A Year-End Message About Making Things Better

Reading time – 2:21; Viewing time – 3:49  .  .  . The latest Star Wars film is in theaters now and it’s terrific. Like all the films in the series, it deals with some universal issues, like good versus evil, acceptance of uncomfortable truths, the shattering of illusion and the complexity of human beings. Nearly… [read more]

A Conservative Commentary in Two Connecting Pieces

Reading time – 3:09; Viewing time – 4:18  .  .  . Donald Trump and his Congressional Republicans, as well as every blatherer on Fox News, are all over Robert Mueller and his team, as well as the FBI and the Justice Department. They have impugned Mueller’s integrity. attacked the FBI saying it’s in tatters (somebody… [read more]

A Special Message to Congress on Your Win

Reading time – 2:05; Viewing time – 2:54  .  .  . Dear Congress: Well, really not all that dear. This week we had a train wreck in Washington, as an Amtrak train flew off the tracks near Tacoma. People have been injured and some have died; perhaps yet more will die. We’ve had another train… [read more]

For Alabama Voters – And The Rest of Us

Reading time – 2:29; Viewing time – 4:31  .  .  . John Pavlovitz is a blogging minister, a posting pastor, who regularly comments on what’s going on. He recently published an open letter “To The 100 Million Americans Who Didn’t Vote;” I highly recommend it to you because he’s nailed a central point of what… [read more]

Rubber and Glue

Reading time – 2:16  .  .  . “We’ve seen this firsthand in the WikiLeaks documents in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors,” said Donald Trump three weeks before the 2016… [read more]

What Will It Take To Fix Our Dumb?

Reading time – 2:53; Viewing time – 4:14  .  .  . It’s time for a break from today’s Strange Hysteria Involving Trump (you work on the acronym). Let’s focus on something important we can improve together. The New York Times recently posted an editorial entitled “President Trump, Please Read The Constitution,” with the first 14… [read more]

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin

Reading time – 3:16; Viewing time – 4:51  .  .  . Maureen Dowd gave her Sunday column to her conservative brother Kevin on November 26 and we learned that he isn’t tired of winning. I’m sure that’s true, as Trump hasn’t won anything, but Kevin Dowd’s remarks deserve comment, so this is a letter to… [read more]

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