Email Exchange With a (gasp!) Republican

Reading time – A while   .  .  . A while back my pal Dan Wallace and I had an email exchange and it occurred to me that you might like a peek inside the back-and-forth with a slightly right of center Republican and bona fide smart guy. DW Jack, Read to the bottom of the… [read more]

“Nuthin’ There”

Reading time – 1:11; Viewing time – 2:46  .  .  . Caution: Contains snark. Sensitive readers and viewers are advised to either have an adult present or to stop whining and grow up. BREAKING NEWS In what is being hailed as a stunning piece of investigative journalism, our CYA News reporters Ben Dover and Simon… [read more]

It Isn’t About Your Message

Reading time – 1:54; Viewing time – 3:17  .  .  . The 2012 general election generated a lot of forward looking comments from pundits and political operatives, like: The Republicans will have to change their messaging if they are going to appeal to Latinos. “Severely conservative” Mitt Romney will have to pivot to the center… [read more]

Baggage Claim

Reading time – 43 seconds; Viewing time – 1:44  .  .  . It’s time to admit that things are out of hand and are causing us great harm. Specifically, we have politically motivated emotional outbursts masquerading as policy statements and thoughtful commentary. These outbursts are as common as dandelions in spring and are just about… [read more]

Green is the New Black

Reading time – 1:52; Viewing time – 3:37  .  .  . Many Democrats are angry and some even hate Hillary Clinton. The negatives tend to cluster around two things: trustworthiness (actually, the lack of it) and her disastrous position on ____________ (fill in the blank with your key issue). That has led many Democrats to… [read more]

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