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Merrick Garland’s Justice Department In an interesting and even-handed essay in the Washington Post Magazine, author David Montgomery lays out his view of the Merrick Garland Justice Department in Merrick Garland Won’t Deliver Your Catharsis. Montgomery reports that Garland’s view is that a return to norms and consistently doing the right things is the path… [read more]

What We Need From the House Select Committee

Ed. note: Read through to the end and click the link for a stunning piece you must read. The House Select Committee has a tough job. They are tasked with getting to the bottom of the traitorous terrorist insurrection that has come to be known simply as January 6. Notable is that this committee is… [read more]

Golden Calf

Trump’s endless string of lies at the July 2021 CPAC convention was not just boring; it was old news boring. New day, same old lies. On the other hand, his supplicants applauded and made the proper guttural noises for him in response to his calls for adulation. They did the same for the rest of… [read more]

The American ISIS – Part One

When al Qaeda bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 they thought they were doing God’s work. When they upped their game on September 11, 2001 they thought they were doing God’s work. When ISIS beheaded American journalist Danny Pearl they thought they were doing God’s work. When ISIS murdered the staff of Charlie Hebdo… [read more]

Proper Names

Ed Note: This post begins in a dark way, because there is substantial darkness over our democracy. But keep your hopes alive, because we may be at the start of a new day. Read to the end for the unmistakable rays of sunlight of the dawn. ————————————— Trump has gotten away with an enormous dung… [read more]

Who Should Get Out of Jail Free?

The triple convictions of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd prompted a variety of reactions including relief, joy, renewed hope, satisfaction, release and more. There was a palpable and stated sense of rightness that justice had been done. And there was another verse to this song. Tucker Carlson went on a fresh, yet… [read more]

Trump’s Future, Dead Politician and Curmudgeon Corner

The Future of Trump Memo to DC, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, New York State, New York City, SDNY, the Justice Department and all the women he raped: Indict the crook for inciting a riot, election interference, bank fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering, incitement to insurrection and sedition, bribery and the rest…. [read more]

Three Questions, One Answer and A Snow Job

1. Question Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was widely praised for standing up to President Trump by refusing to “find” 11,780 votes for Trump. Question: When did the bar get set so low that just refusing to commit a felony was cause for praise and celebration? 2  Question The end of Article II, Section… [read more]

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