Intelligence Porn

Reading time 2:59; Viewing time – 5:14  .  .  . That’s what FBI Director James Comey calls the exposés of Wikileaks – “intelligence porn.” Perhaps he was thinking about the titillating effect of reading someone else’s papers, knowing you shouldn’t be doing it. Or watching X-rated stuff, knowing that Mom and Dad probably would disapprove… [read more]

From the Beach – v 1.0

Reading time – 3:05; Viewing time – 4:49  .  .  . Comments from reality for our legislators: We know. And you know, too. And we know you know. And you know that we know that you know. So, how come you’re saying stupid stuff? How come you’re lying and pretending to be ignorant? Last Saturday… [read more]

Love Thy Who?

Reading time – 3:43; Viewing time – 5:41  .  .  . At an evening meeting on April 20th the discussion drifted to the issue of our political divide. The characterization of Trump voters included words like moron, racist, ignorant and a few other choice descriptors. The demonizing fell from lips as easily as rain from… [read more]

Leading By Reaction

Reading time – 4:13; Viewing time – 6:26  .  .  . There was a lot of talk about President Obama’s “red line” regarding Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its own civilians in 2013. Obama was and continues to be scorched by conservatives for having taken no action. What is so conveniently forgotten is that… [read more]

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