Guest Essay – Prep for The Big Game

Reading time – 2:55  .  .  . Pam Verner is a psychotherapist who specializes in treating people with addictions. She is compassionate and caring and she is an expert.  She recently penned a clarifying and compelling message and gave me permission to share it with you. Her message is vitally important. Now Pam. I rarely… [read more]

What Do You Want?

Reading time – 77 seconds .  .  . The Coca-Cola company wants you to know that if you drink Cokes, amazingly wonderful things will happen for you. Pepsico wants you to know the same thing, but assures you that it has to be Pepsi. And both of these companies want you to know what really… [read more]


Reading time – 1:01; Viewing time – 2:41  .  .  . Uh-oh. Some snark follows. Sensitive readers should squint. What candidates say matters. And to paraphrase Barney Frank, you want your next president to be someone who spends the majority of his/her time on this planet. Well, here’s how Politifact scored the candidates’ claims made… [read more]

Honestly, They Aren’t Idiots

Reading time – 51 seconds; Viewing time – 1:47  .  .  . A recent Vox essay dug into Donald Trump’s – let’s call it “odd” – speaking style of non-sequiturs, parentheticals, baselessness and departures from any reality common to this planet. Quite often it’s impossible to discern his message from the words used and you… [read more]

Trump Debate Bingo

Reading time – 87 seconds; Viewing time – 2:42  .  .  . In a snappy article in the New York Times cleverly entitled, A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump, authors Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns list a single week’s “.  .  .  blizzard of [Trump’s] falsehoods, exaggerations and outright lies  .  .  .” and… [read more]

About Those Deplorables

Reading time – 1:37 seconds; Viewing time – 2:56  .  .  . I instantly cringed when I heard Hillary say, “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” There is a difference between the act (saying something deplorable) and the… [read more]

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