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A 10-Point Action Plan For Democrats

Becoming a senator or representative was not intended by the Founders to be a career. It was meant to be a temporary post, one of taking a turn at representing one’s neighbors and making decisions for the nation. After a stint doing that a person would return to whatever they were doing before, like farming,… [read more]

Do You Smell What I Smell?

In another effort to quash the will of the majority of its citizens, the state of Texas passed a draconian anti-abortion law that effectively outsources law enforcement to vigilantes. The Supreme Court refused to issue an injunction to stop the law from taking effect before a full review of its breathtakingly unconstitutional provisions could be… [read more]

Under Attack

We have a lot of huge challenges before us. The problems are complex and not susceptible to simple thinking or uncomplicated solutions. In consequence, our indelicate dances around gun safety, education, healthcare, jobs, infrastructure, race and so many more issues continue to vex us, even as they are all secondary issues. There is one that… [read more]

No Really, Facts Don’t Matter

Over the last 10 years more than a billion votes have been cast in America. During that time there have been 31 cases of confirmed voting fraud. That’s 0.0000031% voting fraud, or 31 hundred-millionths of a percent. That’s the same as 99.9999969% authentic, legal voting. If these pitifully few cases of voting fraud were lumped… [read more]

Imagine That Little Chat

No Surprise It was a shock, but no surprise. We have been cultivating Rule by Mob for decades. Incrementally, the extremists, the angry, hateful ones, have infiltrated our society and our government, first with a toe hold of buffoons in Congress, then with more zealots spouting patriotic sounding phrases, the true meanings of which are… [read more]

How It Works

In the first Star Wars movie there is a scene with Darth Vader and the officers of the Imperial star ship. The commander says,   “The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I have just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the… [read more]

Stampeding Dishonesty Is Trampling Everything In Its Path

This is about people who are knowingly saying things that are false. It’s called lying. It’s not just that the dishonesty is present. It’s about its tentacles spreading malevolently and the speed of its corrosive march. Trump’s blatant dishonesty was on full display when he called for the execution of the Central Park Five after… [read more]

Government Hall of Shame

While traitors attacked our democracy, we were killing 4,000 Americans with COVID-19 every day. Somehow, four 9/11s every three days – one gasping death every 22 seconds – got overshadowed. That’s how insane things are. ————————– Be sure to read to the end for a poem for our time. We start with the obvious. Sedition… [read more]


Reading time – 2:49; Viewing time – 3:49  .  .  . Updated 1/9/21 – see Last Question above the end photo. Hatred and distrust of government didn’t start with Ronald Reagan saying, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” There was plenty of… [read more]

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