Equal Justice – and Memorial Day

Reading time – 2:17; Viewing time – 3:02  .  .  . Slavery didn’t end in America with the close of the Civil War. It morphed into Jim Crow and torture and lynchings and murder of every sort. It changed into poll taxes and phony literacy tests. Shortly after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and… [read more]

Keeping Score On Just One Week

Reading time – 2:55; Viewing time – 4:20  .  .  . Kim Jong-un, the murderous dictator of North Korea, has played Donald Trump like he’s a marionette. Kim freed 3 American prisoners for whom he had no further use. He already had the nuclear bomb technology he wanted, so it was a freebie to promise… [read more]


Reading time – 3:09; Viewing time – 4:28  .  .  . Trump’s temper tantrum list – and this is just a short, partial list – came to me in a true Homer Simpson moment. Here’s what he’s done: – Backed the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accords, a plan for global climate protection that… [read more]

The Republican Juggernaut Against Government

Reading time – 2:10  .  .  . In a recent conversation, a friend wondered why working-class voters vote for politicians and support policies that are at odds with their own interests. It’s my belief that these voters don’t think through the situation. All they recognize is that a program of small government and low taxes… [read more]

Blustering for Bupkis*

* Bupkis – Absolutely nothing; nothing of value, significance, or substance. Reading time 1:17  .  .  . Who doesn’t want the nuclear capabilities of homicidal, fratricidal uncle-cidal Kim Jong-un eliminated? So, the upcoming summit between Kim and Trump has everyone’s interest and hopes for success, with success defined as ending North Korea’s nuclear threat. Sadly,… [read more]

Voluntary Subjugation

Reading time – 2:59; Viewing time – 4:16  .  .  . Whatever may be the perverted mental issues that compel him to puffery and self-service instead of service to country and which eased his way to lie over 2,000 times during his first year in office, the real issue is not Donald Trump’s dishonesty. The… [read more]

Take Heart!

Reading time – 46 seconds  .  .  . – It’s hard to be hopeful when headlines are dope-ful Of President Trump’s latest stupid. “Take heart!” I implore, even as the Chief Bore Treats our nation in ways that are putrid. – It’s more than just some who can see that he’s dumb As he leaves… [read more]

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