Enough is Enough

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(Jack is standing behind the island counter in his kitchen. A sunny back yard is seen through the windows behind him. He pumps his right arm up and down for emphasis as he speaks.)

We’ve heard this socialist, communist-sounding stuff for far too long.

Bernie keeps pushing free stuff as though it might really be free and as though he thinks that government is the best solution for every challenge. He constantly demeans our business people and companies as though all of them are criminals. As if that weren’t enough, now he’s singing the praises of Fidel Castro. If you were to craft a plan designed to disgust and repel the majority of American voters, you couldn’t concoct a better one.

In 2016 Donald Trump won the votes of millions of people, largely for two reasons:

  1. People were angry at government and Trump wasn’t a politician, so they hoped he would do better.
  2. And millions of people voted for him solely because he wasn’t Hillary.
→Bernie Sanders is in the process of driving millions of Americans to vote for Trump solely because he isn’t Bernie.


I’ve had it up to here (points to the bottom of his nose) with Bernie’s craziness and self-defeat.

I’m sick and tired (strong right arm pumping) of this extreme lefty nonsense. His radical base loves the power of his dark side, but most Americans don’t.

Like the people in Duluth, MN, Punxsutawney, PA and Kalamazoo, MI who don’t go for that stuff. Neither do people in Dayton, OH, El Paso, TX, Charlotte, NC, Flagstaff, AZ or Tallahassee, FL. This crazy, self-defeating nonsense has to stop. RIGHT NOW! (two arm pumps). ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! (two more arm pumps).

(Shift to camera two, 90° left. The background is dark and it’s difficult to make out details.)

Recently Bernie bragged,

“I’ve got news for the Republican establishment. I’ve got news for the Democratic establishment. They can’t stop us.”

He’s wrong.

The easy way for Republicans to stop Bernie is for him to be the Democratic nominee. Then Donald Trump will win and be President for four more years. No sane person could want that (awkward gesture, arms to both sides, palms up).

The are two ways for Democrats to stop this runaway, self-destructive Bernie train. The far lefties are energized to vote, so first, mobs of non-radical Democratic voters have to show up for their primaries and vote for a moderate, non-Bernie candidate. Given our pervasive national apathy toward elections (only about 30% of eligible voters participate in primaries), this simply cannot be the only strategy.

The second way is for at least 4 candidates to drop out of the race and throw their support to the remaining moderate candidate. Economics will cause some candidates to quit the race. Others will have to volunteer. Then those who leave the race must endorse the remaining moderate candidate. That will give us an electable nominee. Otherwise, Trump will win and democracy will die. The trade off is as stark and as simple as that.

There are 350,000,000 people in America and about 50% of them meet the qualifications to be President of the United States. I want this current group of candidates to prove to us that they are better than a random selection from our citizen pool. I want them to demonstrate to us that our democracy is more important than their ambitions.

I’m sick and tired (much arm pumping) of self-defeat.

WAKE UP, CANDIDATES and WAKE UP, AMERICA before it’s too late.


Read the Critical notes for 2020 Democratic candidates who want to get elected at the end of the post linked here.


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6 Responses to Enough is Enough
  1. Todd R VonOhlen Reply

    Jack, please stop with the hair on fire panicking about with Bernie , we will loose. We have had 2 primaries and 2 caucuses. This hardly anoints Mr Sanders. What polling shows Trump beating Bernie? It is still early. Let’s calm down and stop shooting each other, showing the discord that the Republicans talking about.

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      Todd, thanks for your comments. Here’s how I see it – most happy to hear what you think of this.

      First, all the polling said Hillary would be an easy winner, which was true right until it wasn’t. She was just too polarizing a figure for the more centric voters and, of course, many pissy Bernie voters stayed home.

      Bernie is a polarizing figure, too. His enthusiastic followers are way too few in numbers to get him elected. While national polls show him beating Trump by about 7 points, that information has to be tempered by two things.

      First, those are national polls, but we don’t elect presidents by national referendum; we do it by state electors. Think: swing states, where Trump narrowly beat Hillary.

      Second, Trump and his supporters haven’t even begun to tear down the Democratic nominee. When they do, it will be a shit storm of Biblical proportions and the polls will shift dramatically against Bernie if he’s the nominee.

      You’re correct, of course, that as of this writing there have only been two caucuses and two primaries. But Bernie is looking strong in California and Texas and may build an insurmountable lead following Super Tuesday.

      Which is why my “hair is on fire” now.

      On the other hand, I enthusiastically agree with you about Dems shooting one another. Check my post at https://bit.ly/3cdQOCj and look near the bottom to the Critical Notes section, specifically point #2. See what you think.

      Thanks again for your offering.

  2. David L. Lindgren Reply

    Ha, I wouldn’t be so vociferous but I totally agree with your assessment. And so many of my Friends have been boonswaggled by all of Sander’s dreamy vision. Sounds good but in the present political reality, not so much. I have come around to Bloomberg as the best bet to defeat Trump. Yeah, people can throw out garbage about Mike but he is an honest, amazing smart man who has been “donating” not exactly “buying” because he has stated that even if he were not the nominee, he would support the Democratic candidate for President. Love you, Jack.

  3. Jim Altschuler Reply

    I’m scared. Really, really scared. We will probably have the opportunity to choose between two evils:
    the Darkness (Sanders) and the Terror (Trump).

    I don’t know which, if any, of the other Democratic contenders might be any better.
    The baby-faced 38-year-old from mid-America
    The Midwestern Senator with limited talking points (and knowledge?).
    The aging ex-VP who is already fighting defensively despite his experience and funding.
    The aging histrionic-prone Eastern Senator (female Sanders).
    The self-proclaimed hero of New York with his hoards of cash (and his proclivity for mistreating women; is this a Democratic Trump?)).
    The self-proclaimed environmental savior with his hoards of cash.

    What happened to the genuine potential candidates with I.Q.’s higher than their bank accounts? The ones who have a genuine desire to serve the American people? Who really want to find solutions to our problems and improve the lot of our citizens? The choices we have talk about some of these things but talk is cheap.

    I’m scared. Really, really scared. For our people … for our democracy … for our form of government … for our relationships with our allies who have been so badly treated by our government. We have hackers who can steal identities from major companies who have massive firewalls, but they can’t be hired by our government for a real job: STOPPING OUTSIDE NATIONS FROM HACKING INTO AND CHANGING THE OUTCOME OF OUR ELECTIONS. I’m scared.

  4. John Calia Reply

    He recently praised China for raising 2 million people out of poverty. He fails to realize that it is capitalism that raised them out of poverty.

    • John Calia Reply

      Correction: he didn’t mention a number. He simply said they “have done more” to lift people out of poverty. My point stands. It’s capitalism that has raised them out of poverty.