A Little Civics Lesson

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This is for the hair-on-fire people. The hard-liners. The absolutists.

You’re delusional. I don’t mean that as a pejorative; I mean it as an accurate descriptor. In order to satisfy yourself as to its accuracy you may have to do some reading. I know you’re up to it, but I have no illusion that you’ll do it.

The Colonists put up with a lot of crap from King George III. Just review the offenses listed in our Declaration of Independence. That’s the reading part. Go do it. You’ll find anti-immigration actions, just like our present government. You’ll find the negation of trial by jury, just like our Michigan militia perps. You’ll find the incitement of domestic insurrection. Oh, it’s frighteningly familiar. And that was from a cruel despot and it was why we crafted a Constitution to protect this country from such abuses.

To clarify how this applies to you, here’s a dirty list that may feel shockingly familiar to you. Nevertheless, you are unequivocally un-American:

  1. If you phone people you oppose or don’t like and leave death threats. If you block your phone number, you’re a coward, too;
  2. If you’ve had any part in stripping voting rights from nearly 16 million Americans over the past dozen years. That includes just thinking such actions are okay.
  3. If you think kidnapping a sitting governor (or anyone) is okay just because you don’t like their ideas;
  4. If you think the Second Amendment is actually a remedy for government you don’t like;
  5. If you think it’s okay to intimidate people with your guns;
  6. If you call for executing political opponents or incite others to kill;
  7. If you think that your rights are in any way better or more powerful than those of others or that you are in any way superior to and thereby in control of others;
  8. If you spew hate;
  9. If you destroy others’ property as a demonstration of your power and position and think it’s okay for you to do that;
  10. If you lie, cheat or steal and think it’s your right to do so. That includes government functionaries who act that way;
  11. If you think that you have the freedom to cavalierly refuse common sense health protections and go on to infect others and possibly kill them;
  12. If you like to blare stupid lies and conspiracies based on your total ignorance of facts;
  13. If you think that education, science, critical thinking and lifelong learning are dumb, over-rated, outdated things and are of little value;
  14. If you hate and ridicule those with greater education than you and think you demean them by calling them “elites”;
  15. If you applaud the pardons for convicted murderers of women and children, men who joyfully mowed down innocent people with their automatic rifles;
  16. If you cheered the pardons of convicted felons who conspired against this country;

Then, you’re a despot, a tyrant, a cruel unlawful villain and absolutely UN-American. You are an enemy of this country. Go burn your Gadsden flag and your tricorne hat, your tough guy vest, your camos and your MAGA hat.

Cut the crap or go away. We don’t need traitors to the Constitution.


Note of Moderation

If you’re reading this then you do not fit the description. My rant and my rage are not aimed at you. But if you’re still in communication with angry Uncle Bob, pass this along to him. And invite him to read a more moderate take on the situation both here and especially here. And tell him that nothing gets better until he stops acting like his belligerence and macho posturing are abandoned.



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