read the writing on the wall, get out of our comfort zone and get into the streets. I invite you to read, sign and spread the Call to Action at RefuseFascism.org