The Bullet-Head Zone

Reading time – 1:52; Viewing time – 3:03  .  .  . In the wake of the slaughter of 17 students and teachers and the wounding of 14 others in Parkland, FL, Wayne LaPierre, the executive director of the NRA, gave a speech to the attendees of the CPAC conference. This is the association that used… [read more]

An Astonishing Ability To Do The Wrong Thing

Reading time – 75 seconds  .  .  . Russia invaded Ukraine so Obama put sanctions on them. Trump removed them. 17 people were murdered in Florida. Trump said congratulations to the first responders and told Jeff Sessions to look into prosecuting Hillary. Kim Jong-Un launched a ballistic missile. Trump insulted him and indirectly dared him… [read more]

Make This Go Viral

Reading time – 1:58; Viewing time – 3:06  .  .  . There are few things that cause a more visceral and instantaneous reaction to protect than something that threatens our children. There are existential forces at work and you don’t need anyone to explain it to you. Somehow, though, there are some Americans who just… [read more]

The “T” Word

Reading time – 3:13; Viewing time – 4:18  .  .  . In Brené Brown’s new book, Braving the Wilderness, she quotes Harry G. Frankfurt in differentiating between liars and bullshitters. The liar rejects the authority of the truth; the bullshitter pays no attention to the truth at all. She also quotes Brandolini’s Law: “The amount… [read more]

Comrade Nunes

On February 2, 2018 Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) released the memo written by his staff at his direction. He claimed and continues to claim that it exposes wrongdoing by the FBI, as well as offering evidence of exoneration of the President of all crimes. You’ve likely heard more than you can stand about the memo,… [read more]


Not so long ago the Republican Party proudly boasted of being the party that stood for law and order. They let us know in no uncertain terms that they were the guys who would defend against international threats. They were the tough guys who were best suited to ensure our national security. Now, though, they… [read more]

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