A.G. Jeff Sessions’ First Duty: Indict Jeff Sessions

Reading time – 0:49 .  .  . NOTE: This is not snark. Read Evelyn Turner’s recounting of Alabama history with Jefferson Beauregard Sessions in a position of power, which he used to subjugate black Alabamans. Now read Coretta Scott King’s letter to Sen. Strom Thurmond, chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary in 1986,… [read more]

Lethal Misdirection For The Ultimate Goal

Reading time 3:29; Viewing time – 6:07  .  .  . He trundled out his list of astonishingly unqualified candidates for cabinet posts, at least three of whom have previously vowed to eliminate the agencies they would now oversee. His chief strategist is a white supremacist, alt-right bigot and Trump has put him on the National… [read more]

Picture of a Duck

Reading time – 2:03; Viewing time – 4:09  .  .  . Fact #1: On January 26 alt-right, anti-Semite, white supremacist advisor to President Trump, Steven Bannon, told the New York Times that the “elite media” is “the opposition party” and should “keep its mouth shut.” Opinion: That sounds a great deal like a lightly veiled… [read more]

We Need a Fix

Reading time – 5:15; Viewing time – 10:46  .  .  . We’re politically polarized to an extreme not seen since the Civil War. We’re in debt to a level that most people cannot even comprehend and we have no plan to make things better. We have the highest cost of medical care in the world… [read more]

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