What’s At Stake

Reading time – 3:01  .  .  . We’re a hotly divided country, entrenched in our certainties. Whether we say it or not, we see compromise as a dirty thing. On the other hand, we all know right from wrong and there isn’t a lot of disagreement about it, once we get past our rationalizations. The… [read more]

Here It Comes!

Reading time – 2:26; Viewing time – 3:19  .  .  . It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Put your hands together and give a roaring welcome to the one, the only Impeachment of Donald Trump!   Yes, you’ve been waiting for this, because you’ve known since before the start that he’s a con… [read more]

Unmasking in the Theater

Reading time – 3:33  .  .  . The House will hold all-hands-on-deck hearings into the impeachment of President Donald Trump. This has been a long time coming, considering all the blatantly illegal and un-Constitutional and un-presidential things he’s done. Indeed, just his refusal to investigate and take action against Russia for interfering in our 2016… [read more]

What I Wish He’d Said

Reading time – 2:04  .  .  . Chairman Adam Schiff Speaking to the House A/V technician while covering his microphone and pointing toward the Republican Members of Congress who are not members of the House Intelligence Committee but are in the room: Please turn off their microphones. To all: These proceedings have been invaded by… [read more]


Reading time – 2:14; Viewing time – 3:24  .  .  . From Greg Sargent of The Washington Post: “Trump is not merely staking out an absolute refusal to cooperate with any and all lawful subpoenas, on the deeply absurd grounds that the House’s impeachment inquiry is illegitimate, as the White House counsel has argued. “Rather,… [read more]

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