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The Big One

Religion has been the driving force or the excuse for more death, misery and suffering than any other cause in all of recorded history. I refuse to do the research necessary to numerically substantiate that claim. If it’s important to you, do your own research. If my claim isn’t exactly right, it’s close enough to… [read more]

Apathy and the Big Picture

Ed. Note: Other than this sentence, this post does not mention or allude to Michael Cohen, Robert Mueller, Congressional hearings, Kim Jong-un, impeachment, obstruction of justice or any of the usual suspects. Today this is an official JaxPolitix safe zone. _________________________________________ Reading time – 5:03; Viewing time – 6:35  .  .  . Seeing the Big… [read more]

Guest Essay – Prep for The Big Game

Reading time – 2:55  .  .  . Pam Verner is a psychotherapist who specializes in treating people with addictions. She is compassionate and caring and she is an expert.  She recently penned a clarifying and compelling message and gave me permission to share it with you. Her message is vitally important. Now Pam. I rarely… [read more]

I Can’t Believe I’m Writing This

Reading time – 57 seconds  .  .  . I’m bugging myself by writing this, as it is yet more free attention for Donald Trump. He doesn’t deserve it, but our national dysfunction does. So, Mr. Crazy Hair, here it comes. First, read this. It is an excellent essay by marketing genius Bruce Terkel. He’s a… [read more]

I Admit It – Plus Abusing My TV

I have bashed Trump supporters. (Parenthetical: Isn’t that backward? Aren’t our elected officials supposed to support us?) I’ve called them names. I’ve accused. I’ve assumed and projected. And I stand by all of that for the violent crazies. But for millions of them who voted for Trump I’ve been wrong because I’ve largely missed the… [read more]

Numbers, Masks, Injustice & MTG

Numbers This is scary. There are roughly 331 million citizens in the United States, of whom 258 million are adults (identified at least by age, if not by behavior). Only 168 million adults are registered voters. The other 90 million adults either haven’t bothered to register, they’re ineligible to vote, like convicted felons in some… [read more]

True North, Immigration and Cwazy

During my keynotes and workshops on leadership I frequently offer attendees an exercise in self-clarity called True North. The goal is for each person to craft a simple statement of who they are at their core, a declaration of what’s most deeply important to them. The responses are often moving and self-revelatory, and it is… [read more]

It’s a Free Country

The Jewish Democratic Council of America posted a list of what Congress must do if we are to preserve our democracy. These steps aren’t attached to any party or any religion. They are exclusively about keeping and protecting democracy – the real deal, not the cruel charade that Republicans are making of it by trying… [read more]


BREAKING NEWS! In a shocking exposé released moments ago, Red State TV, Red State Talk Radio and Red State Cable News simultaneously released the results of a three month investigation. They reported, “We found that the vast majority of Red State Americans who have heroically refused to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, as well… [read more]

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