What I Wish He’d Said

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Chairman Adam Schiff

Speaking to the House A/V technician while covering his microphone and pointing toward the Republican Members of Congress who are not members of the House Intelligence Committee but are in the room:

Please turn off their microphones.

To all:

These proceedings have been invaded by people who don’t belong here, several dozen members of Congress who are not part of these closed door hearings. It is to them that I address these remarks.

Your Animal House sit-in stunt may achieve some delay to these proceedings, but we will complete our work. What you are doing is not just rude and disrespectful. It is far more significant than that and I have three points to make to you.

First, your having brought your cell phones with you into these proceedings is a breach of national security because, as you know, your phone can be hacked whether it is turned on or off. That is why House rules prohibit you from bringing your phone into any hearing, which is to say, you’ve wantonly breached House protocol, too.

I recall distinctly the days when the Republican Party trumpeted its belief in and support for our national defense. Its members were staunch, toe-the-line champions of the security of our country and I wish that were still so. Your actions here today suggest that it is not.

Second, you know quite well that these hearings are closed door because the Attorney General seems to have become the attorney for this president instead of attorney for the country. He is unwilling to appoint a special counsel to investigate these matters. Were there a special counsel he or she would convene a grand jury in order to take depositions like those being taken here. And you know that all grand jury hearings are done in closed door sessions, just as this committee is operating. These hearings aren’t secret – Republican Committee members are in attendance and are participating committee members at all times. And you also know that this is the way the Nixon and Clinton impeachment proceedings began. Odd that you object to the same practices today.

Finally, we are conducting this investigation because the rule of law and the Constitution itself are under attack – you know this quite well. So, I invite you to gather your children and grandchildren and tell them what you did to honor your oath of office when the rule of law was under attack. Tell them what you did when the call went out to protect and defend the Constitution. Let them know how stiff your spine was when your country called on you to stand and be counted.

Now it’s time for you to leave.



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2 Responses to What I Wish He’d Said
  1. Anna Reply

    Jack, these Republicans are acting like a fascist mob, because they ARE fascists.

    RefuseFascism.org is launching weekly protests tomorrow with the simple demand #OutNOW, Trump & Pence Must Go NOW! It’s going to take the people who think this is dangerous and illegitimate (like you and millions of others) to get into the street like in Puerto Rico or Hong Kong saying we won’t tolerate this any longer, they must go now. Without that all these travesties and crimes against humanity and civil and legal rights will get worse. Now is the time while the impeachmet process has opened the door.

  2. Jim Altschuler Reply

    Your reporting is good, but what is it that you wish he had said?

    I wish he had included that the requirement for closed door session was the result of rules put in place primarily at the behest of the then-sitting Republican members of the Congress.

    I wish that he had further pointed out that questions of whether the rule of law had been violated should be behind closed doors to protect the innocent, not just impune the guilty. All are innocent until PROVEN guilty.