Potpourri v3.0

Reading time – 3:51; Viewing time – 5:59  .  .  . ♠ Investigations The past week was busy: – Paul Manafort was convicted on 8 criminal charges. – Michael Cohen plead guilty to multiple felony charges. – Michael Cohen also accused the President of directing him to commit felonies. – Allen Weisselberg, the longtime CFO… [read more]

Crickets – Still

Reading time – 2:28; Viewing time – 3:35  .  .  . Arthur Jones received over 20,000 votes and won his primary bid to be the Republican candidate for the Illinois 3rd Congressional District. Arthur Jones is a long time, self-avowed and proud Nazi. No Republican  stepped up to challenge Jones in this suburban Chicago district…. [read more]

Gastrointestinal Upset

Reading time – 1:39; Viewing time – 2:18  .  .  .   Two weeks ago members of the far right, so-called Freedom Caucus filed articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. You need to see this for exactly what it is. Writes the editorial board of the New York Times, For Freedom Caucus… [read more]

Distractions In Action

Reading time – 4:02 .  .  . Last week the Distractor-in-Chief issued an official Presidential policy statement. Of course, it came via tweet, wherein he boldly declared in all capital letters, The Iranian leader was so thoroughly cowed by the President’s capital letter tweet that he replied that all Iranians are “unimpressed.” And so go… [read more]

Breaking Point, or

How Trump Successfully Diverted Attention From His Kidnapping of 3,000 Children Reading time – 4:49;  Viewing time – 7:35  .  .  . I’ve been pretty hard on Congressional Republicans in my recent posts, but I’m questioning if that’s still justified. Perhaps things are beginning to change, although Thomas Friedman doesn’t think so, nor does James… [read more]

Pretending Not To Know

Reading time – 1:31; Viewing time – 2:19  .  .  . Do you remember when Republicans held themselves out as the solid bulwark against the Russians? When Republicans represented that they were the true defenders and stiff backbone of our country? When Republicans made it clear that anything remotely less than hostile to the Russians… [read more]

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