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This Is OUR Country

In the aftermath of the shooting at the 4th of July parade in Highland Park, IL the reports are that 7 people are dead and 47 have serious injuries. Please explain to me what an un-serious gunshot injury is. If the hole is in you, believe me, you’ll be certain that it’s serious.

There were more than 80 shots fired in 22 seconds, so while you’re in explaining mode, tell me why private citizens should be allowed to possess weapons capable of such carnage.

Highland Park shooter captured. Click for more.

The local fire & police, the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, the Chicago Police aerial unit, the staties, the ATF and the FBI were all over this massacre almost instantly. They sifted through eyewitness reports, surveillance videos, every tip and every bit of information they could find and they got the 21-year-old bad guy in about 7 hours. Massive kudos to all of these professionals. My frightened family and neighbors all over the area very much appreciate the massive, instantaneous response of these dedicated folks.

We don’t know the motivation of the shooter yet. We can reasonably guess that he is angry. And we can reasonably guess that he believes he’s been victimized and thinks that lashing out at those he hates is justified. He wants to disrupt our lives, to punish us for whatever it is that he thinks is wrong. He wants to take from us our sense of safety and our trust in one another. He wants to take away our country and replace it with some macho, wild west cartoon. How else to explain his killing innocents on the 4th of July?

This shooting, while horrid, is not surprising. We are a country that quickly goes to violence when we feel wronged. Think: 9/11.

John Lewis had a lifetime of working for Americans and America and he refused to succumb to hatred for those who attacked him. He was a force for good in a world that wished him anything but. When terrible things were done by Americans to Americans he would rail, “This is not who we are. We’re better than this.”

As much as I honor and appreciate John Lewis, I disagree.

The January 6 insurrectionists and seditionists were absolutely certain that they were true patriots. They believed they had been wronged and were carrying the spirit of 1776 in their veins. They hysterically shouted The Lord’s Prayer in the Senate Chamber, letting the world know that they were certain that their Christian God was on their side as they did their violence, intending to kill yet more Americans.

Click for the Onion story

They came with spears and brass knuckles, AR-15s and Glocks, body armor and sharpened flagpoles and inspiration and intel from the Oval Office itself. There was little difference between them and Bull Connor, the Selma police and the Alabama National Guard, the people who proudly cracked open John Lewis’ head.

Something like 30% of the citizens of this country think violence like that of the insurrectionists is justified. So, it should come as no surprise that our extreme haters do things like hunkering down on a roof in a suburban  town, snuggling with a high power rifle and shooting people in a 4th of July parade.


With all of our mass murders, so many of us are feeling hopeless, frustrated, furious and even ashamed  of our country. That’s understandable. We may feel like quitting and succumbing to distrusting others, but that lets the bad guys win. That lets the bad guys claim to have made more Americans give up and drop out. That hurts all of us.

That’s why we must not allow distrust of one another to creep into our lives. We must not let any bad guy take away our courage and our sense of patriotism. We must not let bad guys divide us into hate camps.



Our violence dates back to before we were a nation, so I have no illusion that we can make that go away any time soon. What must happen instead is to overpower the violence junkies and the haters – not with guns and brass knuckles, but with votes. Last election 110 million people didn’t vote. Never again.

Do not give up.

Do not give in.

Do not let that Highland Park son of a bitch or any other bad guy win.

This is OUR country.

Final Comment

The Highland Park shooter lived 20 minutes from my house. His killing spree happened 12 minutes from my house. And there’s more.

Trump rally, Northbrook, IL – 2020. The Highland Park shooter is in the Where’s Waldo striped shirt. Yet another angry teen preparing for violence.*

In 2020 there was a Trump rally in my town. They came from as far away as the Carolinas in oversized pickup trucks with oversized engines and oversize tires and oversized American and Trump flags. I was unable to not think the words “over-compensating” and “temper tantrums.” They circled through town over and over, honking horns, blocking traffic, being disruptive and eliciting cheers from the Trumpies on the sidewalk.

I had organized a counter protest across the street from the Trumpies. My family was there. What I learned today is that the Highland Park shooter was at that rally, too, across the street from us, spewing hate (see the pic above). Very freaky.

Our national bullying and mobocracy shootings are personal whether they’re in Uvalde or Buffalo or in Chicago’s affluent, very low crime rate North Shore. If you’re a person, this is personal.

From Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s address to Harrow School on October 29, 1941:

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

This is OUR country.
Never, never, never, never give in.


*  Many thanks to super-sleuth Maureen McCabe Nowak for the pic of the shooter at the Trump rally and for the Twitter link.


Our governance and electoral corruption and dysfunction and our ongoing mass murders are all of a piece, all the same problem with the same solution:
Fire the bastards!
The days are dwindling for us to take action. Get up! Do something to make things better.

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Proper Names

Ed Note: This post begins in a dark way, because there is substantial darkness over our democracy. But keep your hopes alive, because we may be at the start of a new day. Read to the end for the unmistakable rays of sunlight of the dawn.


Trump has gotten away with an enormous dung heap of wrongdoing. One of the reasons for his constantly skating from accountability is that before anyone can pin up his picture in the post office he’s done something else outrageous and likely illegal, so our attention is thus diverted and “poof!” goes the prior malfeasance.

Now we’ve found that he directed OUR Justice Department to snoop on Democrats and major news organizations. Under both of his Attorneys General, Sessions and Barr, investigations were conducted on those whom Trump saw as opponents. Emails and phone records were snatched and gag orders were issued so that Trump could dig for dirt on Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, their staffs, their families, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, their reporters, someone’s underage kid and whoever else the Tantrum Tyrant wanted investigated. All are Democrats. Except for the president’s own lawyer, Don McGahn and his wife, on whom he also snooped.

Tweeted Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post, “[G]ood God, they were running a police state. Barr needs to be hauled in and at the very least disbarred.” She’s right, and it shouldn’t stop with Bad Boy Barr.

Something to hope for. Image by LORRAINE DAY from Pixabay

This is truly horrible stuff, typical of Trump’s moral bankruptcy. It breaks yet more norms that are fundamental to a democracy. But what I have not heard yet are words like “illegal” or “felony” or even “misdemeanor.” Is anyone going to dig into these corrupt actions and bring charges?

So far we’ve seen nothing from Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland to indicate that he’s willing to bring wrongdoers to justice if they were a part of the prior administration. And what will happen  to the focus of the public, our news organizations and Congress when the next bright, shiny object of Trump’s unscrupulous weaseling is dangled before our eyes? How many prior wrongdoings will we forget?

The Biden administration is a mixed bag of resetting our values. It is blocking Congress in its efforts to unearth Trump’s manipulations to enrich himself at the Trump International Hotel, the DC facility he leased from the federal government. Biden’s Justice Department is asking the judge to dismiss lawsuits against Trump for violently clearing Lafayette Park of peaceful protesters. AG Garland is continuing what the former AG did to block the defamation lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll. One has to wonder why Biden would want to protect Trump from litigation.

This has huge implications for the future of our country. Allowing people in high office – like the President – to “get away with shooting someone on 5th Avenue,” like Nixon getting pardoned by Ford, like Reagan getting a pass on Iran-Contra, like Trump getting away with breathing while in office, which meant that he was doing something illegal, assures that future presidents will commit crimes, knowing that they will get away with them. They’ll leave office, skate free and recast themselves as statesmen, while We the People remain betrayed.

Do you want this to be a democracy? If so, then there’s a lot of bad news for you now, like this from Jewish Dems:

American democracy is in danger. Over half of Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen because GOP leaders continue to exploit Donald Trump’s Big Lie, and they are now using it as an excuse to suppress the right to vote. Fourteen states have already enacted 22 voter suppression laws making it harder to vote, and hundreds more have been proposed. New data shows that voter suppression laws enacted in Georgia will have a disproportionate impact on Black voters.

Today’s Republicans have no interest in facts, truth, reality or integrity. They are solely interested in power and money. So, they recast the January 6 insurrection, the assault on our democracy, on the Capitol Police and on that symbolic building as (take your pick):

– a normal gathering of tourists

– a peaceful protest

– justifiable actions because the election had been stolen by (impossible to find) fraudulent votes

– something in the past – we should move on

And the lack of Republicans’ interest in facts, truth, reality or integrity allows them to claim they are protecting our national honor and the integrity of our elections, even as they viciously attack both.

Just be clear that your eyes tell you what you need to know and that “alternative facts” are just a rebranding of lying. But those who wallow in the pig slop of alternative facts have legislative power in two-thirds of the states and they are engineering voter suppression of such magnitude that they may well achieve anti-democracy minority rule that will last for decades. That’s insurrection without the street mobs.

From Confucius:

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

Mobs in the streets, mobs in the state legislatures and the elected Republican mob in the Capitol Building are all insurrectionists. Call them by their proper name.

Our democracy is already compromised and so far there hasn’t been even a hint of a light at the end of our long, dark insurrection tunnel. It’s time for Merrick Garland to break from the cowardly Justice Department he inherited and file five indictments against Trump for obstruction of justice. The details and the prosecutorial roadmap are all in Mueller’s report. Click here for a copy and focus on Section 2.

Now here are those promised rays of sunshine.

Last Friday Attorney General Merrick Garland addressed the entire Justice Department Civil Rights Division to drive a stake in the ground for voting rights. Here is some of what he declared:

  1. Because this is a huge battle, he will double the number of lawyers in the Civil Rights Division specifically in order to protect voting rights.
  2. The Criminal Division will prosecute all violations of civil rights laws.
  3. All lawful citizens will have the right to vote, will have equal access to the polls, their votes will be counted, they will have access to voting registration and they will be protected from voter intimidation.
  4. Early voting and voting by mail will be protected, as will the post-election integrity of ballots. (Arizona Republicans, brace yourselves.)
  5. Voting officials, poll workers and volunteers will be protected from efforts to intimidate them.

Just brave words so far, but it’s a good start. At last we have a warrior for democracy with the muscle to do something about it. And we have to hold him to his word.

Garland ended his presentation by quoting from John Lewis’ final address published just after his death.

“[Dr. King] said each of us has a moral obligation to stand up, speak up and speak out. When you see something that is not right, you must say something. You must do something. Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part to help build what we called the Beloved Community, a nation and world society at peace with itself.”

Our country is calling on you and me to do that, to help clean house, hold accountable and name names. So, you and I must do more than just hope and vote. Obey the dictum of the bumper sticker:

Be the person your dog thinks you are.


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Future News! Vol. 4 Number 2

Reading time – 7:49  .  .  .

Today we have a fresh edition of Future News!, but first this breaking news.

On July 30 Donald Trump tweeted:

Ignore the lies in this tweet and focus on the words in the magenta oval.

I warned about Trump’s Wag-the-Dog in last Sunday’s post and updated the warning on Wednesday with an Emergency Addendum. We are seeing the invasion of our cities and brutalizing of our citizens by federal shock troops in Washington DC, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Kansas City, MO, Cleveland, OH, Milwaukee, WI and Detroit, MI. And now Trump is yet again suggesting “delaying” the election. While he cannot legally do that, just the tweet is threatening to democracy.

It’s all happening in plain sight. We are teetering on a knife edge of danger. This is no time to be a spectator. Indeed, democracy is never a spectator sport and protecting it so that we keep it demands that we get involved.

From Lisa Lerer of the New York Times:

“If you’re worried about the integrity of the election, spend some time figuring out how you can vote safely in November. And then make sure your neighbors can do the same.”

From me:

You don’t have to twist arms or have awkward conversations. Just get out and help with voter registration – do a piece of the work of democracy.

Click here for a fabulous list of actions you can take.

Go to and send postcards to voters in swing states to encourage them to register to vote. (Thanks AT for pointing this out.)

Email [email protected] to help register Milwaukee voters.

You get the idea. Get active. November is too late. Do it now.

And while you’re motivated, contact your legislators and tell them to get off their butts and take action to get the storm troopers out of our cities. I haven’t heard a peep out of Congress about Trump’s blatant moves toward martial law and we need vocal opposition from those who can mandate restraint on Trump’s authoritarian actions.

To paraphrase John Lewis, this is the time to get into good trouble. Necessary trouble. Every one of us.

You owe it to yourself to read Lt. Col. (Ret.) Alexander Vindman’s essay about doing what is right.

Now on to tomorrow’s breaking news.

Future News!

“All the news that’s fit to predict”
Washington DC, 4 November 2020

With so many states having enacted legislation requiring proportional voting by its electors in order to more closely represent the will of the people, along with the 49 state popular vote defeat for the president yesterday, the Electoral College is reeling from the smack down. Having just exited the secret passageway from its double secret room in the sub-basement of the Capitol Building, Dragon “Bubba” Duke, the provost of the College appointed by President Trump, said, “Who would have thought the American people could get their way? This really hurts our feelings.”

The obvious disdain citizens have for the Electoral College came hard on the heels of the 2016 election, when, feeling its oats, the Electoral College disenfranchised 51% of the electorate. When College officials were telephoned this morning for further comment on what just happened, all that could be heard were the sounds of sniffling and noises very much like those in a bar.

Washington DC, 20 January 2021, 12:15PM

As soon as the inauguration ceremonies were complete, former President Trump was handcuffed and forcibly removed from the Oval Office by Secret Service agents and whisked to Joint Base Andrews in an unmarked car with blacked-out windows. There was no motorcade. He boarded the presidential Boeing 747, the customary call sign of which is Air Force One. Since he was no longer the president, the call sign for this flight was Getaway Car.

The former president was flown directly to Disgustistan, a small country southeast of Moscow along the Volga River, where he announced that he intends to build a casino and tower. The former president is said to have changed his permanent residence to that country and has transferred his assets to Swiss banks. The United States does not have an extradition treaty with Disgustistan.

Washington DC, 20 January 2021, 4:00PM

In a solemn ceremony in the Oval Office, where all department secretaries from the Trump administration were present except former Attorney General William Barr, resignations were submitted to President Biden. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke for the group, pledging their ongoing support to President Biden’s administration, asking only that they not be prosecuted for their wrongdoings.

President Biden accepted their resignations gladly, replying, “Fat chance!” and said that his new Attorney General, “will be contacting you very soon.” As they departed he  turned to his chief of staff, saying, “This is going to be a BFD.”

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 21 January 2021, 5:12PM local time

The Qatari news organization Al Jazeera reported today that former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has requested asylum in Saudi Arabia. When asked for comment about the request by the now-former Senior Advisor to the President, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, with whom Kushner has seemed to have had a good relationship for several years, replied, “Who?”

Washington DC, 27 January 2021, 8:10AM

Former Attorney General William Barr arrived at the Oval Office, having submitted his resignation with those of the other department secretaries a week earlier. He told President Biden that he had left the Department of Justice in perfect autocratic order, ready for presidential edicts and the new president’s absolute power. Barr said that he understood that many had opposed his actions, but that he hoped the new president would both enjoy the greatly expanded presidential power Barr had manipulated into place and, in gratitude, offer Barr an absolute pardon for any and all crimes he committed or may have committed since time began.

President Biden heard him out, replying, “Are you f#!king kidding me?!” He then recommended that Barr get a really good lawyer and had members of his Secret Service team escort Barr by the elbows out to the sidewalk beyond the White House fence. Barr seemed perplexed by Biden’s apparent lack of gratitude, as he leaned against the fence for support.

A nearby reporter asked Barr how his meeting with President Biden had gone and he replied, “That’s something that is in process and I don’t comment about ongoing issues. What I can say is that the terrible situation we find ourselves in can be traced directly to malfeasance by President Obama and his ineffectual administration.” Barr refused to elaborate further and walked away in a huff, kicking a homeless man who was sitting on the sidewalk.

Miami, FL, 16 June 2021

In a surprise announcement, Donald Trump, Jr. stepped before the microphones and a phalanx of reporters at the Doral Country Club in Miami and announced that all Trump golf course properties worldwide have declared bankruptcy.

He spoke from prepared remarks, saying that once his father was out of office that interest in membership at their clubs, “.  .  .  dropped off the edge of the Earth.” Trump, Jr. said he was extremely suspicious that people were terminating their memberships, “.  .  .  almost like it was being coordinated.”

Further, he reported that 85% of the rental properties in Trump Tower-New York were for sale, owners were unable to find buyers and prices for the luxury condos were plummeting. Because of the timing of these situations, Trump, Jr. claimed that company lawyers were looking into filing lawsuits.

When asked who they might sue, the younger Trump angrily replied, “They know who they are and they know that we know who they are and they know we won’t take this lying down, because they know that we know what they know and we know it – nobody has ever known it as well as we do. We’ll sue them back to their s#*t-hole countries or wherever they’re from.”

Trump Jr. attempted to end the session, but was clearly agitated, stating, “Look at what they’re doing to me! We’ll get the people who’ve done this to us. We’ll bring them fire and fury. They’ve never seen fire and fury like we’ll bring. It will be fire and fury for them. Nobody’s seen fire and fury like this. Fire and fury.”

His sister, Ivanka Trump, immediately came to stand by him and put an arm around his shoulders, saying, “There, there. Don’t cry or Daddy will be angry with you and he’ll cut you off. We’ll just do what Daddy would do and pretend it isn’t happening.”

“You’re right!” said Trump, Jr. Turning back to reporters he said, “All of our clubs are having record years, record years! – so great that no one in the world has ever before had such spectacular success. We’re geniuses – very stable business geniuses.” Here he seemed to become remote, his eyes glassy and far away.

“It’s like you’ve never seen before  .  .  .  best courses  .  .  .  fantastic clubhouses  .  .  .  already planning for Trump World Expo, coming soon  .  .  .  it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever seen, we  .  .  ” His voice at last trailed off as he was escorted back to his room by his father’s hand-picked handlers. Ivanka followed, clutching her Chinese made purse and a can of Goya beans.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, 1 July 2021, 9:00AM

Dr. Anthony Fauci held a press conference at the CDC headquarters to update the public about the ongoing battle against the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19.

Fauci said, “Since management of the national effort to fight the disease was turned over to the CDC in January we’ve made significant progress in reducing both infections and deaths. While there still is no safe and effective vaccine available and likely there will not be one for months or even years to come, wearing masks, social distancing and the washing of hands continue to be our most powerful weapons against this disease. If we fail to practice these simple safeguards, our country’s death toll will rise dramatically from its current level of 362,000.”

Fauci made it clear that the CDC, “.  .  .  will continue to order local or regional business shut downs as necessary to keep Americans safe and hasten full reopening of our economy.”

In making his closing remarks he said, “I only wish we could have started this a year sooner. We could have saved over a quarter of a million lives.”

Viper, Disgustistan, 30 September 2021, 11:10AM local time

Premier Volgonazi Torchenmarch of Disgustistan took to the airwaves early this morning to respond to the tweet storm unleashed over the past four days by former President Trump. He said that it’s clear that the former president has a fine command of the social media platform, especially the use of the caps lock, as well as a skillful expression of white supremacy. He said, “Now that former President Trump is in all-Caucasian Disgustistan, he is with his peeps.”

“However,” said Torchenmarch, “his casino, the construction of which is nearly complete, will operate solely to my benefit. Further, I cannot guarantee that former President Trump will be paid for all of his construction work, this in accordance with Trump’s modeling of this practice in the U.S. My entire family thanks him specifically for this leadership.”

In an apparent aside from his prepared remarks, Premier Torchenmarch wondered aloud how President Trump would like being stiffed, adding, “So, sue me. I’ll sue you all the way back to where you will be criminally prosecuted.”

Former President Trump could not be reached for comment, but was said to be in contact via Zoom with his former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who is presently serving an 8 year sentence in Danbury Minimum Security Prison. Note that Giuliani is unable to provide legal advice to Trump, having been disbarred immediately upon his convictions for attempted extortion, racketeering and lying to federal agents.

The former president’s former lawyer, often called his “fixer”, Michael Cohen, was told of the way his former boss was being treated in Disgustistan. His only comment to the press was, “It’s about damned time.”


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