There are people who run into burning buildings to save the rest of us. There are people who go to dangerous places in order to protect us and they carry our wounded to safety. 366 of these people died trying to save others on September 11, 2001. Hundreds more first responders survived and they continue… [read more]

Funding the Wall

Reading time – 3:15; Viewing time – 5:04  .  .  . In reviewing my posts of the past couple of years I find that there’s a lot of “This ain’t right” stuff and a much smaller offering of “Hey, this is cool!” or “Aren’t we humans oddly interesting?” Sadly, the reason is obvious: the dangerous… [read more]

The MAGA Bible

Reading time – 47 seconds  .  .  . Whether you are a bible-thumper or a critic of bible-thumpers; whether you think of yourself as a Christian in good standing, an occasional Christian or a non-Christian; whether you’ve wondered how evangelical Christians could consistently support a president and legislators who routinely espouse and do anti-Christian things;… [read more]

Where Political Influence Comes From – and a Destructive Snit

Reading time – 4:19; Viewing time – 6:49  .  .  . It’s going to take decades to clean up the mess that our terrible infant president is creating. Some things will take much longer and will leave permanent scars. Other Trump damage, like loss of endangered species, will be impossible to fix. We’re told that… [read more]

Here’s Why, Mr. Towns, and More

Reading time – 3:58; Viewing time – 5:19  .  .  . In the 1965 movie classic The Flight of the Phoenix (with a remake in 2004) there is a clash of personalities between the pragmatic airplane captain and a most particular aeronautical engineer. In understated frustration, the engineer at last says to the captain, “Mr…. [read more]

What’s the Proper Word For That?

Reading time – 3:02; Viewing time – 4:40  .  .  . Some folks find the sport of curling exciting to watch. On the other hand, the subtlety and beauty of the game are pretty well lost on me. That gives credence to what Sly Stone told us in his song Everyday People, declaring,   Or… [read more]

Gun Safety Regulations

Reading time – 5:21; Viewing time – 7:02  .  .  . The crazies think arming teachers is a good idea. They want shoot-outs in the hallways when a bad guy shows up. Think: Parkland, Columbine and Sandy Hook, with the halls full of kids. What could possibly go wrong? The NRA-controlled Congressional response to mass… [read more]

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