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Pundits and non-pundits alike have been continuously baffled, as Trump has brayed out his fact-less, mean-spirited, anti-Constitutional idiocies. Why don’t people abandon him as he proves yet again that he hasn’t a thought in his head, other than promoting Trump? That seemed to be a continuously repeating departure from the norm of candidate stupid stuff harming or killing a campaign. Wuzzup?

Turns out it wasn’t and isn’t a departure from the norm. When people are angry it’s pretty standard that their concern over being respectful or even being accurate vanishes. Our country was founded with a huge piece of resentment powering the revolution. But is there a chasm of stupid that’s just too wide for even Trump followers to leap?

He may have found it this week, as he managed to anger everyone on both sides of the abortion issue. Not even angry people like it when their mouthpiece demeans them and lies about an issue they care about.

Trump was never a viable contender in a general election and I predict that he has now sealed his fate as a failed primary election contender. You can stop worrying about a President Trump. And there’s more.

Now that the DC Madam’s lawyer has promised to release records that he asserts will impact the 2016 presidential race and implicate someone as a “client” of this so-called, high-end escort service, be prepared for a bit more pruning of the ranks of contenders. Confession: I do hope that the soon-to-be-found out john is a self-righteous, Bible-thumping, wrapped-in-the-flag type. I just love the unmasking of a hypocrite.

Note, though, that we’re electing a commander in chief and not our national pants zipper monitor, so a private dalliance shouldn’t be a job dis-qualifier now, anymore than it should have been for Bill Clinton. On the other hand, we as a nation haven’t fully moved past our Puritan roots, so our neurotic sexual hang-ups will continue to rule. I guess we didn’t turn all the way around that corner in the ’60s.



  1. As of April 1, 2016 $412 million has been raised by SuperPACs in support of the remaining presidential candidates. The SuperPAC Billionaires for Bernie has raised exactly $0. What do you think of that?
  2. Yes, I know they stole your country and you want to take it back, especially if you live in a deeply red state and your neck is the same color. Read This Before You Say Anything Else About ‘Taking Back America’. Thanks FL for the pointer.


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2 Responses to Pruning
  1. Ed Reply

    The Trump phenomenon reminds me of 1998 when Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota. Voters were so fed up with “politics as usual” and the dysfunctional bickering between democrats and republicans that they took a chance on Ventura, “a political outsider.” Unfortunately, he behaved like a thin-skinned bully who alienated not only republicans and democrats, but also members of his own Reform Party. Not surprisingly, he accomplished little as Governor, other than selling books and action figures and becoming the host of some asinine television shows. Paraphrasing Yogi Berra, if Trump is elected, it will be “deja vu all over again.”

  2. Allan Shuman Reply

    About the Fowler blog:

    1. I agree with every word.
    2. I believe that there is likely a 0.01% chance of anyone in the presumed target audience actually reading the piece, and somewhat less of a chance that they will be moved by it.
    3. so it comes off to me as an exercise in how smart and clever….. and correct…. Mr. Fowler is, so
    4. I believe that at bottom, Fowler’s last sentence states his purpose. So he feels better, but what about me?