Only Donald Trump

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President Trump has said repeatedly that only he can do various things. As laughable as that has seemed, it recently set me to thinking about whether there might be some accuracy to his boasts. Here’s a list of what comes to mind as things only Donald Trump could have done:

  1. He’s made racist, weaselly, mean-spirited, hypocrite Jefferson Beauregard Sessions into a sympathetic character.
  2. In his mania to erase all of President Obama’s accomplishments and legacy, he double-crossed the Dreamers.
  3. In his mania to erase all of President Obama’s accomplishments and legacy, he pulled us out of the JCPOA, giving tacit approval to Iran to build nuclear bombs.
  4. In his mania to erase all of President Obama’s accomplishments and legacy, he pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement and is encouraging the burning of coal and the removal of pollution protections.
  5. He has criminalized asylum seekers and kidnapped hundreds of children.
  6. He has lied to the American public an average of 6.5 times per day for over 19 months.
  7. He has alienated all NATO countries.
  8. He has started multiple trade wars.
  9. He has expanded economic inequality.
  10. He has abandoned the people of Puerto Rico – Americans, every one.
  11. He has embraced white supremacists and emboldened them to ever more public hatred and violence.
  12. He has wiped his dirty boots on the First Amendment through his Muslim ban.
  13. He has negotiated away the safety and security of the United States and possibly the entire world and received nothing in return from North Korea. I have previously argued that any idiot could have done this, but no idiot would have been this idiotic.
  14. He has insulted the leaders of Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, Germany – where else?

Honestly, I think he may be right. He may be the only one who can do this stuff.

What am I missing? Add to this list in the Comments section below.

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3 Responses to Only Donald Trump
  1. Allan Shuman Reply

    He turned a once-principled national political party into a self-mockery, and its legislators in Congress into cowering sycophants.

  2. Joni Lindgren Reply

    Trump has not only pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but has destroyed a minimum of 67 environmental regulations! It’s a disgrace that corporations can now dump their wastes into our rivers and streams. They are hell-bent on destroying our streams and waterways-and make it impossible for people to not ingest toxic chemicals…..forever!

    • Jack Altschuler Reply

      Likely, many people don’t remember Los Angeles in the 1960s and ’70s, when on a clear day visibility was about 1/4 mile through brown smog. We’ve forgotten that back then the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland caught fire – twice. The Great Lakes were so polluted that you couldn’t see your toes when standing in 2 feet of water. And birds were dying at a horrendous rate because of the DDT we used to spray onto crops.

      Now, Trump’s EPA is looking at ending Obama era restrictions on mercury emissions from power plants. Apparently, we once again don’t care about brain and nervous system damage and harm to fetal development.

      How quickly we forget. Sadly, it may take us a long time to wise up – again. And some of the harm done will be irreversible. It will be a bit like the lead poisoning of little children in Flint, MI. There’s no fixing that.