Reading time – 1:24  .  . . The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein I don’t know if Einstein actually said that, but I’m confident he believed it. In any scientific experiment, consistently providing the same string of inputs generates a consistently… [read more]

You’re Occupado This Saturday

Reading time – 4:04; Viewing time – 5:41  .  .  . Get a head start on the weekend: This is Sunday’s Disambiguation on Thursday so you’ll be ready for Saturday. ———————————————————– Earlier this year the Muslim Student Alliance of Niles West High School in Skokie, IL presented Truths to Combat Hate: Islamophobia Edition. The presentation… [read more]

General Kelly Won’t Save Us

Be sure to read this to the end, lest the bright, shiny objects distract your view. Reading time – 2:47; Viewing time – 4:25  .  .  . General Kelly gave a heartfelt and impassioned presentation this week, invoking the death of his son in the line of duty. And he talked about what happens to… [read more]

Sometimes The Truth Hurts

Reading time – 2:13; Viewing time – 3:04  .  .  . A friend offered a link to a New York Times article entitled “Democrats Are Playing Checkers While Trump Is Playing Chess.” He wrote, “The president’s manipulation of racial, cultural and economic anxiety will continue to serve him well politically. Until it doesn’t.” So I… [read more]

Our Turn

Reading time – 2:18; Viewing time – 3:02  .  .  . I observed an incremental shift toward authoritarianism during the Bush years. The John’s – Bolton and Ashcroft – scared me as much as Cheney did. I didn’t see that kind of power shift during the Obama years, although I could have been misled by… [read more]

What’s the Number?

Reading time – 1:52  .  .  . That’s right – we kill ourselves with shocking regularity, but that really isn’t the most salient point. Rather, it’s that all but the last two were done by red-blooded Americans who were not Islamist extremists. They were Americans who were either mentally impaired or seeking revenge. So much… [read more]

The NFL Player Protests

Reading time – 3:12; Viewing time – 4:54  .  .  . Most people feel their safety threatened when their treasured beliefs are challenged or even just questioned. And when our tectonic plates rumble beneath our feet, we get scared, then angry, then aggressive, wanting to drive away the threat. Think back to the violent reactions… [read more]

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