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Vote for Democrats to infuse some spine into Congress so that they check the abhorrent behavior, crimes and lies of this president. You know – like the Constitution says they’re supposed to do. But this Republican controlled 115th Congress steadfastly refuses to do its job.

Vote for Democrats because you’re sick of the ridiculous lies the Republicans tell you, like that they’ll protect the pre-existing conditions requirement of your medical insurance. That’s what Republican candidates are saying to voters, but they voted to repeal Obamacare 54 times! That’s why I say they’re lying to you. If you want solid healthcare  and healthcare insurance, vote for Democrats.

NOTE 1: Nearly all Americans are just one serious illness away from personal bankruptcy. Allowing the Republicans to remove pre-existing conditions coverage (as they’ve promised to do since 2010) will put us all at risk – again.

Note 2: Both Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump have promised to go after Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as a way to fund tax cuts for the rich. That means your healthcare is at risk if Republicans stay in power.

Vote for Democrats because you’re smarter than the Republicans think you are and you see their 40 years of lies that has sent nearly all the money to the richest 1%. You want fairness restored.

Vote for Democrats because you simply cannot tolerate being lied to about immigration reform, the very thing Republicans had in hand but they refused it solely because President Obama was for it. Then they blamed Democrats for the lack of immigration reform!

Vote for Democrats and send the wimpy, cowardly Republicans home so they will have to get a job where they actually do their job.

Vote for Democrats because you’re sick at heart from the racism, xenophobia, hate, fear mongering and the incitements to violence.

Vote for Democrats because you refuse to have your hopes for your children and grandchildren crushed under the heel of a tyrant.

Vote for Democrats because you want America back.



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