One Last Time

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Okay, one last time.

Donald Trump talks glibly about the use of nuclear weapons on whomever he might think of as our enemy, like those he thinks pose an existential threat to America because of a tweet that’s critical of him. And he has proposed exporting nuclear technology to at least 3 nations that currently don’t have it, thereby proliferating the annihilation threat to life on Earth. In short, Trump is cavalier about bringing about the end of civilization. That fully, completely and permanently disqualifies him from being President of the United States. No other issues need be considered:

.  .  .  even if he says he was speaking in hyperbole

.  .  .  even if he says that he wants to be unpredictable to keep the bad guys off balance

.  .  .  even if he says he had his fingers crossed when he said those things

No matter what, Donald Trump must not become President of the United States. Ever. Under any circumstances. No matter what else he says he believes or wants to do or, oddly, if he should ever actually make any sense. Never, ever.

So, great, you agree and you won’t vote for Trump. But you don’t trust, can’t stand and otherwise find Hillary to be pukable. You see her as untrustworthy and dishonest and perhaps as too hawkish and you fear she’ll get us into yet another avoidable war. You dread that her presidency might become a series of yet more Bill Clinton zipper scandals and, besides, the thought of Bill croaking out more of his Clintonian nonsense with a White House size megaphone is one of your worst nightmares. So, you can’t and won’t vote for Hillary. Got it.

But if you don’t vote for Hillary, who benefits?

Neither Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, nor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, could benefit from your protest vote because they won’t get enough votes to win even a single state. The only one who benefits from your refusing to vote for Hillary is Donald Trump, because yours is one less vote that his vote total has to overcome.

Translation: If you don’t vote for Hillary, you will have voted for Trump. And,


Hillary was ahead by 8 – 20 points (pick a poll). Then Bernie won MI. We can’t trust polls – gotta vote.

Hillary was ahead by 8 – 20 points (pick a poll). Then Bernie won MI. We can’t trust polls – gotta vote.

So, do something to ensure there really is a future: Put a clothespin on your nose and vote for Hillary. All that hangs in the balance is civilization on Earth and it’s on you and me to do something about it.

What, these words aren’t persuasive enough? Well then, have a look at this and this and this and this and this and this and this. They are all Republican sources telling you to vote for Hillary. There are plenty more like these, but if you still want to vote for Trump or a candidate of one of the other parties or abstain from voting, then go ahead. Just don’t call me next year crying that you are bent over and braced for impact because civilization is ending.

Go vote. And bring your neighbors, your voting age children, your cousin Rita and your googly-eye Uncle Ralph. It’s time for every eligible voter to – get this: stand up for what they stand for.

Read what Dan Wallace has to say about this. Yes, really, go read it  .

Now, send this to everyone you know and urge them to show up on November 8 and BE A VOTER!


Make a plan to vote – click here.


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5 Responses to One Last Time
  1. Amy Tucker Reply

    Regardless of Trump’s politics, the fact that he is so utterly degrading to others should be a red flag to even those who believe in his political ideals. Why should we want a “meanie” running our country???The New York Times printed a two-page list of 282 Trump insults ( Regardless of anyone’s beliefs about Clinton, kudos to her for maintaining composure during debates with Trump. She wasn’t perfect, but I’m not sure I would have been able to refrain from punching him had I been in the same spot!

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      Note that this list is only of his tweeted insults. He made dozens every time he opened his mouth at a rally or in an interview.

  2. Nels Howard Reply

    I have to believe that your message, so full of info, will convince a number of fence sitters and Hillary skeptics to cast their vote for Clinton tomorrow. And that’s what must happen to slam the door on Trump. I’m glad you do what you do.

    Nels Howard
    Wilmette, IL

  3. Ed Reply

    I do intend to vote for Clinton, but I think I’ll need a gas mask, not just a clothes pin. If Clinton wins, the Republicans will spend the entire four years of her term holding hearings looking into her emails or foundation, and nothing constructive will get accomplished. Senators and Congressional Representatives love to hold hearings because if hides the fact that they don’t do anything else, except get rich, of course!

    Whatever the outcome, I will be happy when this election is finally over. After all of the negative ads, it’s hard not to hate all of the candidates.

    No matter who wins, the American people lose!!!

  4. dominickpalella Reply

    Trump is a clear example of what happens when citizens allow political parties, funded by corporations and the wealthy, to run their government for the last 150 years. Two of these political parties now have their members occupying 99% of our elective offices. Do you understand that you are the subjects/servants of the members of these private organizations that decide who you are allowed to vote for, not the other way around? That you have no Constitutional right to interfere with their conduct? That your first Amendment right is only to protest and complain after they make their decisions in office?

    Call yourself a Democrat or a Republican, but realize that both you and your opposite party friends and relatives are living in a delusional bubble created by skilled con artists. These politicians obviously have no intent to listen or respond to you once they take office. If you want a representative democracy, learn how to elect people with personal integrity and accountability to you, instead of their political party or those offering them bribes they have made perfectly legal to accept.