Breaking Point, or

How Trump Successfully Diverted Attention From His Kidnapping of 3,000 Children Reading time – 4:49;  Viewing time – 7:35  .  .  . I’ve been pretty hard on Congressional Republicans in my recent posts, but I’m questioning if that’s still justified. Perhaps things are beginning to change, although Thomas Friedman doesn’t think so, nor does James… [read more]

Pretending Not To Know

Reading time – 1:31; Viewing time – 2:19  .  .  . Do you remember when Republicans held themselves out as the solid bulwark against the Russians? When Republicans represented that they were the true defenders and stiff backbone of our country? When Republicans made it clear that anything remotely less than hostile to the Russians… [read more]

Equivalents, Civility and Fire

Reading time – 4:12; Viewing time – 5:47  .  .  . There are a bunch of links in this post. None is long. All are worthwhile (that’s why they are included). Check ’em out. JA ——————————— It’s been a continuous flow in the open sewer that is the law breaking, ethics spurning, morals smashing of… [read more]

Populism and Obi-Wan

Reading time – 2:59; Viewing time – 4:06  .  .  . Here’s Jax definition of populism: Mob behavior gussied up with a slick political cover. Trump’s base is entirely populist, calling for extreme reaction to any issue and blunt force solutions to all problems. Think: Muslim ban; kidnapping children; building a $38 billion wall; embracing… [read more]


Reading time – 1:49  .  .  . After reading Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species, Herbert Spencer coined the term “survival of the fittest” to mark the core meaning of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. That perfectly captures the clarity that  those who were afraid of poisonous reptiles avoided them and survived to produce offspring;… [read more]

Babies In Jail

Reading time – 2:38; Viewing time – 3:13  .  .  . You’re horrified at those nursing babies being ripped from their mothers’ arms by I.C.E. agents. You’re speechless and apoplectic at the same time over kids who have literally done nothing wrong being put into shelters that you know full well are jails. You may… [read more]

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