A Bubble Waiting to be Popped

Rudy Giuliani

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Rudy got it right: President Obama wasn’t raised like he was and he probably doesn’t love America like Rudy loves America and maybe, as Rudy said, he doesn’t love Rudy, either. For example:

Rudy’s dad – Harold Giuliani – was a convicted felon (robbery) and spent a year and a half in Sing Sing prison. His felony record got him out of serving in WW II. President Obama’s father figure was his maternal grandfather, who served in Patton’s army in World War II, the one Harold Giuliani missed.

Rudy married his second cousin, then later divorced her on the grounds that she was his second cousin. Yes, he really did that. He let his second wife know that he wanted a divorce by announcing it at a press conference. He was already dating his third wife-to-be at the time. In contrast, President Obama is married to his first and only wife. That’s different love for sure.

Rudy’s are just more of the extremist bubbles that need to be popped repeatedly, because people like Rudy Giuliani, Ted Cruz (R-TX), Donald Trump and others keep re-inflating them, like:

Bryan Fischer, former Director of Issue Analysis for the American Family Association made a career of bubble creation, telling us, “Counterfeit religions – alternative religions to Christianity – have no First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion.” He specifically said that Jews have no right to practice their religion in America and must convert to Christianity if they immigrate. He also said that mosques should not be built in America.

Not to be outdone, David Lane, also of the American Family Association said, “America was founded by Christians for the glory of God and the Christian faith.”

Wayne LaPierre of the American Rifle Association continues the drumbeat that President Obama is coming to take away your guns.

There is absolutely no reality-based data to support any of those claims.

Pages could be filled with false, dishonest, flagrantly incorrect, self-serving echo chamber bubbles like these and they won’t be going away any time soon, because the bubble makers know that constant repetition, even of the loony stuff, will persuade some to their side. It’s the Big Lie method of manipulation.

So, this is a bit like Whack-A-Mole, in that we can pop Rudy’s latest bubbles, but they will be floated again and again. Your job is to keep your pin sharp and pop them whenever you hear them.


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2 Responses to A Bubble Waiting to be Popped
  1. Todd R. VonOhlen Reply

    Giuliani is right, the President did not grow up the same way as Giuliani did. The President grew up black in America. Unfortunately, that continues to be an experience where one encounters deeply held prejudice, a prejudice that the mayor himself shows so plainly in his remarks.

  2. Jim Altschuler Reply

    The levels of stupidity, ignorance, pettiness, and blind faith in the absurd that are evident in human beings are frighteningly high (like Rudy and Bryan and David), especially when compared to the levels of thinking, rational, sensible human beings. Those who actually consider the ramifications of their words and actions before saying or doing them are tragically rare.

    And, of course, those who are stupid, ignorant, and petty have to spew their rubbish at, and make outlandish claims about, those who are thinking, rational and sensible in order to make themselves feel viable and real and, most of all, right — which they are not.