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Winning, Part Three: Pick One

Preface In the first two parts of this series I did my best to make the case that Republicans cause us to suffer from their two fatal flaws: obstructionism to anything rational; and a complete absence of any policy that would serve We The People or our country. You could throw in hypocrisy and dishonesty,… [read more]

Winning, Part Two: Republican Obstructionism

Unavoidable Observation Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for killing two people and seriously wounding another using his illegal AR-15 assault rifle. He brought his illegal assault weapon to a BLM protest in the summer of 2020 in Kenosha, WI. His mother drove him there. With his AR-15. His mother! * He has claimed he went… [read more]

Winning, Part One: The Numbers, Rage and Yoda

This is just simple math. .                                 STATE                           POPULATION (millions) Wyoming                                    0.58 Vermont                                      0.62 Alaska                                         0.73 North Dakota                              0.76 South Dakota                              0.88 Delaware                                     0.97 Rhode Island                               1.1 Montana                                       1.1                 TOTAL                         6.73 Those eight states have 16 senators representing them. Indiana has as many people… [read more]

DNC Messaging Sucks

I have periodically accused Democrats of having terrible messaging. Turns out, I’ve been too kind. ——————————– In a recent rah-rah fundraiser email from “Team Joe,” written in Biden’s voice, he listed some of his accomplishments. Joe, I know you’re a Democrat because – and let me say this gently and respectfully – your messaging, generally… [read more]


Does It Feel Hot In Here To You? A short time ago I posted a piece about global warming. In case you are a denier, you need to know a few more things, so, in no particular order, Any discussion about global warming needs to be grounded in facts. Not fantasies. Not wishes. Not conspiracy… [read more]

Now Yer Talkin’

Republicans have done a truly excellent job of demonization. They call anything proposed by Democrats “socialism,” making clear that Democrats want to change America into a socialist state. That’s heavy stuff in this country, where most Americans think socialism is the same as communism, which, they are certain, is the political embodiment of evil. It’s… [read more]


Note: This is the promised follow up to last Sunday’s post. JA ——————————– Anyone who is watching can see the naked assaults and the unscrupulous dismantling of American democracy. Everywhere, the angry little people are attacking our institutions, taking away our rights and freedoms, keeping power for themselves and replacing all that we hold dear… [read more]

The Challenge and The Hand Wringing

This post is a preface, an introduction to the three-part series beginning this Wednesday focused on winning. —————————— The Middle-East Comes to America This quote is focused on the Middle-East in the very early 2000s. “It became clear that there was a confluence of interests among Iran, Hezbolla and Syria, and that the three of… [read more]

Governors Gone Wild

It is with enormous pride that we announce the winners of the very first Governors Gone Wild Awards! . Surely, there is a special place for governors of our states who have distinguished themselves as more mentally regressive and self-serving than the call of duty requires and this is it. We mustn’t wait another minute… [read more]

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