Let Voting Freedom Ring!

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Presidential Befoulment of the Military – Update

It has been 6 days since the foul statements of Donald Trump about our military were exposed. To date, not a single Congressional Republican has spoken out against his cruel, disparaging words and behavior. Not one. And the usual administration sycophants and some Fox News sub-species have slimed out from under their rocks to defend this traitorous president.

This is our current reality. It should never happen. See this Sunday’s post for the way to fix this.


    Let Voting Freedom Ring!


I think I’ll vote by mail this time,

            Avoiding Covid danger.

There’s just no need to share the air

            With unhygienic strangers.


But, what if my mailed vote is lost

            Or dumpstered by a villain?

Or scuttled by DeJoy’s PO,

            The way he’s planned Trump’s winning?


I better follow Trump’s advice

            And vote in person, too.

That way I know my vote will count,

            And count again, it’s true.


To double up seems sensible,

            Since Trump says we’ll have fraud.

I think I’ll get a mail-in card

            And vote once for my dog.


The president’s advice is sound

            To vote more than by mail.

I‘m sure my long dead relatives

            Would not want me to fail

To vote for each of them two times,

            ‘Twould make the Founders sing.

We’ll do what Trump instructs us to,

            Let voting freedom ring!


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3 Responses to Let Voting Freedom Ring!
  1. Jim Altschuler Reply

    I’m afraid that the humor/sarcasm will be lost on many who will actually try to double vote. I mean the president said to do it. So what if doing so is a felony? The pres thinks he has found a way to get himself re-elected and he wouldn’t lie, right? RIGHT??

    All of this bogus B. S. is, of course, nothing new for Trump. But for those who are genuinely concerned about their ballot getting to the County offices and getting counted, the Real & legal suggestion seems best. Fill out your mail-in ballot but, instead of mailing it, take your completed, sealed ballot to a designated drop-off site; another way is to wait until November 3 and drop it off at any polling place. Both alternatives are Legal and won’t get “lost in the mail”.

  2. John Calia Reply

    Is it liberal hysteria or media bias that colors your opinion. I submit an alternative view from the op-ed page of the Washington Post:

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      John, I’m not even a little clear why you referenced this Hugh Hewitt piece as somehow connected to this post.

      I’ll concede that Trump has some accomplishments that are actually good for the U.S. Not many, but there are some.

      On the other hand, you know that if anything good happens anywhere in the world Trump will take credit for it. The UAE-Israel agreement is a case in point.

      The process that produced that agreement has been ongoing since the UAE became an independent country in 1990. I have yet to find any link to indicate that anyone in the Trump administration has done anything significant to help it along. Nevertheless, Trump and Hewitt claim it as a great accomplishment. Nonsense.

      The Kosovo-Serbia agreement – Trump similarly showed up at the very end. He was there for the handshakes. Exactly how did he help to engineer that agreement? And why is Hewitt whining that reporters didn’t jump on this story when on the same day we found out with stark, shocking clarity that Trump despises our own military people?

      Regarding Trump’s trashing of our military, do you really believe the defense of Trump that comes out of Pompeo’s mouth? Seriously?? Or anything Sarah Sanders says? If she tells you the sky is blue, you better grab your umbrella. Both of them, as well as Mnuchin and the rest of the administration weenies deny the evidence that even Fox News nailed down. Hewitt managed to disparage Jeffery Goldberg’s reporting, sneering about anonymous sources, as though anonymity might somehow negate the awful Trump truth.

      This disappointing piece is way below Hewitt’s abilities. I’m often impressed by his too willing rationalizations for Trump.

      And it’s disappointing that you use terms like “liberal hysteria” and “media bias” to decry the reporting of uncomfortable facts.

      Do you really think the “Beltway’s dug-in mandarins” succumb to “liberal hysteria” and “media bias?” Or is it possible that they have good reasons to oppose Trump?

      For another WaPo take on this, have a look at https://wapo.st/32ejXKO