It’s Always About All Of Us

Reading time – 51 seconds; Viewing time – 1:35  .  .  . 1,500 people showed up at the Armory on Clark Street in Chicago recently for Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s event. They were people who don’t like what has been promised by the incoming administration, who think this is an escalation of a war on democracy,… [read more]

The Question

Reading time – 1:56; Viewing time – 3:48  .  .  . I’ve been in dialogue with a small group of smart people, many of whom read and contribute to this series. They have offered great clarity and insight and have pushed me to refine what I now see as the key question of our time…. [read more]

Good At Heart – Guest Essay

Reading time – 2:46  .  .  . I promised some help and some hope in the last article and this is it. Joel Altschul (no relation) is a bona fide smart person, a good writer and a pal. He recently sent the essay that follows as his contribution to how we can move forward and… [read more]

Danger – There’s Bad Stuff Coming

Reading time – 2:55; Viewing time – 5:35  .  .  . We need a good and optimistic start for the new year. That message is for next week. Let’s first establish in a blinding flash of the obvious and in a compelling way why we need that good and optimistic start. You don’t need a… [read more]

Eye Opening

Reading time – 3:13; Viewing time – 5:30  .  .  . I’m still trying to figure this out and I think I’m making progress. Reality keeps telling me that I better hurry it up. Why did people vote for Donald Trump even when he promised to do things that would harm them? It’s easy to… [read more]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Reading time – 3:46; Viewing time – 6:44  – longer than most, still respectful of your time  .  .  . NOTE: Email addresses listed in the prior blog have been repaired. If that kept you from taking action, please make your voice heard right now – tomorrow is too late. Let’s see what we have… [read more]


This is not about what Trump might do the the departments of energy, EPA, Social Security or Medicare. This is about our national security. The Founders created the Electoral College for several reasons, but the most important was to ensure there would never be any interference by a foreign agent, government or institution that might… [read more]

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