Mostly Serious – Part One

Page 1: What I Want

Betcha you’ll agree with some of this:

Some people are intentionally hurting others, especially when the people getting hurt can’t defend themselves – like election workers. I want the cowards who make death threats jailed.

People are distorting the law in order to enrich themselves at the expense of others. I want lawbreakers indicted and punished, like the thousands of thugs who beat up the Capitol Police and DC Metro cops on January 6.

Self-serving people are invoking the Constitution, even as they use every lever they can find to destroy it. I want senators and congresspeople who supported the insurrection in any way to be driven from office and indicted for whatever crime it is to aid and abet an insurrection.

Instead of our rights expanding, they are being shrunken, removed, taken from us in a last ditch effort for some to maintain privilege and power. This comes at the expense of hundreds of millions of Americans, of democracy and of the Constitution. So,

    1. I want Clarence Thomas impeached and removed from the bench for not recusing himself from the case requiring Trump to release documents to the January 6 Commission. Thomas was the lone dissenter, siding with Trump, even as his wife is connected to the planning and execution of the insurrection to keep Trump in power. Thomas says he won’t recuse himself from future cases involving the insurrection, to which his wife is connected. How much conflict of interest should it take to impeach this guy?
    2. I want Neil Gorsuch removed from the bench for being a Republican stooge shoved onto the court by totally corrupt Mitch McConnell. Then I want him replaced by a pick made by President Obama.
    3. I want Samuel Alito removed from the bench for his stupidly using a 13th century justification for setting up girls and women to die. He didn’t say it, but I bet in reading his amazingly bone-headed Dobbs opinion you could hear him calling for a return to burning women at the stake for practicing witchcraft.
    4. I want Brett Kavanaugh removed from the bench for blatantly lying during his Senate confirmation hearing – same for all the stare decisis liars. Plus, I want Kavanaugh sent to work the clean up shift in a scummy beer hall.

I want all references to religion and God removed from all parts of government and all financial assistance to “faith-based institutions” terminated. The chant is, “Rebuild the wall!” – the one separating church and state.

I want financial assistance to be denied for medical services to Covid infected people who have refused to be vaccinated. Maybe we should also indict them for murder for infecting others who subsequently died of the disease. See below for more.

I’m serious about most of that stuff. Just venting about the rest.

Page 2: Covid Corner

From STAT:

The new Covid boosters are here, but fewer than half of Americans have gotten one after their primary series and only 36% of adults 50 and over have received the new bivalent shots. A new model out today from researchers at Yale and the Commonwealth Fund estimates that at current levels, a winter surge in Covid cases could mean around 16,000 hospitalizations and 1,200 deaths per day by the end of March [emphasis mine].

You read that correctly: 1,200 deaths per day. Have we become so desensitized that such a magnitude of deaths no longer shocks us? Note that we’re still having over 400 deaths from Covid per day, and that’s in the warm weather when we aren’t jammed together indoors.

So, go get the bivalent booster. It’s way better than becoming a statistic.

And while you’re waiting 15 minutes following receiving your booster, give some thought to whether you want to pay the medical expenses for vaccine refusers who contract Covid. Their refusal to protect themselves results in costs of medical care that drive up your medical insurance premiums every year.

Can you think of a reason why you should pay for their stubbornness? Perhaps all of our rugged individualists waving flags proclaiming their freedom and liberty should be allowed to experience the full cost of their liberty and not be allowed to dump it onto you and me.

BTW: A new report in STAT brings bad news and good news about Covid.

The bad news is that Covid seems to have become even more creative and is on its way to us in roughly 300 different forms.

The good news is that, “The immunity people have built up from vaccinations and infections will likely continue to offer strong protection against severe outcomes for most, particularly if they’ve stayed up-to-date with boosters.”

As you might imagine, there’s more to this, so read the report. And get the bivalent booster.

I’m serious about most of that Covid stuff.

Page Three: The Message

Every time a Democrat, whether in Congress or in the streets, shouts, “De-fund the police!” or says anything about open borders or providing healthcare to all undocumented people or uses the word “socialism” they alienate moderate Americans and send yet more independents and semi-engaged Republicans to vote red.

So, extremist lefties, please just shut up.

And yeah, I’m really serious about that.

Wanna Make a Difference?

MomsRising is a network of people just like you, united by the goal of building a more family-friendly America.

We know that success in every election is about getting people to the polls to vote and MomsRising has made it no-brainer easy for you to help Get Out The Vote. They’ll send 20 postcards to you, stamped and pre-addressed. Your hand written message (they’ll help with the text) will make all the difference. Click here now.

Because YES!, you want to do make a difference!

Note: You don’t have to be a mom to help; e.g., I’m sending out cards.

Part Two of this Mostly Serious post will be online on Wednesday, October 12.


Our governance and electoral corruption and dysfunction and our ongoing mass murders are all of a piece, all the same problem with the same solution:
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One Response to Mostly Serious – Part One
  1. Jim Altschuler Reply

    When the 1st COVID vaccine came out I had to wait a while until they were available in my area and, even then, I had to schedule an appointment. I was concerned about the wait since I’m older (77) and diabetic. I finally got the vaccine with no reaction except a slightly achy area ony arm. I scheduled my 2nd appointment for thr following month, got the 2nd vaccination with the same result.

    Many months later, when the 1st booster became available, I got mine within a few days; same effect. 6 weeks later I got booster #2; same effect.

    Last week I got my B4/B5 booster; same effect again.

    I’ve avoided contact with sick people, vaccinated, and stayed healthy. The moral of this story is:
    Take care of yourself for you, your family and your friends and acquaintances so all eligible voters can learn about the candidates and issues,, fill out and post, deliver or hand in your ballot so we can, as someone else has said Many times — Fire The Bastards!