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I heard a nurse saying that she refuses to be vaccinated because the vaccine won’t prevent her from spreading the virus, should she become infected. She may be right. But what she ignores is the obvious, that if she and those she encounters, like her husband, her kids, her friends and the clerk at the supermarket all get vaccinated, there will be no virus to pass along. She knows she’s rolling the dice for herself, but she refuses to do her part for the rest of us.

Questions for our religious refusers – maybe including that nurse:

  1. Are you your brother’s keeper, or has that been superseded by “It’s all about ME?”
  2. And that Golden Rule thing – whatever happened to that?

One more time: The refusers have the freedom to refuse to be vaccinated. Maybe they’ll live; maybe they’ll die. It’s a risk they take knowingly. But under no circumstances do they have the right to infect others.

What About the Kids?

Click the chart for the KFF study

The chart on the left is from a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, which reports that 24% of parents definitely won’t (green bars) get their 5 – 11 year old kids vaccinated. To be fair, the data shows that unvaccinated kids are much like our vaccinated elderly, in terms of protection from serious complications from COVID. Nevertheless, kids are dying from this disease. We can prevent that from happening, but not by continuing to do what’s getting kids killed.

Was it this hard in the 1950s to get kids vaccinated against polio? Were parents then really willing to go bare and risk their kids’ lives and the lives of other kids for some misplaced sense of freedom? They weren’t, but millions are doing that now.

A Little Horsing Around

The picture of the horse and the post below are from the FDA.


Ivermectin is not only not an authorized treatment for COVID, but there is no peer reviewed medical data that says Ivermectin does anything helpful for patients with COVID. Unless, of course, they also had intestinal parasites. At least those patients who self-medicate with Ivermectin will know that when they die from COVID they won’t have worms in their GI system.

Big 4-year Trump dip. Now the world sees us coming back. Kind of like after George W. Bush. We came back then, too. Create your own story line for what you see.

A COVID Bookkeeping Adjustment

There are about 64 million adults refusing to be vaccinated. In addition, as stated above, about 24% of parents intend to refuse to allow their children ages 5 – 11 to be vaccinated. The data – the science –  is clear that over 98% of COVID hospitalizations and deaths are of people who are not vaccinated. They are the glut of patients that have overwhelmed our healthcare workers.

We’ve made vaccinations available in over 89,000 pharmacies, in school gymnasiums, in drive-through hospital parking lots and elsewhere. Plus, the vaccinations are free to the stick-ee. We couldn’t have made it easier to become protected, but still people proclaim their freedom and their conspiracy nonsense. Then they clog up our hospitals and dump an inhumane workload on our medical people. Because of the enormous medical overload, care is now being rationed in several states, which means that people suffering from strokes, heart attacks, cancer, automobile collisions and other maladies can’t get the care they need. That isn’t okay. Fortunately, I have a cure for this.

Many of the refusers are getting cash from the government in one form or another. Some collect Social Security. Some get agriculture subsidies. Some get the benefits of Medicare or Medicaid or child tax credits or federal pensions.

They refuse to do what will protect themselves and, therefore, protect the rest of us, and instead they dump huge costs on us. Something isn’t right about that. So, I propose that we stop all federal government payouts to those people, whether payments are direct or indirect. Instead we’ll pump that money into hospital staffing and facilities.

The refusers – our rugged individuals – are making the problem. They can damn well pay for the harm they do.


From David Brock, writing about how he didn’t see the awfulness of Trump coming:

He was an obvious pig (see the “Access Hollywood” tapes [and 19 accusations of rape]), a fraud (multiple failed businesses and bankruptcies) and a cheat (stiffing mom-and-pop vendors). Not to mention the blatant racism and misogyny.

We knew all of that in 2016, but Trump got elected anyway. All those self-righteous evangelicals, the freedom fanatics, the enraged and resentful, the racists and homophobes, the Hillary haters and the rest voted for Trump anyway, somehow excusing or ignoring the miserable truth of him. I’m reminded of the story of the boy and the snake.

The little boy was playing in the woods when suddenly a snake popped up and hissed. The boy was frightened, then amazed when the snake spoke to him.

“Hi, little boy. Let’s play.”

The boy cowered and said, “But you’re a poisonous snake. If I play with you you’ll bite me and I’ll die.”

“No I won’t,” said the snake. I’m a nice snake and I won’t bite you. You look like a nice little boy and I just want to play. Come on, let’s play.”

The boy slowly came forward and soon the boy and the snake were playing, rolling in the leaves on the ground and laughing. Then the snake bit him.

“You bit me!” screamed the boy. “You promised you wouldn’t bite me. That’s not fair.”

Said the snake, “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

Those who ignored the reality of Trump in 2016 and all the apologists since then know what he is. So do the cowardly politicians who proclaim what they know to be false in order to be in his thrall, as they mouth his democracy destroying lies.

Brock was fooled in 2016 and for a while longer. There is no way for any of us to be fooled now. We know what he is. It falls to all of us to refuse the lying snake and all of his enabling supplicants, lest we be terminally poisoned.

The days are dwindling for us to take action. Get up! Do something to make things better.

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Reading time – 3:09; Viewing time – 4:28  .  .  .

Trump’s temper tantrum list – and this is just a short, partial list – came to me in a true Homer Simpson moment. Here’s what he’s done:

  • – Backed the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accords, a plan for global climate protection that was agreed to by 195 nations
  • – Eliminated the 2012 CAFE standards that would dramatically reduce the use of fossil fuels that contribute to global warming
  • – Backed the U.S. out of the TPP, thus giving enormous leverage on international trade to China, yet another step toward the U.S. becoming Number 2
  • – Cancelled DACA, putting nearly a million kids and young adults at risk by betraying them
  • – Opened our national parks and other protected lands and oceans to fossil fuel exploration
  • – Backed the U.S. out of the JCPOA, a successful, single focus agreement that prevents Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, leaving us a future choice between accepting Iran as a nuclear state or starting a war
  • – Promoted and signed a tax plan that overwhelmingly (85%) benefits already very wealthy people and corporations and blows off the rest of us in just a few years

This started when President Obama committed the greatest of sins, the most heinous of indictable crimes when he mocked Donald Trump at White House Correspondents Dinners (here at about 20 minutes).

Trump, a whining, sniveling little victim always, was infuriated and we know that whenever he thinks he’s been wronged (which is pretty much every day) he goes into full court press attack mode. And that’s what he’s been doing since he got his hands on the reins.

Trump has stupidly, childishly, clumsily done everything possible to erase the legacy of Barack Obama. The sole exception occurs whenever he can blame anything, whether real and imagined, on his predecessor. It doesn’t matter a whit to Trump if what he does harms our people or our country or the entire planet. He doesn’t care if he puts us at risk of civilization destroying nuclear war or any other consequence as long as he can diminish Barack Obama. That is the tyrant child we have as a president.

And another thing  .  .  .

Many Republicans in Congress and our nominally Republican president hate the very notion of helping poor people. “It’s your fault,” and “Help yourself,” intoned the pizza king presidential candidate, Herman Cain. Conservatives hate welfare, like the food stamps that make it so that poor children have something to eat.

Making that cruelty to our most at-risk people even worse are the slimy  reforms proposed by conservatives. People like Paul Ryan call for welfare changes that they brand with chest thumping, patriotic sounding names and then they lie about their programs and the adverse effect they’ll have on poor people. That’s the slime.

Repealing all welfare is likely politically impossible, but there must be a solution somewhere to this anathema to the conservative soul. Well, I just happen to have a solution that should satisfy everyone.

A kid in a family with an out of work coal miner dad in West Virginia doesn’t have the same resources for building an economically successful life as, say, little Donald Trump did. He began life with huge wealth in his lap, and just look at what he claims to have built from that. It’s obvious from that comparison – the poor kid in West Virginia and the rich Donald in New York – that the solution to our welfare mess is for everyone to start with a fortune.

That is why I propose that we give every current and future poor person a one-time $1 million stake to use to create their own life of wealth. Just imagine the millions of Americans with enormous wealth that this insightful program will produce. We’ll do away with all other welfare programs and that will make conservatives happy.

Best of all, the rest of us won’t have to listen to any more disingenuous and slimy conservative welfare reform schemes.


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