Comrade Nunes

On February 2, 2018 Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) released the memo written by his staff at his direction. He claimed and continues to claim that it exposes wrongdoing by the FBI, as well as offering evidence of exoneration of the President of all crimes. You’ve likely heard more than you can stand about the memo,… [read more]


Not so long ago the Republican Party proudly boasted of being the party that stood for law and order. They let us know in no uncertain terms that they were the guys who would defend against international threats. They were the tough guys who were best suited to ensure our national security. Now, though, they… [read more]

There’s a Surprise On The Way

Reading time – 3:57 seconds  .  .  . I admit that I got a kick out of this picture from a Tea Party rally several years ago. First and most obvious is that Medicare is government, so there’s no way to have Medicare without government being in it. Second, there’s no way this guy is… [read more]

Leadership and The Tax Bill

Reading time – 5:12; Viewing time – 8:03  .  .  . Others, nearly everyone, really, are doing a fine job of chronicling the insane Trump administration as revealed by Michael Wolff in his “best seller before it’s even released” book, Fire and Fury, and the stupid reactions of the Temper-Tantrum-Tweeter-in-Chief. So, I’ll have a look… [read more]

Address to Congress, January 3, 2018

Reading time – 4:52; Viewing time – 7:07  .  .  . Mr. President, colleagues, fellow citizens, I rise today to speak to the obvious. That I do so is grounded in the Confucian admonition, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” Once so named, the resultant clarity may spawn wisdom…. [read more]

A Year-End Message About Making Things Better

Reading time – 2:21; Viewing time – 3:49  .  .  . The latest Star Wars film is in theaters now and it’s terrific. Like all the films in the series, it deals with some universal issues, like good versus evil, acceptance of uncomfortable truths, the shattering of illusion and the complexity of human beings. Nearly… [read more]

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