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What are your intolerables? The concept was offered at a leadership workshop years ago by friend P.M. It’s a corollary to motivational speaker Les Brown saying, “You have to know what you stand for, or you’ll fall for anything.” Gotta love the gospel rhythm of that.

Intolerables are, well, what you will not tolerate. Under no circumstances are such things acceptable and you will fight them to the death if necessary. Someone doing harm to your children is an example.

I don’t mean things like poor service in a restaurant or an iPhone that repeatedly misbehaves because, while you don’t like those things, you will not fight them to the death. I do mean the serious stuff – your short list.

Here are three from my list:

People intentionally doing harm to others, especially those I love

Disloyalty – I dislike enemies, but I hate those guilty of treason even more

Lying – especially the self-serving kind

To illustrate, Bullying falls under the first example of doing harm to others. President Trump’s growing list of unconstitutional edicts goes under the Disloyalty label. And Paul Ryan falsely claiming his plan doesn’t privatize Social Security and Medicare – it really does – belongs in the Lying category.

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My misbehaving iPhone doesn’t show up anywhere, because it’s just a nuisance.

There are millions rallying under the banner Resist!, which suggests some intolerables have been breached. what are they? Absent that clarity, each of us may, in Les Brown’s words, fall for anything.

What won’t you stand for? What would you fight to the death? If you haven’t done an exercise like this, I enthusiastically recommend it. Then offer one or two of yours in the Comments section below.

In Other News

She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Have you ever wondered about the views of Evangelical Christians, marveling at their curious blend of judgment and exclusion of “others” who don’t check all their restrictive boxes, all this along with claims of being true Christians? Read this piece from Pastor John Pavlovitz for some clarity about this hypocrisy. Note, too, the wonderful picture heading his most recent blog post (left). I don’t think this was Elizabeth Warren at a young age, but it could have been.


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One Response to Intolerables
  1. Paul Winsor Reply

    Bully flick back of shoes in middle school. Over and over.

    I hate Justin Trudeau’s public persona. It makes my skin crawl. Very strong feelings. I m not fighting, flighting or freezing. Just waiting for my time to vote. “Let’s make Justin Trudeau a drama teacher again”.

    An uncle that does not pick up his niece and her young daughter at the airport when they have entered Canada as refugees. 13 hours flying time & 6 hours waiting for ride.

    A student friend of my daughter suddenly decides she needs to quit college. Psychologically overwhelmed, mom died at 16, dad a psychopath & just out of jail looking for her.

    Direct competitor creates a “Kill my company campaign”.

    There is a line in the sand, a boundary that i will react to either with vengeance or direct force. Vengeance is my preferred method as an adult. Ideally the other person won t even know what happened, but now lives in Romania.